Title, Are You Worshiping Source or Satan?

By Steven

Chances are if you aren’t aware that you were tricked into worshiping Satan then you are still being tricked! Do you believe that you and everyone else are gods and godesses? Does that make you uncomfortable? Are you aware that you are made in Source’s image? With the same powers and abilities?

Or Do you believe that God sacrificed his son for you? Do you believe he is going to punish those who don’t follow his rules and honor his sacrifice? Do you believe he sits up in the heavens waiting to judge you and all others? Do you believe God will favor you if you do his work? Do you pray in Jesus’ name? If you do then you aren’t worshiping Source, you’re worshiping Satan!

Source is unconditional love, nothing else! Source doesn’t judge, have a wrath. Source would NEVER ask you to sacrifice your child, change sexes, swap wives, drink blood, eat flesh of children or Jesus (HeyZeus)! Source doesn’t want to be worshiped, in fact, the whole idea of worship is ignorant. Satan wants to be worshiped.

Source wants you to wake up. He wants you to realize your truth! The truth of who you are. You are a drop of the divine ocean, a wave of the divine sea! You aren’t a lowly sinner in need of saving! NO! You are a child of source making your way back to him!

Do you know the real story of Christ? Do you know why they radically edited his teachings? Do you know why they changed his name to Hey Zeus? Yeshua Ben Joseph has a high vibration, Zeus has a low vibration. Because they worship Satan and they want you to also. Do you believe that the Bible is God’s unedited word? Do you believe God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac? If so, you’ve been tricked.

I grew up in the typical methodist church, attending on Sundays with my parents. They put me in vacation Bible school and when I was a teenager I went along with their narrative that I was a sinner in need of saving and graduated their convocation initiation. I remember I had a pain in my stomach through the whole ceremony as this whole thing made little sense and my higher self didn’t like it. I read the Bible and listened to preachers who sometimes taught a decent lesson but often spewed a lot of nonsense about hell, damnation, wrath and fear. None of which made sense and conflicted with unconditional love. Especially the part where there was only one way to heaven and it was their way, which was to admit my lowly status as a sinner and honor the god who sacrificed his son for me, really? Then I needed to pretend to drink his blood and eat his flesh in a ritual ceremony every Sunday, really? I have to admit they are some clever bastards. I really find it hard to believe they could pull this off on such a massive scale but the clever bastards did it.

This didn’t even truly dawn on me what was happening until I learned a lot of other things. I first had to learn how this group of satan worshippers had hijacked our financial system. The clever bastards somehow got us to agree to let them print infinite worthless fiat currency and loan it to us so we could spend our lives in slavery. They took control of America, the land of the free, in 1871 when they infiltrated our government enough to allow them to pass this unconstitutional Act of England. Then, in 1913, they met on Jekyll Island and set up the federal reserve in violation of our constitution. They also changed us into a corporation which impacted our court system drastically. We fell under maritime law and the masses weren’t even aware of it! The clever bastards!

I was starting to get a glimpse of how much control these Satan worshipers had.  I learned more pieces of this large puzzle when I learned how corrupt our medical system was. I was twenty one when I got my first job as a certified math teacher. During that first year my principal threatened us at a faculty meeting. She said that we were to get the flu shot, she was paying for it she said. If we, for some odd reason didn’t get it, and we were to get the flu then she was docking our pay, she said. Well, I got it, and so did the rest of the staff. I got the flu days after taking the shot. I was so sick I couldn’t get out of bed for 3 days. I’d never been sick like this before. This threat on us backfired because our whole staff was sick and there weren’t enough subs!  I began doing some research. I have never taken another shot or medication since this day 35 years ago.

In my research, I discovered Rockerfeller had set up all of the medical schools and he also owned the pharmaceutical companies. The curriculum was diagnose and prescribe, all by his design. The same clever bastards had taken full control of our medical system. He had the school books calling him a philanthropist, an honorable humanitarian, while he was trafficking our children, sacrificing them in rituals to his god. Sick bastard

The same group of Satan worshipers known as the 300 now had gained full control of our banking system, political system, judicial system, medical system as well as the education system.

They always had control of the religious system. It was their invention. They Set up the Vatican as their headquarters. So when you get enough pieces of the puzzle you can hopefully see that we’ve been lied to and manipulated our entire lives, tricked on a massive scale.

So what now? What do we do about it? Well, we’ve been programmed to believe that God is in control, which god? Satan or Source? Well we, the collective, have a choice. Source gave us free will. We can go on doing what we’ve always done and give away our power to the dark controllers, wait for a savior to save us, or we can listen to the divine spark inside of us that is guiding us to wake up, realize the truth, say No to the dark agenda! We are co creating this dream, we get to decide! What will it be?

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5 Replies to “Title, Are You Worshiping Source or Satan?”

  1. Jared

    Yes ‘god’ ‘asking’ Abraham to sacrifice Isaac is a really effed up story people.
    Also circ is really effed up.

    We shall serve the light and be nice to the children and their body parts.