Antara of Venus: More Shifts Coming

Channel: Galaxygirl

Fellow travelers of the universe, I am Antara, high priestess of Venus. I come with greetings of peace.  I am many forms. Many of my Venusian brothers and sisters have aspects involved on both sides of the Earth plane, enacting the release-ment of Gaia. We have planned this for thousands of years. It began with the great ones of our kind leaving Venus and sending aspects of themselves to Gaia for her support and to further plant the crystalline seeds. It matters not which ones of us are you, for we are all one. Truly we have planned this together, with love and tender care. No detail has gone unattended. This is a divine plan, the liberation of Gaia from the clutches of the dark into the embrace of the light. The light is embracing you and your world now. Let it embrace you.

I Antara stand before you, hands open wide sending you so much love. The light from my planet is beaming most brightly now to yours. As we prepare for the equinox there will be more shifting. Gaia’s heart has shifted and so all upon her have this opportunity as well to shift into the higher dimensional realms of forgiveness, of love, of renewal. And so you must unclasp the rocks in your hands that are pulling you down into density, such as fear, lack, hate. You must forgive and it will quite literally lighten your load, lighten your steps and laughter and smiles will more easily escape from you with joy.

Venus is a lovely planet, although quite different from Gaia. We have not had the terra forming. We live in a variety of higher dimensional layers and we coexist with peace and harmony, fully aware that each has their own embodiment and life lessons that they set out to learn. We do not impede anyones progress and our wills are not infringed upon. We have remained out of the clasp of the lower dimensional realities and it has served for us as a protective shield, where one may escape to learn, grow, to thrive and to heal. There are vast healing areas on our planet that we are already sharing with you. Some of you may be already utilizing our healing chambers, and traveling with your spirit team during your travels. Although we are much higher than the astral realm, when drifting off to sleep best to ask your angelic team to escort you to our healing chambers with divine love and protection. We are some distance from you but some of you travel quite farther than you may believe, as you are active on both sides of the veil. This is why you are so tired. You forget when awake in the body, so that you may succeed with your earthly life. Otherwise the reality split would be too alarming, disarming, and you would not fully embody the light that you came here in this chapter to do. We see this as being completed.

I Antara present to you an amethyst necklace, as a friendship gift from your Venusian family to you. We are all star seeds, we are all the out breath of Creator. It is a challenge to aptly see and understand how this could possibly be true while within the body. See the planets in our system. They are all individual and yet they make up this solar system. They are a planetary system. Such as it is with souls. You are a soul system, the human collective is a collection of massive god spark energy of full creator potential enwrapped within the flesh. It is astounding to see an organism of creation with such power, diversity of DNA with the divine spark of love. That is why we say that you are love, because you are. Even when you do not act lovingly you are love, because it is what you are made of. Creator is love. Do not confuse Creator with the void. The void is the realm of unlimited potential. Both exist within you. The void of infinite creator potential is within the well of each creator. And you  are creator gods and goddesses. It is true. This deviates from your religious teachings a bit, and it is for this reason that these truths were hidden. For humanity had chosen the darkness of experience so the ascent could be that much more dramatic. Drama also involves pain, and quite a lot of it. There is much pain surfacing in the hearts of humanity as they are unpacking their ancestral trauma of thousands of years of suppression of the divine will of self expression in freedom.

I Antara see you. I love you. I know you. I am one of you. I wish for you to feel this love and know that my brothers and sisters of Venus stand in full support and we are constantly beaming our love light to you. The planet of love, Venus, shines brightly on you at this time for this reason. We are and have always been fully in support of the ascension of all planets that choose to undergo this experience of evolutionary manifestation. And that is what is occurring on your beautiful world. Your hearts are manifesting a new reality. It is arduous. Many of you are deeply, deeply fatigued, and we know this. We see this fatigue. We send you our healing rays of love of light and healing. You are welcome to come to our healing chambers. Many of you have had your life reviews here in between lives and have recovered here many times from your earthly sojourns and it will feel very familiar to you. For those of you who wish for the space ship experience, know that your healing pods are prototyped and programmed individually for you. Yes, this is an enormous undertaking and that is why there are trillions of loving beings involved in assistance of liberation Gaia.

We love you endlessly. I am Antara. We are one. Blessings be.

4 Replies to “Antara of Venus: More Shifts Coming”

  1. Willie Sturges

    Thank you Antara for the wonderful gift and Thank
    you for the offer the use of your healing beds,l would enjoy the experience l know and my body would really be appreciative of your kind offer.

    Thank You So Much!

  2. SaranacZen

    With Love and gratitude, I welcome your gift and thank for the healing pod I will visit in dream yoga.

  3. Tricia

    Thank you Antara for the beautiful gift 💝 I accept with deep loving gratitude 🙏💖❤️