Tucker Carlson Interview: [O]bama’s Gay Lover

By Sierra NZ

Tucker Carlson interviewed whistle-blower Larry Sinclair about his experience of having sex and smoking cocaine with [B]arack [O]bama. This sensational interview has had 26 million views thus far. As Tucker said in the tweet, assess for yourself the credibility of Sinclair’s testimony (41′ video).

The interview has placed [O]bama squarely in the public eye, and not in a favorable way. It is rumored that [B]arack’s gay partner Michael [O]bama has fled to Europe to escape the fall-out.

What distraction could the [D]eep [S]tate possibly use to take the heat off one of their top leaders…? How about an assassination attempt against President Trump..?? BIG note: Q has made it crystal clear that the REAL President Trump would be safely out of harms way should such an event be staged by the DS. As this tweet indicates, the DS would attempt to kill a clone of him.

Interestingly, in recent interviews Tucker Carlson himself telegraphed a possible assassination attempt against President Trump. Use your discernment but Q drops mention ‘The Shot Heard Around The World’. An event such as a serious assassination attempt against President Trump – who has done NOTHING WRONG – would be a massive wake-up call for humanity.

I like this wise statement from BP at Starship Earth about unfolding events. It’s from her most recent newsletter titled ‘Treachery of the Media Impossible To Ignore’.(.)

For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible. For those who believe, no proof is necessary.

It comes down to a balanced blend of logic and intuition, folks. It requires reading between the lines, connecting dots, and using that sixth sense most of us have. If you allow fear to run your life, then you will not be able to discern the truth. Fear blocks logic and intuition. If you don’t have logic and intuition then you’d better have a lot of faith (BP Starship Earth)

A reminder of original [B]iden versus fake [B]iden, thanks to Kat. And a reminder that fake [B]iden has continued to renew the National Emergency with respect to foreign interference in or undermining public confidence in US elections set up by President Trump – confirmation that fake [B]iden is a puppet of the Alliance operation.


PictureThat’s it for me today. I do feel that the [O]bama outing will generate a major reaction from the [D]eep [S]tate. We Light Warriors KNOW that something big is coming down the pike shortly – we just don’t know exactly what it will be. Preparation is key, without going overboard. Have the usual food supplies for a few weeks, some cash and keep your vehicle tank full.

Mostly importantly, stay calm and upbeat. Use your intuition to navigate through your day. If you have maintained a close connection to your Higher Power/Source/Great Spirit over the last few years, you can trust that you will be fine. And crucially, you will be available to support people around you who may become deeply shocked and overwhelmed by upcoming events.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light

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