Deadly Moroccan Earthquake

By Sierra NZ

Sad news from Morocco – a 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck on 8th September and has killed over 2,000 people. Many people are still missing. Our hearts and prayers are with the Moroccan people during this terrible time.

On to happier news…

Here is President Trump’s recent rally speech in South Dakota (he starts speaking at 23′).

President Trump had a poignant emotional moment during the speech. He is the real deal, unlike the current fake US President (44″ video).

This crowd of young fans proves that President Trump is popular across all age groups (16″ video).

All I can add to this message is…GO FOR IT.

This is an intriguing little video – use your discernment, as always. Interesting though. (29″ video)

A brave elderly doctor outlines the TRUTH about organ donation/harvesting (12′ 41″ video).

More TRUTH that everyone should know: Fenbendozole cures cancer and is easily available from vets and animal care shops (1′ 10″ video).

Kat has done some great research about a recent ‘misspelling’ in a document for Robert Kennedy Jr.

🐸 Most Anons have taken note of the twice-JFK, Jr. “mis-spelling”
in RFK, Jr.’s lawsuit doc.

(Q drop) #3704
‘Remember, misspellings matter.’

🇺🇸 RFK, Jr. has taken pains to validate
that his cousin, JFK, Jr. is “alive.”
By touching his nose in an interview,
& posing in a photograph with a V-masked JFK, Jr.

Q The Storm Rider posted that JFK, Jr’s Special Forces
have been protecting RFK, Jr. for years,
which is a good thing,
because the Dept. of Homeland Security
DENIED RFK, Jr.’s request in July for Secret Service protection,
customary for Presidential candidates.


Finally, I mentioned in yesterday’s post about jumping timelines. Several blog readers asked for examples. I will give you one from my own life…

Ten years ago I wanted to go to Italy with my daughter and a friend. One teeny problem: I had no money. I made a powerful intention in January that I would be going to Italy in September. For eight months I worked extremely hard to earn money for the trip. During that entire time, my heart/soul was in Italy. I swatted up on Italian with a dictionary. In effect, I had jumped a timeline, ‘skipping’ the bit where I worked to get to Italy. And yes, it was an amazing trip…! This month marks the ten year anniversary.

In summary, you are present where you put your focus and attention. If you would rather be somewhere in the future, put your focus/attention there. For eight months my Italian dictionary was my talisman for manifesting my dream. Pick yours – it really helps to have a talisman.

Humanity’s liberation is, of course, our ultimate dream come true. See it, feel it happening SOON.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


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