Tunia: Sharing Circle

Channel: A.S.

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Tunia speaking. I love you very much.

You are invited to share in the comment section.

You can share anything you want.

If you’re not sure what to share, here are some possible topics to get the creative juices flowing:

How are you doing?

Which things are going well, what things are going poorly?

What things are you working on, whether inwardly or externally?

Are you happy?

Do you know people in real life who you can talk to about spiritual and possibly truther topics?

What gives you positive energy?

What would you like to receive?

What things cause you pain or fear?

Or you can share anything else you want.

Of course you’re free to post anonymously.

You are welcome to reply to each other, but please be emotionally safe to each other. Among other things, this means: please don’t give advice unless asked.

With that, the sharing circle is open. Feel free to share whatever you want in the comment section.

Your star sister,

For Era of Light

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32 Replies to “Tunia: Sharing Circle”

  1. unionylibertad

    Hi dear Tunia…I have not followed your messages for a while…The truth is that I am not so eager to read long messages…I do half the reading I used to…Lately I feel the energies so strong. , and I find myself in need of more rest than usual…Yet I love hearing from all of you…I know that big changes are coming and I am allowing for these changes in my life to happen, and wishing for a better life for everyone…I stay as positive as I can and try to stay connected…That is being more challenging to do lately…I send you Tunia and all here and up in the ships all my Love…Thank you for your presence of Love…

  2. José Augusto

    Querida Túnia e Hakann, muito feliz por vocês estarem nos apoiando de coração sincero e jovial, com vários puxões de orelhas e alertas para não cairmos e cairmos. Posso vos dizer que estou no limite de maneiras diferentes. Estou confiante? sim, porém é duro demais. Tenho fé? sim, mas mesmo assim está duro de caminhar. Recebemos muita ajuda? Claro, muito, mas o que me dói as vezes é verdade dita de maneira nem sempre indolor, sem falar que existem milhares de facetas sobre aquilo que se diz verdade. Isso frustra demais, nos esgota, nos entristece e até deprime. Tenho tido momento de ânimo e alegria? Sim, mas são raros. Quero ir embora? Sim. Quero ficar? Sim. Que me envolver e participar? Sim e não. TUDO QUE EU ASPIRO E BUSCO É A PAZ PLENA, É MINHA VERDADE AGORA. O filme “Waiting” dos Pleiadianos da Família de Taygeta, toca fundo em meu peito QUE SAUDADE, TANTO AMOR E IRMANDADE! Meu coração chora apertado, não aguento isso e não é a toa que sofro de um ataque do coração. Durante minhas andança nos planos sutis a noite, perambulo como um zumbi, débil e sem rumo. Chora coração! Chora mais e quem sabe poderei depois juntar os pedaços de minha alma e reintegra-las Lá, no meu povo heroico e cheios de ternura. Saúdo meu povo de Liseu, minha estrela radiante, na esperança de tê-los com afagos num abraço mútuo para sempre. Te amamos, Túnia e Hakann e egrégora, calorosamente de coração. José Augusto

    Dear Tunia and Hakann, I’m very happy that you’re supporting us with a sincere and jovial heart, with lots of ear tugs and warnings so that we don’t fall and fall. I can tell you that I’m on edge in different ways. Am I confident? yes, but it’s too hard. Do I have faith? yes, but it’s still hard to walk. Do we get a lot of help? Of course, a lot, but what hurts me sometimes is the truth being told in a way that isn’t always painless, not to mention the fact that there are thousands of facets to what is said to be true. It frustrates, exhausts, saddens and even depresses us. Have I had moments of encouragement and joy? Yes, but they are rare. Do I want to leave? Yes. Do I want to stay? Yes. Do I want to get involved and take part? Yes and no. ALL I ASPIRE TO AND SEEK IS COMPLETE PEACE, IT’S MY TRUTH NOW. The movie “Waiting” by the Pleiadians of Taygeta’s Family, touches my chest deeply WHAT A LUCK, SO MUCH LOVE AND BROTHERHOOD! I can’t stand it and it’s not for nothing that I suffer from a heart attack. During my wanderings on the subtle planes at night, I wander around like a zombie, weak and aimless. Cry heart! Cry some more and maybe I’ll be able to put the pieces of my soul back together and reintegrate them into my heroic and tender people. I greet my people of Liseu, my shining star, in the hope of having them in my arms in a mutual embrace forever. We love you, Tunia and Hakann and the egregore, warmly from the heart. José Augusto

    1. A.S.

      Hello V,

      The following is written as the channeler, not as Tunia:

      Thanks for your kind words. I very much appreciate Tunia’s messages too.

      Unfortunately, channeling costs me quite a bit of energy, and I don’t have that much energy due to other stuff going on in my life. Therefore Tunia and I have to be a bit selective with topics. There are far more messages that the galactics would like to communicate, than I have energy to channel messages.

      Hence I don’t expect to be doing a channeling on the topic you requested (although if Tunia asks me to do it, I will). I think there are higher-priority topics to discuss.

      Our general approach is also: give people a broad overview of what’s going on, and then encourage people to look inwards and not outwards. We’re not saying that studying specific, esoteric external subjects is wrong or bad, but it’s not generally our approach.

      1. V

        Dear A.S.
        Thank you for explanation and your channelings. I would like to tell you that I apprieciate your work all the same and wish you great joy and all the energy you require.

    2. John

      I used to skip these Lev messages as they seemed too information-heavy and self-referenced, but thanks to your comment I took the time to read that one and some others on this site; and found myself actually able to connect it with sparse knowledge from other sources.

      Not an enlightening experience, but it helped me connect some dots, so cheers!

  3. Anon

    All things considered, I’m doing pretty good.

    I buried my dog this morning. I got to help him leave his body yesterday. It was “early” in his lifecycle, but after speaking to his spirit, he says he’d been having some kidney trouble for some time now. Our other dog was totally fine with this passing, in fact our dog who died told him he was leaving before he told us he was leaving. 🙃 Such is the way of dogs.

    I’m absolutely certain I will encounter him again soon. For one, he told me how excited he is to have a new body and be a puppy again. For two, he’s been my dog in previous lives.

  4. John

    [LCN-A]: LH-106, please divert your course 15 degrees to the North to avoid a collision.

    [LH-106]: Negative, LCN-A. Recommend you divert YOUR course 15 degrees to the South to avoid a collision.

    [LCN-A]: This is the Captain of a US Navy ship. I say again, you must divert YOUR course.

    [LH-106]: That is not possible. I say again, please divert YOUR course.

    [LCN-A]: This is the aircraft carrier USS Lincoln, the second largest ship in the United States’ Atlantic fleet. We are accompanied by three destroyers, three cruisers and numerous support vessels. I demand that YOU change your course 15 degrees north, that’s one five degrees north, or countermeasures will be undertaken to ensure the safety of this ship.

    [LH-106]: This is a lighthouse. Your call.

    1. darsdragons

      LOL Saw this before but Thank You for the Laugh again today!

      All Lightworkers are Light Houses!!!!

      As Kryon says, Lightworkers are like Lighthouses.. Put in the most dangerous areas to shine their light to guide others….Spread out all over the world (hence feel alone). Lighthouses do NOT lament to God…I can’t stand this anymore, get me out of here, I want to go home…Nope, They just continuously shine their light to guide & help others.

      But most importantly, when you feel like you can’t stand it any longer, remember that YOUR life is more important to Gaia than to yourself. Please stay as long as you can!!!

      Love and Light to all the Lighthouses on Gaia!

  5. Seth

    Dear Tunia, thank you for all of your incredible work over the last year and the connection you’ve made with all of us!

    How am I doing?

    From the 3D everyday life perspective, I’m doing marginal as I still struggle with much of the world, including friends, and family, being totally asleep and oblivious to the control matrix.

    If I try and answer from a broader lens, like my high-self, then I would say I’m doing well, as I have confidence that something incredible is about to happen. I can feel it in my bones.

    Staying in the space, I choose to see the positive in as much as possible as I can. It’s hard to do but it helps me get through my day. I try and be as thoughtful as I can be to everyone around me, people in the grocery store, coworkers, etc.. I am not always successful, but I’d say 50% of the time I’m doing this.

    I also choose to believe that this is some sort of learning classroom that we’ve elected to be here and that there is a quarantine of sorts, preventing us from interacting with our galactic counterparts. However, I believe this quarantine is about to lift and the world is about to make a right turn into something completely new.

    I greatly value the work that you and Hakann are doing and send you my heartfelt love.

  6. A.S.

    I’m dealing with not having received enough love as a child, and working through that and nurturing myself in the present.

    It’s sometimes a little lonely to have a very different worldview from most people.

    At the same time, I do feel blessed to be able to channel these messages. Interacting with the Pleiadians and feeling their energies is amazing and nourishing.

  7. Samandra

    hello Angels both near & far: Living here is a challenge. Many in new-age circles are quite privileged and no less programmed than mainstream evangelicals. Please stop telling others what to do and “how” to get “there”, wherever there is… There are no especially easy answers. I’m least interested in the top-down ones. The world does not need more hierarchies, spiritual and otherwise. I’ve been exploring spiritual and metaphysical material since the 70s. The individual and collective wounding is immense. The polarization and divisions are incredible. Channelled material doesn’t hold the same value that it used to in my opinion. I have only become more skeptical and more dubious as more and more propaganda gets pumped through the all-seeing screen-machines.
    ***To speak in regular ways. And to feel without falling over. And We wonder what to believe, when the world engines – burn on suffering. Not something to emulate. And not something to believe. They have done their best to kill God from their gallows of scientism. The danger is not the death of some mythical humanoid deity; but the breaking of the human Spirit and that which is absolute and Divine in You, and every living thing including planet Earth! The Cosmos itself is a divine territory and all the frequencies therein! Quantum entanglement is not just a fancy phrase and quantum non-locality is not just another place. Consciousness is not just a set of neurons firing — but the birthplace of causality and creation! Hello Beautiful! You are here!!! With wonder and magic You have come, engulfed in flames of being and becoming – eternal rapture in every breath! Love!
    ***Trust yourself and let the rest fall away!

  8. Aztec

    When I walk in the woods I meet people in whom something doesn’t feel right, as if they are not from here. My intuition told me that they were not from here. Recently I met a girl and a boy on my path, they were riding bicycles, they had long blonde hair, both a headscarf on their heads and not today’s clothes. They turned around 2 times to cross my path, as if they were circling me, the girl was smiling gently. I said in my head, not out loud ” I know you are not from here “.

    Also 2 years ago on a walk in the woods, I followed a Man about 30 years old. Curly, blonde long hair, dressed like he was from the 80s and the strangest thing was that he had a cassette walkmen in his jeans pocket, which was sticking out slightly and was in bubble wrap, very strange : ) . Intuition told me that he was also not from here.

    These two situations are not all, there were more such times. An inner voice tells me that near my hiking trips there is some kind of portal through which positive ET’s visit earth to explore and have the experience of ” Walk Down’s “. I wonder if my intuition interprets this correctly 🙂

    Warm greetings to all and have a good day.

    1. Klaudia

      Thanks for sharing dear Aztec… nothing better than AUTHENTICITY… I love it.

      Idk why (feels like “in return”) I’m supposed to give you this one:

      I live in a small town where most ppl know each other somehow. Some maybe 15 yrs ago a close friend of a close friend of mine nearly died from drinking too much for maaany years. My friend visited him daily while he was in intensive care on the verge of dying for a good 3 weeks, bc he had no family.

      Now on the day he got released from hospital I happened to be standing outside a supermarket with my bicycle and HAPPY to see he’d obviously made it I offered to walk him home bc he still looked too weak for his big bag, but MUCH to my surprise he didn’t want me to. Instead he OBVIOUSLY didn’t even want to talk to me and quickly left me standing there all puzzled.

      A while later I met him in our mutual friends garden where he was “his normal outgoing self” again, but when our friend had to cook dinner inside he got all nervous, asking me if he could tell me this:

      While in intensive care in between life&death “I” had sat by his bed nearly every night. The poor guy was crying while telling “how spooky” this experience had been for him later on but when “YOU WERE THE FIRST PERSON I’D MET” after hospital just scared the shit out of him… he was SO RELIEVED when I didn’t call him crazy or a loony… 😇😆

      [Wow… while telling you this “I RECEIVED A WHOLE NEW TONE” to this story… or “more depth”… and THAT’S WHY I had to write this here 😎🤓… I SO love it when that happens… thx again Aztec!!]

      1. Aztec

        I do it anyway, because I like the forest and being in nature. The rest is interesting coincidences or my own creation, who knows.

        I also wanted to apologize that I added 2 times practically the same comment, the first time I created an account on wordpress. I didn’t know that comments appear late 😉

  9. Aztec

    When I walk in the woods I meet people in whom something doesn’t feel right, as if they are not from here. My intuition told me that they were not from here. Recently I met a girl and a boy on my path, they were riding bicycles, they had long blonde hair, both a headscarf on their heads and not today’s clothes. They turned around 2 times to cross my path, as if they were circling me, the girl was smiling gently. I said in my head, not out loud ” I know you are not from here “.

    Also 2 years ago on a walk in the woods, I followed a Man about 30 years old. Curly, blonde long hair, dressed like he was from the 80s and the strangest thing was that he had a cassette walkmen in his jeans pocket, which was sticking out slightly and was in bubble wrap, very strange : ) . Intuition told me that he was also not from here.

    These two situations are not all, there were more such times. An inner voice tells me that near my hiking trips there is some kind of portal through which positive ET’s visit earth to explore and have the experience of ” Walk Down’s “. I wonder if my hunch is accurate 🙂 Warm greetings to all and have a good day.

  10. Murdered in my sleep

    I feel incapacitated with environmental circumstance and want permittance for breathing. I feel sometimes someone already spiritually murdered me, just not yet in the physical. I am fighting for my life and rights overreached or trampled with legal loopholes used to extort or exploit me in my condition with little to no means of saving up ever (economic exploitation) and rooted in my place without much a chance of escape (no money or freedom to travel, being treated worse than the dog in our accomodation). I am verbally mocked and physically abused in my own house while the same people instigate abusing legal services or police to their ends of causing mayhem or fear (lackeys, goons, henchmen, free military service) and the legal system protects this foul acts and doesn’t care for context. Imagine someone calling the police after you walked away and asked them to leave you alone and they’re prompting you for a reaction or to persuade you into self defense so they can falsify a staged setting of their own wanting, then just call the police for you standing up to yourself and later wasting government tax dollars and actual service to people who need it for legitimate valid reasons (emergencies, actual reasons of direness and corruption). It is really that bad when the trusted syndicate of the law becomes the mafia or enforcer of that corruption, even to show up without body cams.

    Other then that I just am happy I can feed the wasps, they are more loving and hurt less than bad people. There are often queens, and the occasional bee.

  11. Mark Young

    Greetings Sister Tunia!
    Thank you for the opportunity to share an experience. My butterfly moments:
    Last summer I offered to cut my neighbors yard across the street fpr free as she lived alone. While cutting the yard it was very hot, my mower died and off to one side a butterfly was floating nearby and I held out my hand and it landed on it and stayed there for a several seconds. A good feeling came over me. Recently another one kept flying around and around me quite a bit. It was very close. Same feeling came over me. Also I have dragonflys come close to me at the start of the spring. Absolutely love it and the feeling!
    Blessings to you,

  12. Jared

    How am I doing?

    I need a vacation from this life and world.

    I need a house, medbed, replicator, and good loving world with sane people.

    Am I happy?

    How can you be living in a world of satanic psychopaths trying to kill everyone and destroy everything?

    I mean aside from that sure! TA!

    What would I like to receive?

    Love and healing.

    Don’t give advice?
    How rootin’ tootin’ dare ya!? HAHA

    Fix earth now amen please everybody amen.

  13. Michael

    I’m wondering about the power of thought. Specifically, if Someone is thinking an amorous fantasy about someone they know, will that other person sense it? And does that mean asking permission to think such thoughts is necessary and ethical? Im trying to figure out what “new” form of ethics come into play as our collective clairs emerge from dormancy. I want to be respectful and at the same time, I also feel a sense of resistance to what feels like relinquishing the autonomy of one’s own mental faculties and inner sanctuary for a concern that may just end up being delusional anxiety about a non-issue…
    Even in an infinite limitless cosmos, there must still be some sense of boundaries and it seems rather nebulous currently, standard conventional worldly common sense aside.
    As a group of psychic powerhouses who are just newly remembering that fact, where can we find guidance and education on the practical everyday effects of metaphysical realities that are now merging to the fore?

    1. Klaudia

      VERY interesting comment dear Michael. I saw it yesterday but only today my Wholeness (I don’t like “HIGHER SELF”) is resonating to it “properly”, and I must thank you for that, bc “you/your words” just lead to an interesting lesson around “the meaning of power” and I’m familiar enough with “MY WAY to ascension” to realize it’s importance of timing.

      [ALSO I wanted to check if this comment is getting posted today… I wrote a rather longer one 24 hrs ago for “Aztec” that I was A LITTLE surprised about for saying that here, but it never showed up, lol. 🤷‍♀️]

      1. A.S.

        Klaudia: If I understand things correctly, there’s one queue for short messages that the site admin Kejraj regularly checks, and one queue for longer messages that the site admin Kejraj doesn’t check that often. (Please correct me if I’m wrong.)

        Hence if you want to write a long message, it may be wise to split it into two posts or something like that. Otherwise it might end up sitting unseen in a “to approve” queue somewhere.

        I don’t have any ability to approve comments myself.

        1. EraOfLight Post author

          Sometimes long posts are placed in spam comments category by the web host. I check that too, but noth throughout the day.

    2. the_complaint_department

      If I may share my thoughts, I believe the other person will sense it ‘proportionally’ to their own ‘compatibility’ to such fantasies. There should be greater concern about whether such thoughts actually originate from you, though, since, well… they kind of float around looking for an idle head without much sense of self-ownership, so to speak.

      I wouldn’t depict it as an ‘awakening of collective clairs’ but as a ‘growing awareness of preexisting clairs’… the ethics that come into play are the same as they always were (or not), they only become visible. No hidden agendas (but still agendas, beware of sarcasm) even down to a personal level.

      I understand how that could be awkward in a first moment, but awkwardness is just delusion catching up with the truth. It’s funny how a simple thing such as being unable to lie ultimately means the end of civilization as we know it. Think ‘Liar liar’ on a global scale.

  14. Alexey

    Thank you Tunia for your messages and A.S. for their transition to us! There are so many things happening on inner planes for me and I’m so grateful for timely messages of Light Beings! Thank you very much!
    My last biggest insight was when I start unravel a topic of being of Source Energy Being (SEB) (last message of the Thymus collective ) – how is it to be SEB? – Am I a SEB? – Where is it in me ? – How does it feel to be SEB? and so on…
    It was and still is so powerful… Goosebumps all over, tears of this come back me in me… I wish you would meditate on it too! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  15. Kreal

    Hi Tunia and all.
    I am doing OK during this time of transition / ascension. I am a bit tired of hearing & reading ‘soon’, but it is what it is. I am a light anchor / holder / radiator. I take joy in holding and expressing light. Recently I was pondering ‘unconditional love’ when I began also exploring what ‘unconditional joy’ and ‘unconditional peace’ mean. That word unconditional is quite meaningful, and not easy for us down here. In what ways are others growing?