Message from God: The Creator’s Eye

Channel: Jahn J Kassl

Tears that need to be cried, cry and then focus on life!

These days people are freeing themselves from the burdens of time. Everything is brought to the surface and it becomes apparent what was causing unrest, dissatisfaction and restlessness in the hidden corners of your soul. The Creator’s focus is now on this inner purification.

Man is made new and is subjected to deep cleansing on all levels. This purification is the actual act of grace of GOD, who I AM. Because what is now possible for the individual is truly unique since the beginning of time.

So don’t close yourselves, but open your hearts to me. Even if you are confronted with issues that you think you have left behind or redeemed, stop and persevere!

This final cleansing has the depth and truth needed now for you to rise in your full power and leave the game behind.

When people talk about celestial phenomena or external interventions, when they are waiting for foreign gods or already worshiping them, when they tell you: “Look there and see there!”, then pay no attention to that, because it has no meaning or value.

What aligns you with the light of GOD you receive from GOD, what moves you forward in life you receive from GOD – and what your spiritual journey entails, GOD reveals to you.

God alone

No one but GOD alone, who I AM, is the one you are to rely on now, and no one but GOD alone is in charge of you now!

So be free from fear and tame your fears. When dark misty clouds gather in the sky and when your heart tightens, come under my protection.

Put yourself into my care full of TRUST in GOD and LOVE OF GOD and no harm will happen to you in body or mind.

This time must be measured with all appearances and phenomena, even if they are often unpleasant and challenge you to your limits. It is important to use the power of your consciousness to confront the phenomena of this era with dedication and wisdom.

God’s perspective

You are protected, you are protected, you are fed by the nourishing love of GOD, but your body’s nervous system can experience stress that pushes the limits. At this point it’s time to stop and connect with GOD.

Even the strongest people, the spiritual giants that you are, are now faced with particularly challenging situations. So it is important to make sure that in times of unrest and strife you take a bath in GOD’s love in order to relax and to look at life from GOD’s perspective.

Take two steps back when you are pushed forward, consciously walk slowly when someone tells you to hurry, and stop deliberately when the whole herd is moving in one direction. Act according to your inner impulses and know: The heart knows what is right and good.

All competence lies within you; there has never been any orientation or wisdom among the masses.

The loners among the many – those who live with people but are not moved by people, those who are in the world and yet do not belong to this world – these are the ones who are now crossing the bridge into life.

So stay in deep TRUST IN GOD, because everyone and everything is taken care of!

Maintain inner peace and guard the flame of love – always!


3 Replies to “Message from God: The Creator’s Eye”

  1. Adel

    Yes, We (humans in dense form) have the breath of God’s Spirit in us Q(32:9) eternally present by the Q-Chakra system connecting each individual to his/her own quantum field of consciousness.