Spiritual Guidance September/October 2023: Have Trust and Confidence in Who You Are

By Semele Xerri

Here’s my spiritual guidance September/October 2023, covering the month beginning with the Virgo new moon at 2.40am on September 15th (in the UK).

Spiritual guidance September/October 2023 from the Tarot

We’re still in the realms of deep feeling, dreams and visioning this month. As I look at this card, though, this isn’t just about feeling and dreaming. My attention is immediately drawn to the signs of forward movement, mastery, and confidence.

Knights are always active agents in their suits, and this one is definitely on a mission. He holds up a grail, representing the divine feminine qualities of regeneration, rebirth, compassion, and the inclusive love of the Great Mother, as a symbol of what he’s questing for and moving towards.

Firstly, then, you’re being encouraged to focus your passionate feelings on projects and causes that encompass those spiritual values that really matter to you, so that you can’t help but take action. There’s a hidden depth to this Knight, so sometimes what you think and feel strongly about can be hidden in the unconscious and under layers of conditioning, so needs active exploration to bring out into the light. The opposite pole to this is where you allow your strong or unconscious emotions to be the master of you, leading to overwhelm, depression, helplessness, and so a sense of having no agency to change anything. This is not true, but you may need to do some inner work to dismantle any beliefs or thought patterns you have running that tell you it is. In this case, the Knight represents someone skilled in navigating these kinds of unconscious waters with compassion and understanding, who can help you find a way through. If you know you need support in this, the next four weeks are the perfect time to look for that guide.

The peacock also draws my eyes; a symbol present in many mythologies representing a mutitude of meanings including enlightenment, high values, compassion, patience, confidence, royalty, higher vision, resurrection. Mastery is a quiet confidence in your own knowing, strength, and ability to act in ways that can make change in the world yet are gentle and respectful of another’s feelings. It’s not the bragging kind of “Look how great I am and I know so much better than you” confidence, although you do have to be wary of that of course. It’s more about being brave enough to share that important message, offer that healing service, lend your skills to a project that helps people and the planet. So often your inner voice can keep you playing small by saying, “Who am I to…..?” and “What do I know?”

The answer is always that you have unique skills and abilities that no one else can use in the same way you can. You are a King or Queen in your own right, sovereign to yourself as a unique spark of the Divine. Believe that in your bones (and again seek help from an expert if you find that difficult) and offer whatever you can to create a more beautiful world. In my experience once you own your “you-nique-ness”, you naturally gravitate towards others who acknowledge and respect who you are – and they are likewise drawn to you. So it’s a vital step on the way to finding your tribe, those people with whom you can share a like-minded philosophy and approach to life.

The other aspect to this kind of visionary action is that, like water, you can just go with the flow and have no expectation of a particular result or end destination. A river alters its course often and in response to changing circumstances. You would be wise to learn to be comfortable with doing the same as you trust the universe and yourself.

I’m also sensing from this card that you’ll need to be deeply rooted in your intuition this month. There may be lots of exciting and attractive propositions on offer, both personally and in the wider social and global context, that look irresistible. However, don’t be immediately taken in by first appearances, as they could be surface only and have no real substance after an exploratory scratch. With anything offered to you this month, sit patiently for a while and feel into it carefully with your higher wisdom. Are you being misled by glamour and sparkly presentation? It’s very possible, so wait for that full energy and bodily “yes” before going for it.

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Guidance September/October 2023 from astrology

The Virgo new moon has strong Uranian energy which lends “all systems go” support to actually implementing new methods and approaches that may have been put on hold. Check out the house this new moon falls in on your birth chart to discover in which area of your life this is impacting you personally. Virgo is really good at the detail. A real sense of urgency adds some fire shortly after the new moon, so there’s a push to move things forward. Be ready to offer some reassurance and encouragement to those around you who find it difficult to accept the necessity for change. Balance and harmony is all important, especially in relationship to others, as exemplified by the Autumn Equinox on the 23rd. By the time you reach the full moon in Aries on the 29th, you should be feeling enough self-assurance to grasp the challenge of bravely moving forward into the unknown. (I couldn’t help hearing the iconic words of Star Trek here – “to boldly go where no (wo)man has gone before!”)