9/11 Remembered

By Sierra NZ

Starship Earth has produced an excellent newsletter on the 22nd anniversary of 9/11. Scroll down for the video of the missile striking the Pentagon that day. No plane. No planes in NYC either – CGI of the planes was added later to TV news broadcasts.

September 11, 2023: The Storm in Biblical Proportion [videos]

Donald Trump was interviewed immediately after 9/11. He was a billionaire property developer at the time, responsible for the construction of NYC buildings. He stated that steel-framed skyscrapers do not disintegrate because of fire. Soon after, many highly experienced architects worldwide debunked the ‘planes destroyed the towers’ narrative. Yet still people believe that jet planes sliced through massive steel buildings, like a knife cutting through butter.

For years I kept links to many TRUTH videos about 9/11. Most were deleted by You Tube. This one remains – it is excellent (17′).

Here is another 9/11 TRUTH video that survived (4′).

This short CNN news clip played once and was taken off air (54″).


It’s a miracle that this compilation of initial MSM reports survived. As a commenter said, notice that none of the reporters mention planes crashing into the towers – they all discuss the ‘demolitions’. That’s because the CGI was added later (2′ video).


President Trump gave a solemn speech on the anniversary. He lived in NYC at the time so this day is close to his heart (1′ 45″ video).


Meanwhile a dementia patient named [B]iden was kept well away from 9/11 commemorations.


The heartache of that day remains after 22 years. We must NEVER forget.

Change of subject…

A veteran pilot whistle-blower said that pilots will not participate in another Scamdemic jab mandate. This is a must-watch – he starts speaking at 50″ (4 minute video).

‘…The vaccine has done heart damage to all the pilots. Every pilot is talking about it and every pilot refuses to get any more vaccines…None of the pilots are going to participate (mandates) anymore. The pilots are DONE with the nonsense…’ (Whistle-blower pilot)

The people of Lahaina speak the TRUTH in hearings – it was NOT a natural disaster (2′ 48″ video).


My heart is heavy after watching the 9/11 footage. Humanity has endured so much suffering at the hands of the dark forces. No wonder President Trump had a moment during the recent rally speech.

I remember years ago when the horrifying truth of how adrenochrome is made suddenly hit me, like a punch in the stomach. I sobbed uncontrollably for the agony of those children. It was beyond comprehension, and it still is. Thank God for the extraordinary military personnel who have rescued those children. NEVER again.

The Light has already won on the Earth plane. Victory is assured.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


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  1. john

    Love hugs and healing to all the victims and their families who suffered on this day, to those that lost their lives to tell the truth to the world on this fatefull day we alive today owe you all a debt of grattitude for your selflessness and sacrifice and the knowing that the awakening process kickstarted after this event. love to all.