Wisdom of the Council: The Upgraded Version of You

Channel: Sara Landon

Are you willing to let go of everything that you once deemed yourself to be and allow yourself into all that you are and all that is here for you and all that you, dear powerful master, have created?

Are you worthy of realizing everything that you have created? Are you worthy of receiving all that you have created? Can you truly allow that which you have imagined and wished for and desired to be your experience here and now, to become your new normal?

It will be a moment just like every other moment. And in a flash, in the blink of an eye, your new normal will be the reality that you once desired, that you have dreamed of, that you have imagined. Your reality will be beyond even what you could have thought to ask for, but some part of you could feel it. Some part of you was receiving the communication from the energy, and the energy doesn’t lie. It is impeccable.

Are you ready for your everyday new normal to be the reality you once dreamed of? Can you receive it? Will you receive it? Are you worthy of it? We know you are. We know you are. We know you are. Do you know that you are? Do you know that you are worthy, powerful creator? Can you allow the reality that you once wished for to be your new normal everyday way of being, way of living, way of receiving?

You have heard from every great teacher that you can create your reality. And yet, there are things, like divine timing, like divine orchestration, and there are times when what it is that you think you want is not fully in alignment to all that you are, when what you want is merely a settling for something a little bit better. And what the Universe is trying to present to you is the quantum leap.

So many times you outgrow, you expand beyond what it is you think you want, and this is what we refer to often as the leapfrog effect. You think you want this particular thing, but what is really aligned for you is levels beyond, a quantum leap beyond that, and it would only slow down the expansion of your soul and its manifestations for you to settle for what it is you think you want when your soul’s desires are so much bigger, so much bolder, so far beyond what you would be willing to settle for.

You still are Creator of your reality, but when you fully receive the reality that you have created, you will see that it was so far beyond what you were willing to settle for just because it was a little bit better than where you were.

Can you allow fully your soul’s desires to present themselves to you even though you are the powerful creator of your reality? You begin to create from the quantum. You create from a much more expansive place beyond the needing’s and wantings of a human.

And we love your magnificent humans. We know it thinks it needs things and wants things. And that’s all very fine and good. But there isn’t one of you that doesn’t want to experience the fullness of the powerful creator that you are in this time, in this now, in this life. Your soul’s desires are so far beyond, and yet so much easier to manifest than the pushing and the forcing and the resistance of the human’s wantings and needings.

Can you fully receive? Are you worthy? Is it time? Is it time now to fully receive, for your new normal to be that which you once dreamed of? The answer is within you, and only you can answer. The you, the realized you knows the answer. 

As you come fully into the realization of all that you are, everything is known, everything is now. Everything is known, and everything is now. To come into realization, of the integration of every part of you, to come into realization, the fullness and the wholeness of all that you are, to come into realization, into your perfection, into your magnificence, where everything is known and everything is now. You lack nothing. You need nothing. You want nothing. You are everything. You have everything. There is absolute knowing. And time is a tool that works for you in the magnificent unfolding of the powerful creation of your reality into your physical experience.


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