High Solar Winds Towards Earth

By Dr Schavi M Ali

A coronal mass ejection (CME) struck planet Earth in the early morning hours (EDT) of Sunday, 9/17/2023, and another one is on its way.

As the Northern Autumnal Equinox and the Southern Vernal Equinox approaches and they fully arrive on Saturday, September 23rd at “2:50” AM (EDT) when there will be equal day and night as our Sun holds steady over the Equator, cosmic energetics will become stronger.

High solar winds, blasting flares, and CMEs should not be a surprise. Also, the magnetosphere is filled with dense plasma particles which are continually pressing into it.

These events usually also cause powerful planetary weather conditions such as tropical storms, full-on hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, torrential rains, and floods.

Earthquakes are also a part of the energetic pulsations—both relatively mild ones as well as those seething with great strength as Earth buckles, stirs, and heaves.

Of course, as what must always be kept in focus—the condition of mankind’s consciousness is also a factor in the types of cosmically-oriented situations that occur to our planet.

Slowly as it may seem to be, more people around the world are beginning to realize just how much power humanity was given at creation and how collective consciousness is an atomic frequency—an energy—a life force that can manifest blessings or consequences.

SOURCE is a DIVINE “INTELLIGENT TRANSCENDENCE” of both “Cause” and “Allowance”.

In other words, “IT” has fashioned principles of governance but has also orchestrated a free will dynamic such that whatever humanity wants, humanity gets.

Yet, “IT” has also issued a decree that those who sincerely try to live by the sacred virtues, will be protected and given the knowledge and wisdom of how to remain firmly anchored to the LIGHT as the “COSMIC SEA” soars in this “Now” with thrashing waves.

Thus, we must tune-in the DIVINE and tune-out chaos.

Be especially spiritually vigilant beginning at “12:58” AM (EDT) on Monday, September 18th and all of Tuesday, September 19th, when our Moon moves into transformative, sometimes vengeance-seeking, secretive Tropical Scorpio and balance-seeking Sidereal Libra.

This is a “Cautionary Window” when situations among mankind can become out-of-control as some people choose disharmonious ways in which to achieve their objectives.

Thus, do not be fearful, but be observant of your surroundings and of the places you go.

Draw down your “Pillar of LIGHT”.

Scorpio energy can be a wonderful vibration of HIGHER KNOWLEDGE and releasing of what is unnecessary as what is beneficial is embraced.


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