Maui Missing Children Update

By Sierra NZ

Opening this post with a Real Raw News story about the recovery of fifteen missing Maui children by US Navy Seals. Be warned – this story is very distressing. We know enough about child sex trafficking/adrenochrome by now to believe that the scenario described in the article is possible. Please use your discernment, as always.

Navy SEALs Save Missing Maui Children

My friend Emma has done an excellent deep-dive on the date 23rd September. Here is her summary. Please use your discernment around all dates.

The 23rd of September 2001 was the date that the republic was taken over completely by the cabal, the date America became completely under foreign occupation and the globalist took hold. 12 days after the twin towers were destroyed and all the evidence of their financial crimes that were in building 7, the 23billion missing moneys, This was all to keep the fed alive.

It’s very significant and important date for the satanist and their rituals so we can definitely expect some sort of major drama on that day

This is the reason why we see that date of the 239 as predictive programming in a lot of tv and movies 🍿

The 23 is 32 reversed
The 32 is from the secretive society Skull and Bones 322 symbolism. This number is used A lot.
Also the number 51 or it’s reverse 15
51 is the day the Illuminati was founded May 1st 1776.

Russell Brand is currently in the media line of fire. We don’t know what color hat he wears (white/black/grey) – he could be a double agent, who knows…? It is up to each of us to make our own decisions about the actors in this movie. Here he is dropping a multitude of TRUTH bombs during a USA television appearance (3′ 40″ video).

This mother took control in her son’s woke classroom. I wish a lot more parents would follow her example. We The People need to SPEAK OUT against the overt wide-spread abuse of our children (1′ 20″ video).

I really enjoyed this little video, especially the ending (19″ video).

Dr Jan Halper-Hayes shared some great intel in this interview (45′ video).

Kat posted a partial transcript of the interview.

🇺🇸 Jan
Brig Gen A Tata wrote a “novel” DOUBLE CROSSFIRE.
It’s worth reading if you want to have an understanding
of how they’re trying to ENSNARE the evil-doers, the corrupt ones.
The MIL thought about taking Obama out
but convinced Trump to run for POTUS..
The Dist of Columbia is not part of the U.S. [Foreign.]
This Plan is MUCH LARGER than the U.S.
MUCH LARGER & it’s happening.
Even though we say it’s God’s Plan & in God’s Time
God expects us to do the footwork
& that is exactly what the Military is doing.
What Donald Trump is doing
& what the 7-people
who are not in the Military that are close to him
that know EVERYTHING ABOUT THE PLAN are doing
to make sure that it happens
& they are doing God’s work for us 🕊

I love this image. Beautiful.

Finally, my thoughts on impatience/patience – but first a disclaimer. I have struggled with impatience for my entire life. It has been my personal battle on a daily basis. In recent months I have learned to deal with it much better. This is what I am learning…

Impatience is part of the 3D construct. It is based on annoyance that ‘time’ (a construct) is passing too slowly. There is a solution. The more ‘time’ we spend in the higher 5D vibration, the less need there is for ‘patience’. In 5D, we are living in the Now so we are not waiting for anything. We are content to allow life to unfold, moment to moment.

I am still a work in progress on this issue but I am improving…!


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


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