President Trump’s Return: ‘The Non-Traditional Way’

By Sierra NZ

President Trump talked in his recent rally speech about ‘the pause’ and returning to office ‘not in a traditional way’. I think Q mentioned something about ‘non-traditional way’ (1′ video).

This latest Real Raw News article has some interesting intel from a Russian Federal Security Service Agent about [D]eep [S]tate body doubles. Please use your discernment, as always. Although it is now common knowledge in the Truther community that [O]bama is gay, Michelle/Michael is a man, and [B]iden is played by several actors.

Body Doubles Meet At United Nations

“…We know it’s not real Biden because Biden is dead. Your Deep State stupidly used a lefthanded double. Biden was righthanded. We observe many doubles. Some taller, some shorter than Biden. Yes, with age comes bone density loss, but an old man does not get shorter and then taller in two months. Our people watched the U.N. videos this week; we know it’s not Biden,” Zakharov said.

Interesting exchange between Juan O’Savin and David Nino Rodriquez. Thanks to Kat for the transcript. Like Juan, I feel that I have been preparing for this my whole life too.

🥊 9-21-23 DNRodriguez
Is there a plan, a remedy for this?

🇺🇸 Juan O Savin
But listen to me
the scariest f*cking thing you’ve ever been through in your life.
We will get America under control
you can bet your last $ on it.
God will not allow that Luciferian operation to succeed.
We’re going to get ours under control
& then we’re gonna have to fight the rest of the world
& it’s a brutal heavy monstrous fight.
The only reason we will make it through this
is because God himself made a covenant
with Adam, Abraham & all the fathers..
out through time & eternity
that we, the children of Adam, will own & control this world
& the worlds beyond.

You told me you’ve been planning for this
for a very very long time.


Major capitulation from a powerful [D]eep [S]tate MSM figurehead. Rupert Murdoch is stepping down. They are dropping like skittles at a bowling alley.

Thanks to my friend Lance for this informative article about long-term jab affects. It’s quite ‘sciency’ but I understood it.

Covid: Matters of the Heart and the Lymphocytes

I am including this video link for two reasons – it is fascinating, a bit like a one minute meditation, and it symbolizes our current status in the lead-up to the Event. Ready for take-off (1 minute video)

There is still hope for these children – the TRUTH will come out.

Oh, lovely.


How’s that ear-ringing going for you, lovely Light Warriors…? My ears are ringing so loudly I am surprised that people around me can’t hear it (tee hee). It would be disconcerting if I didn’t know that countless other Light Warriors are experiencing it too. When I discussed Ascension symptoms in a recent post, I forgot to mention random headaches and body aches and pains. I am in perfectly good health so I know they are Ascension-related.

I am ending with the Light Warrior anthem. I have posted this song before but I will include it regularly from now on. It ignites our passionate fighting spirit. We need to stay fired up during this last stage of the occupation/war. LIBERATION for humanity.

Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


16 Replies to “President Trump’s Return: ‘The Non-Traditional Way’”

  1. Emma

    I dont trust Real Raw News or Nino. Clickbait.
    Too many articles from RRN that cannot be verified, well actually all of them, unless it is things already happend, and we all already knows it. Like a resignation.
    According to Real Raw News everybody are dead or in Gitmo.

    However, I do believe in Q, who is nothing like what MSM tells.
    Not for normies, he writes military kind of stuff, and point to stuff people should look into.

    I also believe in Trump. I have a long list of deeds he did before running for president. I also have watched 100’s of interviews with him, from his young age, to running, and now a days.

    I also belive in Kim Clement who predicted Trump to be president, and to have impeachment after impeachment attacks from the devil.

    And I belive in James McConnel (EOL) who channels OWS that say Trump wants the people to choose what world they want. I guess by showing the evil, as it is for sure showing its ugly face these years.

  2. One who knocks

    They mention the children of adam but cain is literally used in the freemason rite as “all were derrived from cain” who murdered his brother and there was a lot more humans than just “Adam and eve”, human history is much much longer and has been hidden or distorted- what could I explain by this, the sumerians? Pre-atlantic/lemurian subcontinents sinking with techtonic plates over thousand years of cycles? Nibiru passing in 5000-6000 year segments numerous times (HUNDREDS) in their successive history (and you could have always amassed them as domesticated from onset as “Big Brother”) and even spawned a cloned species of human for their own purpose which got subtley passed down. Are we still longer slaves to them? I yearn for galactic and sovereign independence and to stand mighty and not be trampled or held down by negative interferance or intent of bad beings ever again. I ask for truth worldwide, for lies to crumble and false discernment and dramatic facades(playwrights) to fade.

  3. Paladin

    More Q-tard nonsense. Trump is one of them. He’s been in on this since the beginning. He’s responsible for the death jab which he so lovingly refers to as “Operation Warp Speed” which will kill off the majority of Americans in the next few years.

    These so called “elites” are obsessed with numerology and symbolism.

    Trump tower is exactly 666 feet tall. It has 2 Saturn (Satanic) cubes built into it and a 6 sided triangle with 6 trees on each side. That should tell you all you need to know.

    And He’s absolutely one of the dumbest public figures I have ever listened to.

    1. Emma

      No Trump tower is not 666 feet tall. Now you are the dumbest.

      Anyway lets pretend the most angry, most black pilled and dumbest person, Paladin is right, for just a minute.
      Let Trump take out everybody else, and we know there are many bad people. After that, we can look at the last contender, and take him out, if it turns out that he is bad.
      For now, I think he is safest bet.
      The Biden/Obama group are for sure, not what most people want.

      Sometimes one has to choose the lesser evil, and most people dont like what they experience with current regime. That makes the choise very easy, for now. And now is all we have.

      I almost never agree with you Paladin, and for sure not on Trump, who has done many good deeds, also before being a president, but I do agree that I dont trust Tunia, and most of those types that have those “we will save you” languages.

      1. Paladin

        Oh really? I’m the dumbest? How tall is Trump tower, please tell me. And there are no cubes? No six sided triangle? Google some images.

        Trump is a loathsome cretin who pumped poison into 80% of the lemmings and is proud of it.

        You believe in a fraud, a Buffoon, a clown.

        You should reconsider who you call dumb.

      2. Paladin

        And just because I don’t support Trump or believe he is legitimate, it does not mean I support Biden, no quite the opposite. All Trump lovers take any criticism of their savior as a vote for Biden…unbelievable.

        I hate Biden and his woke Jewish regime passionately.

        1. Emma

          I did not write you vote(d) for Biden, but now I think you do, as you get rather hysterical about it.

          For now, its Biden or Trump, unbelievevable I have to spell that out.

          The tower is 664 feet. So that makes you a liar, and it makes you look dumb, and these 2 messages, well, you also sound dumb.

          Further, Biden does not like Israel, he and Obama sides with Palestine. Unbelieveable I have to spell it out, to someone who likes to appear clever.

          Trump never mandated vaccines, but Biden did. Nor did 80% get vaccinated (yet another lie). And Trump is not a doctor or nurse, so he did not pump anything, that would be illegal, just like when BillGates did it in Africa on helpless children.

          The vaccines made society go back to somewhat normal. A 5 year lockdown, or more, would kill all business, except of course Amazon and the likes. Not 100% of the vaccines were poison, they did not have time enough due to warp speed, but after 5 years of lockdown everybody would have taken their very poisoned vaccines. Illness in body and head after 5 year, many bankrupt. Well… I not writing this for you, but for those without TDS.

          Yes I believe in Trump, and your name calling will not change that. It is such a childish, useless and outdated method to try and shame others that dont agree with you. It’s just really dumb.

          Why dont you run for president?

          1. Paladin

            First off Emma, I’ll refrain from calling you names because I don’t agree with you. It’s not very mature or full of light as you might say. I never called you a name just your God and savior Trump.

            Yes Emma, I know it’s Trump or Biden in the next rigged election, and I don’t care about the dog and pony show. Oh I suppose if I were forced to vote I’d hold my nose and vote for Trump; at least he kept gas prices low.

            And your beloved savior is due credit for the vaccine. The great orange buffoon said he deserves all the credit and they should call it the Trumpcine. You must have a very short memory.

            I’m glad you stated you are pro-vaccine. Did you run out to get your Trumpcine? Do you have a banner on Facebook page that says “I got my Covid Vaccine, we can do this”. I hope you got the vaccine, Emma…you need it.

            The CDC claims 80% of Americans have received at least one shot. I don’t know if this is true, but an awful number of submissive, gullible people dutifully took their shots. You know Emma, the shots were not made to all kill at the same time. Some will die in a few months, some will take a few years, and it will look like some other common malady.

            But, according to you, better a few million die and tens of millions who have been injured along with an untold amount of miscarriages and rapidly advancing childhood Cancers from the shot than a 5 year lockdown, which they would not have been able to accomplish. The only reason they ended the lockdowns was because they knew the people were reaching a breaking point and would be in open rebellion.

            And since you are so bright and well informed, what makes you think they produced billions of clot shots in 6 months?

            And how does your claim that time constraints forced them to produce harmless shots work? What’s your logic there? They only had 6 months so they put out saline because they didn’t have time? It’s nonsensical. The shot is a weapon of death. Their goal is to kill you. They would not have put out saline.

            The shots were produced years in advance. This was planned years in advance.

            And Biden does not like Israel? OMG! Now I really hate Biden. He doesn’t love love Israel like Trump, and his MIGA (MAKE ISRAEL GREAT AGAIN) agenda.

            I didn’t like Biden before because he is destroying America and is a child molester, but this not loving Israel and not licking Jewish boots is more than I can stand.

            No one grovels in front of Israel and Jews like our man Trump. He’s a red blooded true American.

            You’ve convinced me now! I’m 💯 % For Trump.

        2. Emma

          Correction: Bidens regime are jews, almost all of them.
          Not real jews, but kzarians.
          Still Biden and Obama does not like Israel, and the real judeans.

          1. Paladin

            It’s Khazarians not kzararians. The Khazars are the forebears of all modern Ashkenazi Jews who are the majority of Jews in Israel and America and Europe.

            The Khazars were a Turko-Mongolian people, and today’s Ashkenazi Jews are their descendants.

            The Ashkenazi Jews in Israel today are not the real Judeans.

        3. Emma

          Sorry for the misspelling of Khazarians.

          I dont know what happened to the judeans. All the rich and in power are jews, so maybe all the normal are judeans or a mix.

          Khazarians were namestealers back in time, maybe they still are. I think that maybe the old nazi just honored in Canada parliament is a nazi and a Khazarian. It would be very much like them to infiltrate anything.

          Big part of Ukraine used to be part of the Khazar empire, and recently jews/deep state tried to get the Kazakhstan back, but the people stood up to it, and got some help from Russia.

          “Kazakhstan: Why are there riots and why are Russian troops there?
          Published 10 January 2022” – BBC.

    2. Jay Vee

      Trump Tower/Height : 664′
      Trump Tower, mixed-use skyscraper in Manhattan, New York, located on Fifth Avenue at East 56th Street. It opened in 1983, although work was not completed until the following year. Trump Tower is 664 feet (202 meters) high and has 58 stories.