Archangelic Collective: Divine DNA

Channel: Galaxygirl

Greetings beloved ones of the light. We are the Archangelic Collective. We surround you in our wings of fire, of light, of love, of comfort and of strength and purity. We send this firelight out into your field, transmuting, comforting, lending a hand and a wing for those who are too weak to use their own. You are human angels, those of you reading. You are the angelic with the human, as aspects of Source and fractals of light you are this light, this Source breath of the in-between and the all around. You are this light. You are literally the light in the world. You are surrounded in this light as we are surrounding you in all moments.

We have been working with all of you tirelessly as you work tirelessly. We know your frustration, your fatigue. This world has been so dark for so long. There is such a massive undertaking of change, revival and renewal on so many dimensional layers and strongpoints. But the light flows easily through all time space, through all dimensions. The technology is being removed that has kept humanity within the trance. More is being tried but it is being weakened. (I see they are infusing light codes into the dark codes which instantly dissolves the dark into smoke and light). There is so much surrounding you, as you are within this energy tumult. There is much that you do not see. Codes surround you all the time. The divine DNA is a code. Creation is mathematically precise, stunning to us in its complexity and individuation. You are creators. We see you in your beauty, we know who you are and have been and are truly amazed by your courage, your bravery, your strength.  We surround you, we protect you. We are Source’s hands and feet in the angelic realms of the light and of the dark. We carry the light through all places and spaces, cleansing, clearing, just as you do within the physical, when you are aligned up with your highest purpose.

We are the Archangelic Collective. Every flower, every insect, every creature has a code of creation or mis-creation. Gaia is stunning in her beauty, brimming with life from all across the galaxy, a seeded planet of breathtaking beauty and love. She will be renewed to this once again. This is one of the aspects that you are assisting with on the ground side, as you ground the codes of light, of love into the mesosphere. Your DNA is changing moment by moment. Sitting in your sun for moments at a time will assist with this, as the sun currently is brimming with codes to share, codes of awakening, of ascension, of healing, of rebirth.  Being in nature in this time will serve you greatly. You are serving greatly by serving as a grounding mechanism for these codes, creating a layer of light on and within Gaia, offering a landing pad for these codes.

Creator is very pleased with you. The ground team has and is doing extraordinarily well despite the numerous obstacles. Do not give up hope. There is always hope. We see outside of time, which as you know is a construct of this reality of yours and outside of time with the grand perspective it is done, the light has been grounded and transmuted all into the next octave of evolutionary embodiment, of ascension. This is what is manifesting, and it seems slow to you. We know this. Grounding more light will help you through this process so that you feel the peace of the ascension codes within your body. Sit in the sun for increments at a time. Allow the archangels and masters to work with you. Much is coming up for clearing and it is a painful time. Emotions seem unusually heightened. You are in a universe of emotions, and emotions are part of being human. Do not be ashamed of your emotions. You are to feel them to heal them. The pain must bubble up to be transmuted. Much of this has been occurring this week, and it has been exhausting. We send you our angelic codes of light, of love, of healing. We send you our strength. We send you our comfort. We are all around you. We are the Archangelic Collective. Namaste.

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6 Replies to “Archangelic Collective: Divine DNA”

  1. Raksha

    Galaxygirl, are you hanging around here? I always loved the poetry in your texts. I would like to hear you participate in the comments if you are around here.

  2. tigersnack1114

    Thanks again GG! I’ve always felt the truth in your posts. Sitting in the sun and soak up those new energies is a great way to FEEL these new energies coming in.

    There is a lightness in this energy….meaning not heavy …..when I do and it feels magical!

  3. cat

    there hasnt been a dramatic post in this site from some days. im waiting for dramatic posts.

    1. No drama here!

      This is what an archon feels like feeding off its host. You don’t need that sort of energy- to cat