Truest Paths Lead Within

By Judith Kusel

The truest paths lead within and it is within that all answers and knowledge in truth lie, for our soul is eternally connected to All That Is.

In these last few weeks the Shift has taken on quantum leaps, and for many this means expansion on consciousness levels such as never experienced before. I most certainly have.

On the other hand, there is this chaos reigning in the old structures, forms, etc. in the Old Earth, which is brilliantly reflected in the chaotic weather patterns, and the ways in which all seems to be getting crazier on the one hand, while on the other hand, more and more souls are awakening.

The truest navigations systems, the truest guidance, is deep within you. It is not outside, and it requires certain discipline to go deeper within, and not to allow oneself to be distracted by the outside, and whatever is broadcast out there, but instead to seek the still point within.

The heart and soul centers around the eternal now and eternal truths, and the deep knowing of such within your own soul. If something does not FEEL right, then it is not for you – it is not your truth! The same applies if alarm bells go off, or when your own gut feeling tells you that something is amiss, even if you, as yet cannot pinpoint exactly what it is and in what form this may be.

The most amazing things start happening, when we truly trust our own soul, as one with All That Is, to guide us through this expansion, for your soul is infinitely connected to the monad (soul group) and more than this the Infinite Divine Whole. The broader Universal knowing, for many of us are indeed Master souls who incarnated here, mainly to see this whole process through and into completion. Note, the latter, for indeed that is our main reason for being here, and none other. We are here to firmly anchor in the New Golden Age, even as we are shifting and becoming more consciously aware as we lovingly serve from our heart and souls and all of our being!

Many of us choose to do this quietly, without a lot of fanfare, and indeed, whoever needs to be energetically drawn to us, or whose souls need to be touched, will find us.

Such is the blessing of the inward revolution, the inner shifts and indeed the unlocking of the soul-in-splendor, living the truth of who and what we are in truth with love and loving intention.