Aton: Become Familiar with Your Power

Channel: Jahn J Kassl

Power application

Dream: I see a person hypnotizing another to exert control over them. Although both people are unknown to me, it is a situation that I do not want to accept. I intervene by telling the hypnotist to stop.

I then feel the magician trying to enter my mind, but failing. Rather, I begin to gather my strength, and soon I’m about to “take over” the magician! Before this can fully happen, he runs away and flees (dream ends).

When I wake up, I “randomly” pick a random book to flip through and turn to a chapter on mind control. (end of report)

Loved people!
This dream image symbolizes your power and your mental strength. Human power, that is, the energy that can emanate from a human consciousness, is unsurpassed at this level of being.

This fact has not yet penetrated people’s consciousness and most people are completely unaware of it. Most people are still far from using their power, but an awakening has also begun on this level.

You have been too oppressed, abused and kept in fear by the rulers of this matrix for the transition from powerlessness to power to happen smoothly and naturally. This is how dreams are played back to you so that you can remember and experiment with your abilities.

Familiarize yourself with your power, that’s what it’s all about now, and use it for the benefit of all life.

It is the time of awakening – on all levels; the dream plane is one of them.

This dream image shows that you are never powerless and that you can oppose any dark entity, such as the dark magician in the dream, by virtue of your spiritual consciousness. This dream therefore contains a second important message:

Don’t be afraid! Face the challenges and speak out openly against the evil in the world and the evildoers as they appear to you. There is nothing these entities fear more than your courage, your courageous demeanor and your light.

You have nothing to fear if you fight the battles that are forced upon you on this level of being with God and the lightsaber at your side.

Two paths to revolution

Essentially, in the current situation on earth, there are two paths to revolution for people:

1.) Revolution through meditation

2.) Revolution through confrontation

Light warriors who have reached a certain level of awareness through meditation confront the forces of darkness in order to stop them from their harmful actions. The dream indicates this.

Intervene and confront

This means that there are essentially two paths that serve humanity and enrich the process of ascension with positive energy.

Starting from a calm spirit, from a peaceful basic vibration, it is important for the individual to fulfill his tasks. In individual cases, this also includes confronting the dark forces openly and directly and stopping them from their plans.

Whatever your missions are, it is your meditative spirit that matters, because only through it can you withstand the hate energies and emerge victorious from a battle.

All revolutions that lack this basis are doomed to failure, because at a certain moment people lose control of their actions and violence is met with violence and hate is met with hate.

A successful revolution is always preceded by the transformation of the individual person.

Therefore: do not be afraid! Because whoever has returned to the kingdom of peace no longer has an “enemy” in this world, because he acts from a different perspective and never misuses his power.

Then you can no longer go wrong and the encounters with dark forces will no longer leave any lasting negative traces – neither in your heart nor in your life.

In summary, this dream image shows that you should get involved and can effectively counteract any abuse.

It is shown that from a certain level of your awareness a power emanates from you, before which the dark forces of this matrix have to resign.

The time for fear is over!

The fears that are now being spread and are emerging worldwide are intended to block you from continuing and completing the path to your own power described here.

Overcome these blockages! Recognize that the new time is yours and that the New Earth is being built by you. The cold race must give way – and they know it. That’s why they cause trouble wherever they can and create strife while they can. The hour of their banishment is approaching.

A great day has been announced for you and a great day is before you. It is the day when those who are a plague to people and the earth must leave this world forever.

Don’t be afraid, go your way courageously and don’t shy away from any effort. The forces of darkness must be defeated and the victory of light must be won.

We are the best ways to get there and you are qualified to do it.


3 Replies to “Aton: Become Familiar with Your Power”

  1. soulofearl

    I dreamed last night I met a smallish man who said he was Bezelbub. I instinctively held up my arms in a cross and he began to shrivel up. I stopped and he returned to normal. He said, look at your feet, which I did and saw snakes crawling around my feet. I dismissed it and created butterflies flying around him. He made them disappear, and he just looked at me. He couldn’t do anything to me. I said, Bezelbub! and smiled at him. He was like an old friend I didn’t care to hang around with. He had no interest in wasting his time with me.
    So the story begins.

  2. Lilas

    Why do you use German channels like Jahn
    and Pamela Kribbe (Yeshua)who is married
    with a Dutch therapeut who wears Vanguard shirts?