Pause, and Go Within

Greetings friends! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj.

To the close minded, to the unaware, to those operating from a state of fear, any form of evidence can be presented to them about any subject, and they will look away and point on the opposite direction, to something that is false, but only because they themselves find comfort in it. They want you to join their “sect” if you will, so they do not feel alone in their beliefs.

The energy people spend in trying to convince others of their own beliefs, would be much more useful and help them move forward in leaps and bounds should they focus that energy on themselves, going within, seeking their inner light, something more meaningful that is already within them, instead of trying to convince others of whether the Earth is Flat of Sphere.

This too is understandable. Why? Because it takes more courage, more focus, and patience to face one’s own imbalances and to heal them. It is much too easy to constantly distract oneself by the dark’s agendas, than it is to work on discovering the secrets held within your own being.

Perhaps it is time to take a break, from the purposely planted distractions of the matrix, breathe, and return to your inner sanctuary. For what awaits you within, is far more magnificent than anything in the outer world.

All the light to You!

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