Lower Consciousness

By Judith Kusel

The lower your consciousness levels the more you tend to separate all and everything and then try to put what you understand into neat little boxes, fitting in the compartments of your brain. You only felt secure when you could control these boxes and your reaction to them, you felt you were in charge. Yet, in truth you never were, for compartment cause separation and alienated us from all and everyone and everything.

Once we understand that the deepest knowing, and interconnected to Divine and all of divinity and the 352 tiers of creation, are all within us, then we also understand that we have access to all tiers of creation and all the Ascended Masters, Archangels, angels, unicorns, are inside of us and all around us.

The Archangels are truly making their presence felt and even Universal Archangels are now assisting us through the Ascension processes.

In the Ancient Mystery Schools it was known that Archangels and angels were there support the soul journey and indeed even in your true soul galactic state, where you incorporated their energy, the archangelic energy is so pure, and powerful that you can still transmit and channel this energy into all and everything you do, create, and touch.

The more we incorporate their energy into our daily lives, the brighter our auric and energy fields become, because now our energy fields are infused with their energy.

For instance, the more we work with Archangel Chamuel, who holds the white-pink ray of Love, unconditional love, the more our heart center expands and we start to emit this beautiful archangelic energy. More than this Chamuel and Charity, his twin-flame will assist us in all our loving relationships and even humanity at large. We grow in compassion, in unconditional love and loving grace. Yet, more than this, we also grow in self-love for we can only truly other souls to the degree in which we love ourselves.

There is no soul on earth who could not do with more love and loving energy and exude it as well.


3 Replies to “Lower Consciousness”

  1. Lilas

    You fear enlighted realms?
    There is no judgement.I think that you
    are afraid of the Gott who tells us not
    to judge.
    I don’t like him.

  2. Lilas

    It should be much better when woman loves her children
    More then herself.
    i live in the Netherlands were 30.000 woman let kill
    their children(abortion) and pedophile men adopt
    babies and little children.
    About what kind of love do you speak ?

    1. Janice

      Dear Lilas, I have the same contrast baths like you…I live in Germany…the same dark things happening here…so you are (like me very often!!!) focussing on inequity…but how can you judge these women???….judge not before you judge yourself….and if the beings of the higher realms would judge every human being on earth like you are judging these women, we all wouldn`t exist anymore, I guess… from your point of view you should understand these women: you can`t accept the unconditional love from the higher realms although you know their existence: so how should be a woman who is prisoned in this unpleasant and material world and anxiety able to give love? ….and when you notice what Stanley Plotkin told under oath: that aborted babies-material is used in vaccines: so nearly every human is poisoned by dark cannibal material, so what do you expect?… I´m unspeakable thankful for the unconditional love of the archangels and the higher realms…..and I deeply know I wouldn`t exist anymore without the protection and love from the Archangels… I send you blessings from my heart and request you not to judge!