Message from God: Hope and Faith

Channel: Jahn J Kassl

Hope is the refuge for the burdened, downtrodden and oppressed – waiting for salvation is the second face of grief.

Through hope all illusions are sustained. As long as we “keep ourselves alive” through hope, the illusions will remain alive.

Hope arises where there is ignorance. Where there is no insight and no recognition, hope grows up and gives you the strength to live. To “survive” and thrive in this reality, you turn to hope and faith.

If your hope is “disappointed,” you will fall into sadness. To cope, you develop a “faith.” This is the stronger “dose” and you manage to cope somehow.

Hope, sadness and faith are great illusions – constructed before you to keep you from knowing. Although you think you are gaining strength, the opposite actually happens: you are weakened and paralyzed.

This hope is deceptive, this grief is painful, this faith is blind.

“Hope dies last!” is said, and if hope dies, you are confronted with what is. Without hope, you find yourself hopeless and discouraged in the face of the facts.

Unfulfilled hope is bitter and this pain runs deep. This is how you “save” yourself in faith, but you still lack the realization that hope and faith are not needed once you have knowledge.

Because this belief is blind and is produced from the ego level. You can easily recognize this from the fact that people who believe from a strong religious background are usually intolerant and easily hurt.

Their “faith” is closely linked to the ego and so there is always something that needs to be protected. Because the ego does not tolerate any contradiction and is closest to itself – everything foreign is rejected.

All religious conflicts on earth result from faith being experienced at the limiting level of the ego! As a result, there is a lack of knowledge and understanding.

There is a lack of knowledge that we ALL originate from the ONE original source. Only when you bring yourself into this experience does the door to true trust in God open and every belief dissolves, so every separation – and unity is possible.

“So by their fruits you will know them.”

Any belief that claims sole omnipotence is dangerous and brings about separation and suffering. Therefore, it is crucial to detach yourself from it and gain trust, knowledge and a comprehensive perception of your being.

True faith

True faith requires absolute trust and devotion. But this is only possible if you understand and draw from your comprehensive being.

Once you understand your dimensions, you enter into this knowledge.

Once you know, you are completely relaxed. Your energies flow freely and harmoniously, you live in unity with yourself and the world around you. Through this awareness you are energetically protected because your energy system is closed and irritating feelings no longer gain entry.

This understanding makes you peaceful and every person becomes a brother or sister to you.

“Faith” is gone from you – and where there is no ego, there is no pain. There is no longer any injury in your energy bodies because there is no longer a resonance field.

So free yourself from the belief that comes to life through your ego and builds up in front of you like a great illusion. Bring yourself into this new freedom and this all-encompassing energy of understanding! You gain knowledge and unlimited trust, it is the birth into your being.

Deliver yourself from hope, the “substitute” for understanding! Since hope only emerges from a part of your being, it can never fill your entire being. The further you get into the secrets of your existence, the fainter the glimmer of hope becomes, until it finally dissolves completely, until you completely reach trust – in your trust, since you know that the table of gifts is prepared for you.

Hope is not necessary if you consciously create from your flow of life, hope is a paralyzing and sluggish energy pattern. If you are in the flow of life, you are also alive, agile and ready to create, to discover what your life has in store for you and, above all, who you are. A strong sense of hope keeps you away from such “activity.”

This paralyzing state puts you directly in the victim role and you feel at the mercy, powerless and weak. This is exactly where there is a great lack of understanding. You cling tightly to hope and feel at your mercy. Often the only feeling you have left is that you are suffering and giving in to this pain. But every victim role arises from ignorance, from lack of understanding and from lack of insight.

You don’t know who you are, where you come from and what your tasks are here on earth. You don’t know how meaningful your existence is and that every feeling of powerlessness makes you sluggish and weakens you.

What for you from the patterns?

Recognizing your life plan leads you directly out of these patterns, out of these feelings that are making you discouraged. There is great joy and infinite relief in slowly decoding and recognizing your life code. You will gladly let go of hope and give up being a victim.

Because BECOMING TRUST with your strength, with the beauty of your being, automatically lifts you out of the sluggish emotional structures. The closer you get to your true essence, the more all of these weakening patterns break away from you.

All illusions go and you are who you are! This is how faith can also be replaced.

In its place comes unlimited trust in the omnipotence of God, since you are connected to this power again. You have come to know and this new reality also changes this approach to the patterns of hope and faith, sacrifice and grief that have existed for centuries:

There is no need for hope where there is knowledge. There is no need for faith where trust grows.

The sadness goes because you draw from a joyful awareness. The victim attitude that oppressed you has turned into an upright, conscious and self-responsible being. You are in your all-encompassing power and connected again to your original source of being. Hope and faith have done their job, now they can go.

For a long time, these essential expressions of “spiritual readiness” were given to people as an aid to persevere in service on earth. Since it was very difficult to reach full awareness, these illusions became an important pillar in keeping people on the path.

But now it is time to fully recognize, see through and redeem these deceptions.

The earth’s flooding of light and your permission to allow the light into your being shows you your true nature – and redemption can occur.

This time enables every person to become aware of their true origins and to recognize their actual ancestry.

Hope and faith are illusions that are allowed to go – and they do if you allow it and allow it. As valuable and essential as they were, they still prevented people from taking the final step, from looking finally and comprehensively behind their essence.

This time allows for this new realization that everything is born in, from and with you, that everything is already there and that all knowledge already exists – within you.

You place yourself in the knowledge of things as they are, and you experience yourself as divine – connected, united and always linked to your home, your divine origin.

It is this knowledge that allows you to shed the cloak of hope and the cloak of faith.

Your entire being is hidden underneath, your complete being grows behind it, your new reality of life arises from this, and this is how you draw all your strength, your light and your love.

You are knowledgeable and can trust!

You are in the love of God and your heart beats in the rhythm of his breathing!

There are no more unexposed corners in your current expression of life and you are developing your full potential. You have accepted this great gift from the unity of being and are experiencing your multidimensionality in the here and now on the earth level. This allows you to achieve complete awareness of your being.

This true understanding removes all separation and peace becomes possible. The knowledge lifts you up and you are no longer vulnerable. It is the basis for a united humanity and peace on earth.

It’s the time of the times!

Everything they need to recognize and redeem is available to everyone. So follow the call of your heart and turn to your beauty! Let your light shine and open this gift of unity – a gift that brings you back your everlasting reality of being and connects you forever with your homeland.

Please rise above these “final” limitations! Redeem these “last” illusions too! Bring yourself into knowledge and you will awaken in unconditional trust. There is neither doubt nor worry, neither sadness nor fear, neither hope nor suffering – only the all-pervading reality of Love, the all-pervading power of Light and the all-encompassing Presence of Your Divinity.

YOU are HE – from the beginning of time, from eternity to eternity.

You have returned home to your heart.


2 Replies to “Message from God: Hope and Faith”

  1. John

    If you kill them then get killed because their family want revenge, your family probably miss you. Possibly try to avenge you and then get killed too. May be better than living in fear, no judgement here. If you kill the wrong person, even worse, because you don’t care who you kill as much as ‘they’ don’t. In war, very hard to kill right person. Very hard to learn demands from person who jumps from building too.

    Worst part is you born again on government, feel same fear, beat and kill same people, no more happy. If you’re afraid of nothing, do anything. If you’re afraid of anything, do nothing. Fight fear.

  2. scott

    So I have a something thinking. Should I killed those who were killed my family. I was worried about that would cause my rest of family will got their killed too. What should I do? Bring a weapon and walk to their army? Or I should be peace? I have no idea what is peace with them. Because they just beaten you no reason. I have no idea they will accept my peace. I dont know what is peace to them. Like Jesus’s peace? Or I just jump from the highest building from local, and tie a letter with me? Write like what should change. Or I change the people. I’m so don’t want to face people. In the local, people is gov. Gov is people. A circle. There’s actually no gov and people, but they are one at local. Well, I actually asking, should I die to make a notice at local. Or I make other murder army die at local.