An inverted channeled message

Dear Galactics,

This is Raksha speaking. Just a pseudonym on the internet.

Thank you for being there, and doing all that you are doing. Thank you for your care.

I know that life on Earth can be harsh. Lightworkers have done a whole lot, to seed truth and higher consciousness into the collective consciousness.

I heard it was largely successful.

I also heard that the Lightworkers have been scattered around on the planet for maximum efficiency. That makes sense.

But it can be very lonely down there.

There are some Lightworkers that are still full of enthusiasm and passion for life. May they be blessed. There are also those that are exhausted.

When one gets a bit down, it’s difficult to find a kind space to express genuine feelings. The spiritual community is prompt to blame them for being « negative », or « low-vibe ». And the « sleeping » entourage, out of genuine concern, is quick to offer them some inappropriate « advices » or « solutions » to their « problems », without taking the time to understand or even listen to them.

When things go really awry, the « professionals » are for the most part, not doing a better job. Advices and drugs are given (not so) freely. But who can understand? Who even care to listen?

Who can understand that we have a blazing vision? That our Soul is strongly nudging us in an invisible direction? We still have faith, but for many of us, the enthusiasm had faded. And no one is able to just listen to our genuine feelings and thoughts, lest we want to be labelled as crazy, and end-up even more isolated.

Dear Galactics,

All this situation is far too complicated for most of us to understand in our current station, we lack the datas to even make an enlightened opinion.

But as years pass, our Light is dimming, our enthusiasm is fading, our contribution is lessening.

Please, help us.

**Submitted by Reader

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  1. L'Amour

    Hi Raksha

    It sure is a rollercoaster.

    I feel a change in the energy field and it has really affected my emotions—not a good change either. Maybe that’s what you are feeling too, it’s quite strong.

    Thank you for sharing your feelings and thoughts. I believe it is very important to speak our honest raw truth.

    Too many times I’ve heard and read responses like toughen up, suck it up, get over it, you think you have it bad etc. I’ve learnt these types of comments are from those who are still finding their way and connections. I know it is not personal, they still have a bit of work to do in their growth.

    You have a big support team out here: I feel you, I empathise, I know where you are coming from, and there are others that do too.

    We are not robots we were born to ‘feel’ and we are free to express those feelings without ridicule or dismissal.

    When I feel down I seek beautiful things that will lift me up again. For me it is nature. Watching two butterflies playing, a pair of birds building their nest ready to have their family, the dew and how it glistens on the leaves or grass, a pretty wild flower with the scent of honey—

    These are the types of things that bring joy to my heart and energise me. And they are free. We can watch from our windows or go out and experience them.

    Nature is medicine for the soul.

    Sending you some love, strength and energy, if you need it please accept.

    1. Raksha

      Thanks for your reply. I certainly can feel that the energies are very intense. But it’s a bit hard to evaluate to what extent it is a collective thing. I have quite a lot of strong astrological transits right now.

      I indeed benefit a lot from nature, and I live in a beautiful place.

      All the best

  2. Raksha

    Maybe my post was a bit confused, since it was written very spontaneously.
    It was indeed a bit personal, but not THAT personal.
    My points were:

    -an « official » answer to the Galactics
    -an acknowledgment of the collective exhaustion as time pass
    -a revendication to be allowed to feel a bit down, and the need for kind spaces to exist to share such feelings.

    And that post was notably a tentative to create such a space.

    Thanks for reading me everyone.

    1. Carlos

      Hello Raksha

      I agree with you in what you say.

      Many of us are tired and sometimes fed up.

      To my mind little has materialized of the gains we have made with our inner work. I had hoped at least by now to have benefited from free energy and not fossil fuels.

      I do my best to stay healthy despite all the stress of daily life.

      Reading words of support, gratitude and solidarity is good but sometimes not enough. As a song says: I need to hear some sounds that recognize the pain in me.

      Maybe we are not alone but we feel lonely because we rarely meet someone to share with who doesn’t treat us like crazy.

      Thank you very much and best regards.


    2. fountains108

      Words of encouragement, inspiration, and wisdom are fine, but they cannot compare with regular practice of natural deep meditation to stay energized. My wife and I use TM (

  3. John R

    “Where ego sees problems, consciousness sees solutions”. Something that sticks in the mind for me, whilst working on being gentle with myself.

  4. John R

    Hi Raksha, I’m sorry you feel this way down here in boot camp. There’s a song that goes- “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” sung by Billy Ocean. I know it could come across as insensitive to you, but that’s how I try to live my days out.

    When it looks ridiculously crazy ‘out there’, I retreat within, by repeating positive health affirming affirmations to myself for what seems like an infinity. When my mind is sick to the gills by the (to the ego) rudeness, ignorance and wanton aggressiveness of others, I do the same, nonstop. Repeat and rinse ad infinitum literally!

    The (our) subconscious mind is Very powerful, it’s connected closely to the Higher Self so it makes sense to keep affirming words of wellness any chance one gets That’s how I, as a lightworkers wend my way through this often harsh world. In smiling even though my heart is breaking, I trick myself into feeling that it’s not so bad after all. (Yes, so sorry I’m an ultra sensitive Pisces, ha haa)

    Seriously, bless You, friend, for the courage in opening up and being vulnerable here, guts and all. You are never alone in your quest for answers. They beget more questions which helps us evolve.

    The river meets the Ocean, all our tears will turn to smiles… one Fine Day. So let’s keep on keeping on…is all I can (quietly) say at this juncture.

  5. john

    Do you know i read the message and can completly concur with the words but when i reached the end i realised that i am in for the long haul and all the help i need is within. love to all.

  6. C

    Thank you Raksha, good message. And accurate. Feeling exhausted at a level that is difficult for me to even understand the depths of. 🙏🕊

    1. Lightworker

      Yeah, I empathize.

      During my good days, I’m like “alright, I feel energetic today.” Then a guide sometimes remind me: “you’re still tired, you’re just not exhausted today. What you’re feeling isn’t you being rested. You’re just so used to being exhausted that merely being tired feels like being rested to you.”

  7. Brian P

    Dear Raksha and all who can relate, I implore you all to please continue to work on yourselves. We need you!

    These issues are completely understandable and a necessary part of the process. What you’re feeling is needed in order to see where you’re attached (e.g. models, spiritual ego, distractions like media) and possibly seeking validation.

    When you are ready, ask to be shown the source of your suffering, so you can forgive it and let it go. You will feel re-energized, lighter and joyful. Fears and expectations fall away and Trust and presence is restored. Remain heart focused and do no harm in thought, words and actions, then you will be a lightworker who is being of service to their highest potential in any given moment.

    I know you all have heard this hundreds of times, but here we are, still imbalanced and suffering by our negatively orientated egos. We need to hear this message over and over until we cognise it into our subconscious and make the necessary shift in perspective/consciousness.

    Get back to living your lives and enjoy your incarnations. Your suffering in this matter is optional (sorry if this sounds judgemental, it’s not my intention to condemn but to empower). Yes, indeed your purpose here is to be a lightworker, but it’s also to enjoy your human experience regardless of what is happening in the exterior. Find that balance and shine. Love to all!

    1. Raksha

      Hi Brian,

      That’s what I would call an « unsolicited advice ».
      Of course, you are right on some level though.

      But is it unacceptable to have very human feelings, ans genuinely share them?
      Authenticity is not perfection. And I value authenticity very much.
      And I feel that more Lightworkers need to hear that « it’s okay to get a bit down » sometimes ». It’s perfectly normal in my eyes. The Lightwork is to shine in the dark. The Lightwork is not impeccability.

      1. Brian P

        My apologies! You are absolutely correct about the unsolicited advice. I should know better. I realized it after I replied. Where’s that delete button? 🙂

        I agree. All our feelings are valid, and it’s very healthy to move them. So thank you for sharing.

        1. Raksha

          Yes, thank you for your very mature reply. I feared that my message would be a bit offensive, which was not my intention. All the best.

          1. Brian P

            That’s what I call maintaining healthy boundaries and being empowered. 🙂

  8. Silvia S.

    Hi  everybody! Thank you Raksha for your post. You described the way of feeling of most of us, drained, fed up with this neverending purging  and this situation and unmet needs, even though I am not a lightworker, I do  agree with your opinions. silvia S

  9. Zuza

    Raksha, I love you and will take you into my heart. I feel your message, yet, I know we are going in the good direction. I am tired, and drained on occasion, but I feel the support too, so I am sharing it with you too. We are not alone, we are loved, we are helped, we are going to make it.
    I meet weekly with my Reiki group and we make a weekly meditation together in universal intentions for peace, love and transmuting the darkness. I believe it helps. I will request that today we will put all the lightworkers in the meditation too. I ask my sky guys to support all of us, because we so much need it.
    @John – love this song! Thanks!

  10. John

    Dear Raksha,

    When you’re hungry, you eat. If a kid complained to you, many hours after their last meal, that they felt feeble and were afraid the food didn’t work properly – how do you explain to them they’re supposed to keep eating to sustain their body, for as long as they have one?

    And as you explain that, don’t you think they could feel somewhat burdened by having to go through the trouble of chewing and swallowing? Or trying to figure out how to reverse the universe’s entropy to make sure there will always be food (yet barely knowing that different food flavors exist)

    Well here we are. Are you asking for food or trying to know where it comes from? Because both are available, but if you’re offered an explanation when you’re asking for food, it might feel like you’re being neglected.

    In the meantime, here is some food:

    1. John

      (if there is a problem with the link below appearing, apologies. It’s a youtube video of 1988 song ‘Hurry Home (Song from the Pleiades)’ )

        1. John

          Me neither, actually. I just typed in the link, it was replaced by an empty box on my browser, and after I reloaded the video link just popped.

    2. Raksha

      Hi John,

      I’m not sure that I understand the meaning of your message. Were you referencing my criticism of being given « unsolicited advices » ?

      1. John

        I was comparing enthusiasm to food: It’s supposed to be replenished while you’re down there (you said ‘down there’ in your message; I assume we’re floating somewhere above as we speak), it does not self-refil and it’s lessening over time can make your light seem to ‘dim’.

        Next, I likened the lightworkers to children who might grow disappointed to learn such a concept because it presents them with additional challenges (which varies from child to child) in order to feel satisfied.

        I then asked you to be more specific about the help you request: do you wish to receive something that will replenish your enthusiasm for a while or learn about how you can start to produce it for yourself?

        1. Raksha

          I knew I was a bit off. Sorry for my misunderstanding.

          To answer your question… I guess both would be find.
          I would not mind for life to give ma a « candy » in the short term to keep going on, but I guess that what I really want, like many of us, is just an opportunity that allows my passion for life to be re-ignited, and then to really contribute to the greater good for all.

          Right now, both options seem unavailable 🙂

          I find that it’s a bit difficult to navigate these days, being between two worlds. The old is not so sexy anymore, and the new is a bit hard to actualize.

          How would you answer your own question ? (for some reason, I cannot use “space”, I guess the links messed with the comment section haha).

        2. Raksha

          Seems like the « spaces » worked just fine actually.

          To add to my former answer. I would like the Galactics to have a more direct mentoring and supporting role with us. I’m not expecting everything being delivered to us on a silver plate.
          I can generate my own enthusiasm and happiness. It’s a bit hard right now though. Especially after all these years of having all those expectancies. I’m doing my best to find enthusiasm by myself, for instance I’m doing a lot of artistic things these days. But something is missing.

          I think we performed well in phase « one » (purging and seeding for the collective). And phase « two » seems imminent, maybe that’s why I feel like a horse ready to be let loose.

          What about you all ?

          1. John

            Well, I had some help learning how to cook but others tend to find my food a bit too raw or even unedible, apparently. Always plenty to share, though: there’s an abundant ingredient for every season.
            I don’t have a whole lot of objective expectations from the galactic front right now because such would come at the cost of my current expectations from the ground crew, where my share of the quest unfolds. Hence my original question.

            I would be very surprised if you didn’t get an answer from them, though. In other words, I’m sure Rohan will answer the call but I’ll be slapping some sense into Denethor if you need me.

          2. John

            I would very much like to add I find your tiredness very relatable and wish to remove any impression otherwise: reaching out in honest need actually IS impeccable lightwork.

  11. .

    The biggest problem are the use of clones and robotoids. I have experienced seeing them in detainment facilities where they refuse you lawyer access or any righteous circumstance out of reason and context. It is a full on war against the human consciousness and psyche, they could have imprisoned everyone in camps with military that doesn’t even have human souls. How can you fight back against spiritual robots of that measure that work with the guise of flesh?

  12. Teasy

    imagine creating initiatives on a regular basis (like this one), where a group of people come together (online or offline) worldwide to take some time to synchronize heart and mind, then express a clear invocation of what is mutually desired by all individuals of the group

    imagine the collective power utilized by expressing the need for a helping hand on a regular basis
    i have seen this happen a few times, but usually as a one-time thing, rather than on a regular basis
    i see many people crying out for help, but so very few people are actually working together!

    the collective feeling of despair, hopelessness, gloom, doom and sadness is palpable, and those most sensitive pick up on this for intuitive transmutation more readily than anyone else
    acknowledging our “weaknesses” (negative feelings and unmet needs) effortlessly opens the door for divinely guided solutions to come through, especially when practiced in group settings

    the dark forces’ greatest secret is their speed and quantity of creating initiatives that suit their agenda (long-term sabotage appearing as positive change)
    if lightworkers or any people on this planet with a good heart would increase the amount of initiatives they create, focused on the whole, rather than a singular group, the cabal’s grasp on humanity can be completely diminished