October 2023 Ascension Energies Update

By Samantha Orthlieb

Hello Beautiful Soul!

If last month left you emotionally raw, bewildered, ungrounded, and off centre, then October’s Ascension energies offer you the chance to reclaim more balance and inner harmony.

During September we were cracked open to another level of emotional vulnerability, reactivity, trauma and emotional pain, and this caused many to bristle and bang up against each other

Now we move on from the fourth, Heart chakra that we worked with in September to the sixth chakra: the Mind, or Brow Chakra during October. So repressed emotions, wounding, trauma, and inner pain that arose can give way to the opportunity for us to use our minds for personal transmutation and deeper spiritual wisdom.

Personal transmutation is the process of being with uncomfortable/undesirable feelings and experiences while loving yourself. It’s about sitting in our discomfort versus reacting to one’s environment or those around us.

In healing anger, grief and sorrow in this way, we are not easily triggered; we are less reactive and can be more fully present with ourselves and others. We are able to clear the subconscious mind and make space for non-judgement and self-love.

This in turn allows us to not lose ourselves in the past or future, and therefore move in a new, intuitively guided direction. A direction that embraces karmic freedom and a stronger container for deepening connection with our souls.

Transmutation on this level is intense, often has subtle but profound shifts, and requires resilience, commitment and processing time. It is like turning lead into gold. October gives us this opportunity, as we shift into darker, introspective days and the Veil thins, to transmute our trauma. As we do this our wisdom grows and our intuition grows stronger.

The six chakra archetypes of the Sage and Alchemist anchor in this process of metamorphosis, so that we embrace a deeper sense of Oneness, Wholeness and  inner divinity.

These two archetypes remind us that we have other ways of knowing. Divine guidance and the voice of the heart are speaking to us if we choose to listen. The Sage restores clear vision by giving us the opportunity to take our discernment and our intuition to a higher level. The Sage assures us that we already know the answer.

The Alchemist gives us the confidence to carry our inner transformation out into the world to create positive change. The Alchemist is showing us that each moment is an opportunity to grow, to show up differently, and to transform and be transformed.

Self-Mastery is ours to own, but first requires us to have right relationship with ourselves. As we do, we repair our outer relationships, and shift into co-creation with each other.

For more about the Sixth chakra, and how to work with the Sage and Alchemist please see my video! Also see my book and Oracle deck to dive deeper into the sixth chakra.

In service and divine liberation,



One Reply to “October 2023 Ascension Energies Update”

  1. Adel

    Like all God’s creations; Ascension is the simple organic process of remembering the Truth of Who You Are from the bottom of your heart.

    The Human Q-Chakra System
    الشَّكَرَاتُ القُرْءَانِيَّةُ وأَبْوَابُ السَّمَاءِ العُلَى التى فى دَاخِلِنا

    Our Quantum Field of Consciousness, is Connecting Heavens (High Dimensions Realities) to Earth (3D). It is bound by Ra Ba Ka and surround the Heart & Mind (3+4 Chakras).

    For meanings of the individual Ra, Ba & Ka; see all documents of ancient Egypt. Also Ra: The Book of ONE.
    The 3 together form the Arabic word “ربك” which is usually translated “Thee Lord” or The Father or as Jesus spoke about Father in Heavens or Rabbon and he was called “Rabboni” (Arabic; ربَّاني ) which means Master or one who is fully conscious or enlightened. Many religious commentators erroneously equate it with God as He has many attributes of the ONE GOD.

    In the pyramid of human Q-Chakra system, Ra Ba Ka (ربك) defines the multi-dimensional – i.e with different vibrations or frequencies – Quantum Field of each human. As we know the Chakras are the energy centers in the physical living body that connects it to the spiritual realms; i.e gates for cross over or connection from the lower realm to higher realms.

    In turn, the Quantum field of each individual constitute a fraction or is one of the fractals of the universal Quantum Field of Consciousness that is defined as “Christ Consciousness “ or as the Qur’an defines Him as The Spirit from God ( روح من الله). “Rouh” means spirit or quantum consciousness which is also vital organic energy that fills the whole God’s creations.

    Namaste, Shalom, Salam, Peace & Love