Astrologer Pam Gregory: Solar Eclipse 14th October

By Sierra NZ

We live in the most intense of times, don’t we…? Astrologer Pam Gregory has an excellent video about the Solar Eclipse on 14th October. If you are particularly interested in USA politics, watch at 26 minutes (47 minute video). She emphasizes that October and November are very powerful months both personally and collectively.

I watched this video of body double Hillary [C]linton because I was mesmerized by the mask line on her neck. What else can it be…? Also fake HRC is clearly much younger than the original. She follows a well-rehearsed script along with her [D]eep [S]tate interviewer as she recommends re-education camps for Trump supporters (5′ 40″ video).

‘Maybe there needs to be a formal deprogramming of the cult members (MAGA Trump supporters). Somebody needs to do that…’ (Fake HRC)

Australian Senator Pauline Hanson grilled a Pfizer executive about jab mandates/forced vaccinations. Pfizer continues to spew out their standard response – the same one used recently by our NZ Prime Minister Hipkins over the same question. Here is their playbook script: ‘Everyone was offered the opportunity, no one was forced to be vaccinated…’ We knew this time of non-accountability from the evil perpetrators would come (3 minute video).

This is a fascinating little clip from the History Channel about Tesla’s ambition to create free electricity for NYC. Those two antennae remind me of the Back to the Future movie scene where Marty whizzes down from the top of the building (1′ 14″ video).

While we are on this kind of theme, check out this video from the great Tartania mud flood researcher. Squint your eyes when you look at the blonde girl in the picture. Wow. Subliminal imagery everywhere, folks ( 1 minute video).

Light Warriors, I hope you are enjoying the show. President Trump just endorsed Jim Jordan for US Speaker. The plot just got very interesting. Alliance in FULL control. Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.

Me too…!

It’s a lovely Spring day here in New Zealand. Northern hemisphere fall colors will be looking beautiful about now. Enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature – it was designed to soothe your soul and it does a fine job of it.

Every day I am intrigued by the 3D/5D separation that is manifesting around me. Everything might LOOK the same in the movie – the scenery has not changed – but characters are falling away at such a rapid pace. They are still in our lives, physically, but they (and we) do not have the motivation to stay connected if they are not a vibrational match.

It is the exact scenario that both Dolores Cannon and Allison Coe described in client regression transcripts. The people who are still closely connected to us – after all this extraordinary turmoil – are a VIBRATIONAL MATCH. I love and appreciate them, and I wish well the people who have drifted away. No one did anything wrong. It is about Ascension.


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Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light


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  1. John

    Oh COME ON it’s not Marty who whizzes down the clock tower it’s Doc Brown! Easily one of the most iconic action sequences in movie history, relatable in so many ways right now… with due respect to Tesla, it’s just WRONG to drag it in a bowl of random facts: