The Invisible Oppressors

By Peter B Meyer

Planet Earth affected by negative polarisation

When was the last time you stopped to think of something beautiful and pure? The planet is the way it is because of your collective thoughts about it. And because the majority of us are still unaware and awake, we are falling victim to the manipulations of the cabal rulers. The negative polarisation in the human subconscious helps the rulers achieve their ultimate goal of a world government. The Deep State rulers are grateful to you sleeping goofballs.

In short, the negative polarisation of planet Earth is one of their most powerful tools. For that reason, the MSM saturates everyone’s mind with unhealthy substances served up through television or published elsewhere in magazines and newspapers, to addict humanity to violence, corruption, pornography, greed, hatred, selfishness, incessant ‘bad news’, fear and ‘terror’.

With fear through Terror; from the lowest to the highest levels, the Deep State operates in the same way: namely, by instilling intense fear through terror to control everyone. This is achieved, among others, through fear of death for which free Covid vaccinations have been introduced, the fear of dying is central, all Deep State mandates have undergone their training based on this principle. So that their near death experience guarantees “death and resurrection”, tremendous fear and blind obedience.

It is only through arrogance and ignorance that humans believe they are alone in

the universe. The time period from the ‘Big Bang’ to the formation of our solar system was about 9.1 billion years. Almost twice the 4.6 billion years it took Earth to evolve to the present day.

What evolutions could have formed elsewhere during these more than 4 billion years, before our Solar System was formed? Add to that the 4.6 billion, minus 200,000 years from our genesis to today. From the dawn of Man 200,000 ago to today’s Man as we know him, is a richly long time for the development of various early technological civilisations to colonise the universe.

The purpose of this analysis is to realise that aliens are technologically more than a few thousand years ahead of us, if not already billions of years. So don’t think we are omniscient, it is quite possible that our current level of knowledge is only a few percent of that of our Exterrestrial Brothers and Sisters!

Remember that many of us do not even know the earthly hierarchy. Contrary to popular opinion; British royalty is not the most powerful in the hierarchy line of the Deep State. Many household names of today possess no power at all. Others above these families in the world hierarchy, whose names are secret made service on planet earth for many centuries. This structure is carefully detailed and documented again in the book The Great Awakening in PDF or as E-Book.

Among other things, this book explains why ‘Democracy’ is an illusion, created to maintain the enslavement of the people. Whichever political party ‘wins’; the Deep State always wins. They draw on many options and alternative ‘scripts’. All of which lead to the ultimate goal of implementing One World Government, with rigorously reduced population numbers.

You are more than you think

As human consciousness rises; it gradually promotes relative movement in this quadrant of the Universe. Often someone says they want to change the world. Of course, that world has to be planet Earth. Few know that this is possible, and that it is much easier than is thought.

Few understand; that to change the world, it is enough to change oneself. Others, however, want the world to change, but make no effort themselves.

Think about that deeply!

You are not incarnated at this moment by chance. It has taken many millennia of preparation to be allowed to be here on Earth now, as part of the Transition of planet Earth from the 3rd to the 5th Dimension with the ascension of part of humanity.

You awake are here to perform your own ascension, and soon you will be an Ascended Master, as well as every previous Ascended Master before you.

You need to know this and, above all, believe it! You are much more than you think you are. If you used to be a small particle of your own consciousness, now that consciousness is rapidly increasing and new versions of yourself are taking over your material body. You become a new consciousness.