October 2023 Eclipses & Transmuting Trauma Tips

By Samantha Orthlieb

Two powerful Eclipse Gateways occur this month that will alchemize the trauma transmutation process that we are experiencing. Eclipses are harbingers of change — they usher in evolution and are a cosmic helping hand from the Universe. The Eclipses that occur this month are bookends to the two that occurred in April and May of this year.

These two October eclipses are a necessary completion in order to make way for the new.  And the last eclipse – the Oct 28 Lunar Eclipse – is a final purge of an emotional cycle, of patterns that keep us stuck and repeating self sabotage and karmic issues, particularly in relationships and our own sovereignty. If something needs to be released or to come to an end in your life, then the eclipse gateway energies support that.

Prior to the Oct 14 Annular Solar Eclipse there will be an amplification in our emotional processing, so you may find you are more easily triggered, hurt or offended, or your bodily Ascension symptoms (see my Oct update) will increase.  We are individually and collectively going through what is termed a Healing Crisis in natural health care. We are at the apex of our healing in the Year of Transformation.

However with this comes the chance for the deepest healing that supports the emergence of your True Self, your core self, and allows you to come further back into your centre. We are individuating through the Ascension process and learning to follow our own north star.

The shifts in consciousness we are experiencing, and current events in our lives, are moving us toward our centre in every way. Into a fusion of all parts of the Trinity – mind, body and spirit – so that we are no longer in separation, and coming back into our wholeness, which is our true nature. Overall humans and the earth are standing on the precipice of evolutionary change and transformation. Our choice in this is how we participate and if we choose self-mastery or not.

Solar eclipses and Lunar eclipses support us by amplifying the expression and healing of our wounded masculine and wounded feminine. During these two October eclipses the sun symbolises and support us with the co-creative masculine energy of renewed courage, strength, wisdom, greater good and balanced power, while the moon energies this month represent and support us in co-creative aspects of heartfelt connection, acceptance, and self-healing (see page 40 of my book for the healthy, co-creative masculine and feminine traits). These two forces are different yet interlinked with another just as we have the masculine and feminine within us – we need both for our world to exist, and we need the healthy versions of the masculine and feminine archetypal energies within us to be in wholeness with ourselves, each other, our relationship with Spirit, and nature.

A reminder from my October Ascension Update:

Personal transmutation is the process of being with uncomfortable/undesirable feelings and experiences while loving yourself. It’s about sitting in our discomfort versus reacting to one’s environment or those around us.

In healing anger, grief and sorrow in this way, we are not easily triggered; we are less reactive and can be more fully present with ourselves and others. We are able to clear the subconscious mind and make space for non-judgement and self-love.

This in turn allows us to not lose ourselves in the past or future, and therefore move in a new, intuitively guided direction. A direction that embraces karmic freedom and a stronger container for deepening connection with our souls.

Transmutation on this level is intense, often has subtle but profound shifts, and requires resilience, commitment and processing time. It is like turning lead into gold. October gives us this opportunity, as we shift into darker, introspective days and the Veil thins, to transmute our trauma. As we do this our wisdom and our intuition grow stronger.

The six chakra archetypes of the Sage and Alchemist anchor in this process of metamorphosis, so that we embrace a deeper sense of Oneness, Wholeness and inner divinity.  

Tips for Transmuting Trauma:

Everyone is going through trauma healing right now. Each of us expresses it differently and holds it differently in their body/mind. We are healing trauma in our relationships and how this has affected our health and wellness, as well as our belief systems and self-worth.

We are getting to the ROOT of what has held us back physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!

Here are ways you can support yourself this month (and going forward):

1) Slow down and create space for your healing process, de-stress your life as much as possible going forward, at least until we get past the eclipses!

2) Participate in activities that are healing, grounding and nurturing for you.

3) Rely on your health and wellness support team, create boundaries where needed, only share with those you trust, perhaps have someone who will “watch your back” as your process unfolds. Be with those right now who feel safe to you.

4) Know that healing from your trauma is an act of courage. It takes emotional and mental courage to move through the blocks in healing trauma, such as denial (I don’t think I have any trauma issues), confusion, fear, blame, shame and acting out. Have compassion for yourself and others right now – we are at the deepest apex of our trauma wounding.

5) It is common when facing trauma or difficult experiences to feel overwhelm, or have suicidal thoughts and feelings (what is the point, who cares about me anyway, there is no point going on or even being here). Get help if needed! Shift your spiritual lens: instead look at it like you are in an initiatory process. You are being called to discover the unknown resources of power within you!

6) Addictions may hit on a bigger level right now. Know that this is a form of self-destructive behaviour that is generally related to low self-esteem, and distorted beliefs about yourself.

7) It is also common to feel triggered, dissociate, feel depressed, angry, have vivid dreams, nightmares and flashbacks.

8) Our Thymus is the Awakening Glad and the Seat of the Subconscious Self (see page 72 of my book) and supports our immune process, and as such is getting hit hard right now as we process trauma, therefore lowering our immunity and creating an accelerated cascade in health issues (Ascension symptoms). As I mentioned, we are individually and collectively going through what is termed as a Healing Crisis. Please look after your health and support it as needed. But remember that being ill is the body’s way of purging and cleansing, so that key is not to stop illness or manage symptoms but to support the body (and mind) to clear and heal. Holding this mindset supports the New Earth version of health and wellness.

9) It’s important to tune into the emotional pain, not the dialogue in your head. Feel the pain but know it is not who you are; it is trauma from your past. Take action as needed, but feel the pain and reflect before acting!

Sending you courage and love!

Samantha xoxo