Enki the Greatest Deceiver

By Kabamur

There’s a reason Pleiadians call Enki the greatest deceiver Earth has ever known.

All the conflict and suffering of Abrahamic religions (and much pagan worship that preceeded it) can be traced to Enki’s (Oppisheklio) betrayal of Galactic Federation and the worship of his family as “God” on Earth.

Ancient humans were easily tricked by false light. Good intentions were used against them. (Beings from the sky must be “God” right? Religions about Jesus must support his teaching, right?)

The hardest truth for some to accept is that all Gods who walked the Earth and interacted with humans were ETs. Religions based on fear and blood rituals are false light. Abrahamic religions worship the same false gods under different names.

Enki and Enlil worked together to divide humanity to create suffering and war, and this plan is still happening today. There are no holy lands, no holy wars, and no holy people chosen by God. This was all a lie.

Galactic Federation allows evil influences because this is a morality test. This was always about the power of human choices. You can have morality without religion. You have free will to choose good or evil. You’ll never be able to change another person, only yourself.

We’re nearing the end of this story. False religions must fall for spiritual truth to be known. The one true God doesn’t have needs or human traits. God is bigger than human-created religions allow.

God doesn’t live in a Church, Synagogue, Mosque or Temple. God is only found within.


4 Replies to “Enki the Greatest Deceiver”

  1. John

    Well, in that case maybe God was within ancient humans as well. Maybe they were not tricked by a false light. Maybe Enki is only tricking himself… Wouldn’t that be a great plot twist?

  2. Dagdahn

    Enki/Lucifer may not have been perfect, but I believe he was, as another commenter said, a brilliant scientist who was used as a scapegoat and discarded. The sad reality is that this entire Universe is a lie, the Galactic Federation included. A simulation, to be more precise. Yahweh/Yaldabaoth is the false creator/Demiurge of this realm. He is a non-physical parasite who feeds off of suffering and looks like Cthulhu from the HP Lovecraft mythos. I know because I have seen him in my mind’s eye. The food chain by itself is proof that this realm and its physical laws are corrupt. Right hand path religions have been responsible for so much suffering on this planet. Look no further than the current debacle in Israel/Palestine for proof. The stage is being set for the final Great Deception, with Donald Trump as the Antichrist and the GFoL as our false “saviors”. It’s all a grotesque theatrical production. More of the same. We wake up when we start saying “no” to playing along with this ****show and instead start creating what we want in Our imaginations. God does indeed have human traits because God is All That Was, Is, And Ever Will Be – you and me included. The one line I do agree with: God is within.

  3. Teasy

    enki was a scapegoat, a brilliant scientist who was used and discarded by the dark forces, much like nikola tesla
    it’s also important to mention the collusion between government, religion, ‘science’ and finance
    the net of entrapment needs to be multidimensional for it to retain its effectiveness

  4. Analogue

    Speaking or writing poorly of others is not enlightened or spiritual. Your truth is not mine, Enjoy your experience with that narrative.