Wisdom of the Council: Embody True Mastery

Channel: Sara Landon

Happily ever after is your natural state of being. Joyful, uplifted, pure love is your natural state of being. Worthy, abundant, feeling as if absolutely nothing could make you any happier than you are right now—that’s your natural state of being.

Anything less than pure love, joy, peace, harmony, prosperity, freedom, fulfillment, wellbeing is something created by the mind telling you that it’s not possible or that you’re not worthy.

The mind is what entangles you. The mind is what judges, but the mind can be focused on acceptance. The mind can be focused on a grander perspective. The mind can be focused on higher truth. And as you truly come into your mastery, the true master that you are, living in true mastery, you understand that it’s all created in the mind. And as you begin to elevate your thoughts and your thinking to that of a grander perspective, you begin to feel free, joyful, uplifted. You begin to experience wellbeing and abundance, and you so effortlessly and easily realign to your natural state of being.

If you focus upon it, you can find positive things in the world, and if you focus upon it, you can find what might be described as negative things. It’s all energy. It’s all how you are perceiving it. We invite you to witness from the highest level of your own consciousness, witness without entangling.

Remember everyone is creator of their reality, too. Everyone is creating their reality based on their level of consciousness, based on the thoughts they are thinking, based on their focus and intention. Most are not allowing an alignment to their soul’s desires due to their beliefs in their own unworthiness, which may create experiences that are unwanted for others, that are challenging for others, that are chaotic for others.

You have the awareness, the consciousness, the mastery to not entangle, to embody truth, embody truth, to create your reality, to be everything that you know is possible for you. And as you live fully and receive your highest expression, your soul’s desires manifest in form. As you fully receive the glorious dream come true, you embody truth.

You are trailblazers. You are wayshowers. You are pioneers of new levels of potential and possibility to live happily ever after. You are trailblazers, you are wayshowers, you are pioneers of what is possible for all of humanity. You’re here to create it within yourself as your reality, to live it fully in true mastery as all of humanity awakens to pure love and a New Earth reality for you all.

The Great Awakening of your beloved human family into a state of pure love is assured, we assure you. Now this grand adventure opens up a new journey that has presented itself to you, one of true mastery, one of living as the ascended master that you are, one of pure love. And all that is asked of you is to receive and continue the expansion of all that you are while also standing in this moment and receiving all that you have become, all that you have become.

And don’t forget, as you expand, you get more of all that you are. The more fun you have, the more fun it gets. The more you play, the more playful everything becomes. The more you celebrate, the more that presents itself to you to celebrate. The more love you feel that love expands, and the more love you realize. It’s perfect.

You’re starting to get that now. You’re starting to get how perfect it is. You’re having moments where all this practice, all this practice—and there comes a moment where you embody true mastery and you see who you have become. You begin to witness it in those around you. You’re beginning to see it in other masters as well. And together, you will all continue to expand into the realized, enlightened, embodied, ascended masters that you are here on Earth.

Play, create, have fun, celebrate, do the things that bring you joy, do the things you love. Wellbeing and abundance are assured. Start to fully receive the grace. Start to fully embrace true creation presenting itself to you. And in most cases you’ll notice there’s absolutely nothing for you to do. And as you receive the grandest, most glorious, magical manifestations beyond your dreams come true, you’ll realize you didn’t do anything except follow the energy and let the light guide the way and let the next perfect step come to you. You didn’t do anything. You let it come to you. You didn’t do anything. It presented itself to you. You didn’t do anything. It showed up, and it was a yes. Yes, yes, yes! That is true mastery. That is true mastery.