Lord Melchizedek: The Prism of Life

Channel: Victoria Cochrane

Consider a beautiful flame emitting the palest of a rainbow prism above it. Gentle but powerful, this prism of light maintains its centre and never wavers, until a gust of wind blows the flame out and it is gone.

The fragility of life can be explained in this way, that with one act that cannot be undone, the light within can go out. Whether it is final, as in death, or life changing in a way that the will to live is extinguished, the choices made by either self or others can result in the life all people related to the person being changed for ever.

Life is sacred and is a gift from Creation. However, the gift of free will is also sacred and cannot be transgressed upon without invoking another chain of events involving karmic law and the changing of destiny. One’s own soul’s path cannot be known by another and is therefore to be respected, even though it may involve lessons and karma that could take lifetimes to learn and repay. It is not for anyone to make decisions for another without that person’s knowledge or permission.

A life lives in love with family and friends is a life welllived, whether it has been a long one or cut short. The pain of loss felt by those left behind is always testament to the person lost to them: the way they lived their truth, the love they gave away freely and the way they treated others.

If your light burns dimly, or you are finding it difficult to find the light within, you must consider what the lessons are for you at this time and where you have perhaps strayed from your truth or lost connection to the Creator, the Source of Creation and unconditional love. There is no way forward unless you can find the connection that fills your heart with warmth and light and you can see the bigger picture of what is happening. If it is difficult for you, it may be wise to seek counsel with someone who can help you to regain trust in yourself and your connection to the Light.

The rainbow prism of light contains all of the 12 aspects and virtues of our Mother/Father God, the Creator of All That Is and is a reflection of the strength of your connection to your purpose and your higher consciousness. The more vibrant it is, the stronger your light will be and you will find yourself much more able to share your love and light with others.

Try this short meditation to help you to find your connection to the light within:

Close your eyes and take three long, slow breaths in and out, relaxing your shoulders with each one. Be aware of your feet on the floor and yourself in the chair, hearing the sounds around you. On the next breath in, send it as a beam of light through your body , down through your feet and ground your energy into Mother Earth. Hold the energy there for the next three or four breaths, then bring it back up through your feet and body until there is a ball of light rotating above your crown.

Ask now for Archangel Metatron to be with you, to help you to regain your connection to your own light and to the rainbow prism of light. See now, in your mind’s eye, or feel or imagine a beautiful rainbow column of light connecting through your crown to every chakra in your body and above it. It sparkles with a spectrum of colour like you have never seen. See, feel or imagine, at the same time, the Violet Flame of Transmutation flooding your body, transmuting all of the negativity, toxic thoughts and emotions, anxieties and fear to love, sparking off as golden light and leaving you feeling lighter and freer. In your heartspace, now,  a pink lotus flower is blooming. Golden light is now flowing from it, filling you with the greatest sense of warmth, love and peace.

Continue breathing slowly in and out as Metatron cleanses, balances, aligns and activates your chakras to a higher frequency of light, while cleansing your aura and grounding love into all of your energy fields. He will then place a gift into your hands, which you must place into your sacral chakra, which is below your belly button. Hold your hands there as the gift ignites your sacred fire and fills you with purpose, clarity and an overall sense of wellbeing.

When all sensations have finished, give thanks to Archangel Metatron, open your eyes and write the thoughts that come freely into your mind. This is your message to find your way forward.

I AM Lord Melchizedek.


2 Replies to “Lord Melchizedek: The Prism of Life”

  1. tigersnack1114

    “you have perhaps strayed from your truth or lost connection to the Creator”
    Thought we could never lose our connection to the Creator…….