Mother Mary: Living Fully

Channel: Jane Ribeiro

Beloved Children,

May the blessings of love bring peace to your bodies, minds and hearts.

It is time to remember, once again, that there is always a choice to make, and that it is never too late to make changes in your lives.

Suffering, beloved, is no longer a condition for you to achieve happiness.

The path of suffering disappears as the understanding of who you truly are and what your mission is emerges; When you rescue the truth that you are one with the Father, and with everything that has life, all the belief of separation dissolves, like a sandcastle touched by the wind, and joy begins to envelop like a balm, all the sadness fed by the feeling of loneliness.

It is time, therefore, to cultivate the certainty that you are not alone, and that nothing is impossible to achieve in your world; all barriers can be overcome and all challenges can be overcome when doubt gives way to the certainty of the perfection that you hold, the perfection that the Father has offered you.

You have reached a level, as humanity, in which your souls show you the path, your souls speak to you every day, your souls release you the understanding of what is the best choice to make the road that takes you to redemption more pleasurable.

Redemption from the limit, from the pain of separation, from the suffering that always occurs when something that made you happy disappears. Redemption from the bonds of the past, from guilt, from remorse, from attachments, from everything that makes you unhappy.

Prepare yourselves, therefore, to redeem the past and conquer in the present the freedom of those who recognize the sanctity of life and the beauty of all beings, which magically complete and merge, revealing the infinite virtue of the Father, the full love, total and indissoluble that perpetuates the species, thus perpetuating life.

Live fully!

This is the greatest achievement you seek at this time.

Therefore, run after your supreme good, your divine inheritance, exercising more and more intensely mental silence, the silence that allows you to dissolve the curtain that keeps you in the world of illusion, so that you can glimpse the real and true world, the world available at this time to all Children of Light.

Beloved children! It is urgent to seek silence, it is urgent to calm your minds, it is urgent to neutralize your negative, selfish, and limiting thoughts, it is urgent to express the peace and understanding that makes the reunification of all beings, of all peoples, of all races of all religions.

This is your challenge right now; show the world that the unity that you are in spirit needs to be expressed and experienced in the world that you inhabit, so that life on your planet once again reflects peace, harmony, fraternity and understanding.

Beloved ones, try, therefore, to seek in your prayers and meditations to rediscover true silence, the silence that fills the illusion of emptiness and allows the emergence of the one consciousness, the consciousness that is necessary to access, so that the transformations to be accomplished in your bodies find an echo in your hearts, allowing the joint action of your physical, emotional and mental body in the revelation of a new vibratory pattern, the pattern of the perfect man, which definitively reveals the seal that hides the divine origin of the Children of the Earth.

Beloved ones, I leave you now, showering you all with my blessings and wrapping you all in my mantle of protection, because I Am Mary, Your Mother.


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  1. Marilyn

    What a privilege and Honor Mother Mary to receive your Love and guidance!!! Thank you so much!!! 🙏🏼❤️🥰