Archangel Michael: The Intent to Live

Channel: Victoria Cochrane

The heart is the vessel that keeps you alive. It beats regularly every single day of your life until the day you die. It is a very strong muscle that consists of four chambers and it supplies oxygen to every part of your body.

Your blood, pumped by your heart, actually carries your intent for living. It is your life-force…your ‘River of Life’. If there is a blockage in an artery or vein, a lack of iron or some kind of blood disorder present, the cause is usually not just a physical one. Any physical disorder in the body can be a signifier of past or present emotional trauma that is crying out to be dealt with. If the disorder is in your ‘River of Life’, searching for an area of your life that you are discontented with could possibly unearth the underlying cause. If the condition is in the very young it is very possible it stems back beyond this lifetime and they have brought it through to this lifetime to be resolved and healed.

The will to live is a powerful intention which, if lessened can cause a person to become sick or even to die before their time. Life itself, as sacred as it is, carries many hard lessons that, for some, can become just too much to bear. When a person’s spirit is dampened, ‘dispirited’ in the true sense of the word, their life-force becomes lack-lustre, their bodies out of balance and their minds fill with depressive and negative thoughts. Then the body takes on illness and the will to live can be taken over by the will to die. In such a state, diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, liver disease and chronic arthritis can manifest very quickly. In many cases the heart goes into arrest and the person dies before their time.

Dealing with emotional stress and trauma can be confronting, but living with it and ignoring it has the potential to disrupt your life for many years and to even end it unexpectedly. Your body is an amazing system that works in harmony and symbiosis with itself and, when all is in balance you will feel healthy and happy. If you have a physical symptom you must look beyond the physical body, even if it is a genetic condition. You are here on Earth for a reason and your happiness, or unhappiness will always be reflected in your physical body. How you deal with emotional trauma and mental stress is important, because your will and intention to live is literally flowing through your bloodstream as we speak. I Am Archangel Michael.