Breaking Your Attachment to Suffering

By Nicky Hamid

Humanity, all of us, are in the process of releasing our attachment to suffering. Uprooting the eight great fears that have taken root in the mind as harmful addictions to our pain. Ignorance, attachment, hatred, arrogance, jealousy, miserliness, doubt, and projections are all designed to separate you from your sovereign Divinity.

Sometimes people are so funny how miserable they are being.

We are no longer tortured, deported, or excommunicated or beheaded for speaking our mind.

People are waiting to see how strong and courageous and free you are in your Shining. Show them dear brothers and sisters. Give them a choice and they will more easily step out of their misery.

For those who have chosen miserable in the past and wish to stop.

When you feel miserable try this. Stand in front of the mirror. Get into your depressed mood as deeply as you can. Even exaggerate it and really put on the face. I guarantee that if you watch yourself as you are doing this something will happen and you will see what I mean.

When you think that inside there is the most benevolent Soul Being (YOU) waiting most patiently and lovingly to peep through and say Boo to you.

Of course, you may have to hide your smile a little because it’s a serious business being miserable. You cannot be Smile and be miserable at the same time and you can turn on Smile just like that. In an instant of Choice.

You are Master of what you feel. And always there is Buddha Nature Presence within you.

Always there is the internal, peaceful accepting Smile going on within you.

I So Love You
Give up the old game of hiding your light (Especially from yourself). Dare to SHINE.