Saul: Eternity is the Constant State of Now into which Love is Awakening You

Channel: John Smallman

As you wait expectantly and enthusiastically for the collective awakening to reveal itself to you, do make a point of frequently resetting your intention to be only loving whatever may arise during your day, and also of allowing yourselves to be channels or conduits through which you invite God to direct Her intense energy flow of Love to all without exception.

All beings are the eternally beloved children of Mother/Father/God, no matter how deserving or undeserving it may seem to you that they are or are not. As humans I know it is very difficult for you not to judge others, it is something you learned to do automatically through your infancy, childhood, and adolescence, and then as adults many of you felt it was your duty, as you observed dishonesty and corruption in so many areas of human society, to draw it to people’s attention so that corrective actions could be taken.

However, only God has the knowledge and wisdom to judge people, and He never judges anyone, and He never will, He ONLY Loves. You are all like unto God, so please make a point of consciously doing likewise.

You are all individuated or differentiated expressions of God’s infinite Love flowing freely throughout the world, and massively affecting all with whom you interact in even the slightest manner. You are each, therefore, major aspects of the collective awakening process, in fact each one of you is personally and irreplaceably a major aspect of this wonderful process. To awaken is to be fully consciously aware in every moment of your Oneness, your Unity with Love, with Mother/Father/God,and consequently your own intent to awaken has a very powerful and motivational affect on others, encouraging them to trust themselves and their divinely guided intuition.

You are all divinely guided in every moment if you will allow yourselves to be aware or mindful of the Love that embraces you in every moment, and trust what It offers you. There is never, and can never be any separation from your divine Source, you are eternally at One with It, so Trust It completely, It is completely and divinely trustworthy.

Do not allow yourselves to forget that IT is Mother/Father/God/Source/Love – IT IS ALL THAT EXISTS! And you, each and every sentient being, are inseparably and eternally ONE with IT.

To awaken, and you are awakening right now, is to be fully consciously aware of this in every moment. It is a state of mindfulness – the eternal state in which you have always and always will exist – in which you know and identify yourselves without interruption as One with God in infinite Love and Joy, your natural and only state of existence. So, C E L E B R A T E !!! Celebrating intensifies the energy field of Love in which all have their eternal existence, and helps to dissolve the unreality of fear that seems to be enveloping vast numbers of people.

As the majority of the news and social media sites to which you have access attempt to focus your attention constantly on the suffering of so many living in zones of conflict or under authoritarian regimes that would deny and prevent them from claiming and honoring their God-given personal sovereignty, Know that by choosing to be conduits through which Love flows unceasingly you are massively supportive of them. You are all One, and by choosing to express only Love, while utterly refusing to allow fear to motivate any of your thoughts, words, or actions, you are bringing in the new Golden Age which has long been foretold, and for which so many of you have been praying ceaselessly.

Find time on numerous occasions throughout the day to spend a moment or two acknowledging to yourselves that you are Love and only Love as you most positively reset your intent to be only loving whatever arises. You incarnated to do just this and, as I and others have frequently told you, when you mindfully focus on doing this the power of the Love flowing into and through you intensifies enormously.

You are all awakening – humanity is awakening – because that is your collective choice and intent. It is a process that is approaching fruition and it cannot and will not be prevented. Your presence in form as humans on Earth right now is essential, as you continuously set and reset your most powerful intent to awaken now.

There is only now, even though it appears to you that you are living in a constant and irreversible flow of time. Eternity is the constant state of NOW into which Love is awakening you from the dream of impermanence that is the material environment that you experience as an ongoing condition of decay and disintegration. You are all eternal beings, the beloved children of Mother/Father/God, who have temporarily, momentarily forgotten who you truly are, and it is God’s Will, and of course yours, that you awaken from the dream into the endless and eternal joy of Reality. Therefore your awakening is divinely assured.

With so very much love, Saul.