From 3D To 4D And 5D: Upsurgence Part 2

By Lev

On 12-16 October Lightwarriors’ ground team started to disclose additional details of their joint operation with Co-Creators and Galactic Committee that they carried out at the end of September (see Upsurgence, DNI, 2 October 2023). In fact, it was not one but a number of ops in the South European mountain region. Below is a next part of their summary.

The mentioned op was preceded by another, no less important one. On the way to the main work, Co-Creators commissioned Lightwarriors to restore the oldest sanctuary in one of the gorges. At the specified place, the group found the ruins of a megalithic complex, where a dolmen with an underground passage, overlaid with masonry stones, was preserved. The grandiose structure, with a diameter of 70 meters and a height of 5.5-6 meters, covers an area of about two hectares, and the total weight of its huge slabs is approximately 20-25 thousand tons. On the days of the summer and winter solstice, sunset and sunrise, the rays of the Luminary pass exactly between the peaks of the nearest mountain and fall into the center of the structure.

By clairvoyance, Lightwarriors scanned the complex and its field on the Subtle Plane, and Co-Creators confirmed the data received. The megalith was part of a former conical multilevel pyramid with a sacred internal structure. Previously, it contained a Crystal in the form of a biconvex lens for accumulation and use of cosmic energies, coming from stars, planets and the Sun.

The top of the pyramid was a tuning tool, aiming at the target, like a telescope. The vertex could rotate and be directed to the desired space point, focus on the object and receive Light flux, quantum streams from it, tracking their daily movement across the firmament. It was full analogue of the guiding mechanism in modern telescopes.

The received energy was then directed to the Crystal in the center, which accumulated and stored it. After charging one “battery”, a new one was installed, which was also charged from celestial objects. It occurred especially powerfully during the solstices and equinoxes, when the Sun’s rays fell directly into the center of the pyramid. Unlike other megaliths, which Darks and Grays destroyed with vacuum, plasma and other weapons from orbit and on the surface until the end of the 19th century, this complex fell into ruins and stopped working spontaneously after the cosmic race that built it left this place.

Earlier, Co-Creators and Galacom cleansed the pyramid’s field and reactivated its energy channel. Traces of this procedure remained on the ground in the form of remnants of round bonfires. Now, they asked Lightwarriors to complete the recovery. In their Subtle Bodies, Hierarchs placed copied fragments of the Crystal, which were then assembled and installed in the center of the pyramid. After that, they jointly built a Light conduit from it to the Earth’s core and the Sun. Thus, our planet got another powerful receiver of quantum flows for the transition into 5D.

The site of the next operation was one of the mountain villages at the foot of the peak, which since ancient times the locals have revered as sacred. As it often happens, this attitude did not arise by chance.

Explored the territory, Lightwarriors found out, and Co-Creators again confirmed the results, that the Holy Mountain’s field is a zone outside the Earth Matrix. Eons ago, two Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs placed in it the Crystal of Universe’s Ideal Reality, its Primary Cell. In it were basic constants, reference codes and soft, energies, patterns of the hierarchical structure of Universes, and much more. In previous operations, the ground team has already used some of its functionality. Now Co-Creators have entrusted them with a new job with it.

On the first night, they uploaded the necessary data to the team leader, then, set up and synchronized with the Crystal, which was in a disassembled and latent state. The next day, Lightwarriors assembled and tried to activate in it all four elementals – of earth, water, fire and air, which earlier they cleared from karma (see – Stream, DNI, 16 October 2023).

Attempt failed. Being in a single Crystal, the elementals stayed inert and not worked. Everything after that was just like in the movie of Luc Besson The Fifth Element. The activation fell short due to the absence of the main, 5th part, – the core. It had to be made from live Subtle cells, as Co-Creators explained, and added that in the past it consisted of the two Supreme Hierarchs’ aspects.

Immediately, the dipole of the team’s leaders singled out from their multidimensional bodies the necessary aspects and made of them the Crystal’s core. On 26 September, at 11:11 local time, in a small village church built on the projection point of the top of the Holy Mountain, the participants proceeded the operation. From the Pleroma to the core, the fifth element, Co-Creators sent a powerful impulse. It in a zip activated the Crystal, which started to generate Primary Perfect Light, the reference substance of Ideal Reality, complementing the radiations of the new Earth’s Logos.

This allowed Co-Creators to begin the second part of the op – to remove the extra-matrix zone here, which fell out of the control of Al-Terra-Gaya. In space, on different planets, such “pockets” can arise spontaneously or form with specific goals. For example, they can be used as bases of space civilizations and have a strictly negotiated regime. They are taken out of the planetary Logos run, are not inventoried by the Causal Matrix. Another reality is being broadcast here.

On 3D Earth, everything happened differently. During the invasion, Darks and Grays quickly discovered and captured this “extraterritorial” oasis, turning it into their stronghold. Via its Portal, new hordes of invaders poured into the planet, and still control the planet through their human elite.

Co-Creators and Galacom have long wanted to destroy this enclave, and today, they got such an opportunity, having at their disposal such powerful assistants as Lightwarriors’ ground team. To remove the anomaly, it was necessary to burn it locally and very carefully, every its pixel, without damaging the rest of the space. It required an on-site radiation source, operators, and most importantly, a substance of Ideal Reality to replace the negative one in full.

And now all this has appeared, moreover, not as the main, but as an additional component, because the core of the new Earth’s Logos already generates the Ideal Reality. To complete the operation, Al-Terra-Gaia again examined 3D field and quickly spotted other similar anomalies. What followed was a matter of technique. Each was annihilated by Primary Light, and the purified space was incorporated into a new terrestrial Causal Matrix. As a result, Darks and Grays lost another mechanism for controlling the planet from the Subtle Plane, and Al-Terra-Gaia can now continue its penetration from 14D to our 3D planet to help it enter the fifth dimension.