Message from Babaji: The end of Play is In Sight

Channel: Jahn J Kassl

Where do I find myself?

Soul, where are you looking? Spirit, where do I find myself? GOD, who am I if I can’t remember?

A loved person,

all questions will find an answer as soon as you are ready, as soon as your heart opens to the answers that GOD wants to give you.

That time has truly come today!

Man’s longing for knowledge and enlightenment is growing. More and more people no longer see any meaning in the three-dimensional hustle and bustle on earth. They look for answers beyond the visible and they find them. Earthly explanatory models for the state of the world are no longer sufficient and so more and more people are diving into the divine, into what surrounds everything.

What is the truth and how am I connected to the truth? This question demands an answer and it is given.

This time is pushing more and more people to the edge of what is bearable. More and more people are losing connection to this matrix and many are cutting this connection completely. The fact that the world spins the way it spins is no longer accepted.

To take fate into your own hands!

Taking the steering wheel of destiny into your own hands is the new style and the desire of more and more people. The old matrix shows on all levels that it cannot keep up with the now awakening humanity. People see that the old systems are obsolete.

The great revolution is taking place deep within, because deep within the human being a transformation is taking place on which nothing and no one can have a harmful influence.

Those who continue to banish GOD from their lives and separate themselves from GOD will and must leave this earth. Those who do not recognize the inhuman and godless in this end time will and must continue their development on a level created for this purpose.

Designers and creators

The New Earth needs designers and creators, people who think in generations and eons and who dedicate their actions to the salvation and well-being of all life. Selfish motives, inhumanity and lovelessness no longer have any justification on the New Earth, because those who unhinge the New Earth no longer need this learning experience.

So it is now happening that many people are saying goodbye to the earth. With those who have fulfilled their tasks with light, those who can no longer contribute anything constructive to the growth of the New Earth also depart from this world.

GOD intervenes in this process and GOD himself brings all his children back into his arms.

The end of the current drama is in sight. The end will not be reached through the knowledge of those responsible for it, but through the withdrawal of these forces from this earth.

Don’t worry about this earth, don’t worry about those people who have chosen a different path!

Remain free in your thoughts, remain stable in your emotions, because when the dark night of the earth is over, all ignoble things will be eliminated.

Only the true will remain: man in all his beauty and humanity.

With infinite love,


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3 Replies to “Message from Babaji: The end of Play is In Sight”

  1. YourChoice

    I really wish to see the people take over their own lives. Rather than listening to tv, rather than being concerned about paying council rates etc, rather than voting for a government who have absolutely zero say in what the people do, rather than thinking police have power to pull you over, ask you questions, then if you have been told you were speeding you receive a speeding fine. The police have no rights over us! All government corporations have no right over us!
    I do not care for what others are doing in their life therefore others should not interfere in my life! I wish everyone knew they can do as they please, however with good intentions of course.
    People need to know their God given rights instead of being ignorant which keeps them following a government who have no say in anything we choose to do!
    Do you know to whoever is reading this we do not “have” to pay car rego, we do not need to pay for a driving licence etc etc etc etc……..
    There is so so much for the people to learn, you are giving away your rights when you obey these corrupt corporations. You don’t realise the freedom you truly have, if you keep believing the government and doing what they tell you, you will never be free!
    The way I look at it is I don’t care to see what the council for example are doing in their backyard therefore I will not allow anyone looking to see what I am doing, it is none of their business and it is my right who I invite onto the property! No one can walk on your land without your permission, I don’t care what excuse is used, for all you know they could be coming onto your property to threaten you.
    I don’t care to pull over another car only to ask them questions, I don’t “have” to stop however I don’t wish to be chased (dangerous) therefore I will pull over however I will not answer any questions, this is my right therefore I will use my rights.
    I see people following the ways of the government however I am perceived as the crazy one!!!
    What I don’t get is, ‘people obviously think I’m lying, I only say what is true, besides why would anyone explain peoples rights if they were not?
    I couldn’t be bothered wasting my precious time if I wasn’t telling people the truth! All I can say is, ‘I tried’.

  2. Help is on the way

    I pray to see the new Earth with my own eyes one day. I pray for everyone living on it to be in peace and communion with source. The abundance would be cherishing, the new fauna immeasurable.