The Arcturians: Triggering Experiences

via QHHT session

Yes, we’re here. We’re here. We’re here. As many people are awakening to more triggering experiences they are being open to more of the hidden agendas that have been disempowering Humanity for a long time. Many people have been fooled because they have believed that what they have followed and what they have been led to believe will empower them. When they realized that this was a fake sense of empowerment it can break their confidence, that breaks them versus breaking the systems and so what one must do to be able to empower themselves through noticing the broken systems is by loving themselves and not being so harsh on themselves. They are criticizing themselves for not seeing or not noticing and even fighting other family members to continue on with the control and disinformation.

This is why we need to remind you all to forgive each other’s moments where you didn’t know better and to see the souls within the bodies and to love the bodies because the bodies are going through hard times because the conscious minds are also struggling with the hard times.

There is much fear about financial stabilities, much fear over warfare and we are saying all fear you should be allergic to by now. As you are aware that when you experience a new level of fear, a new demonstration of what you could be afraid of. Every time you’re presented with a new opportunity to gain and hold on to fear this is an opportunity for you to assess it and revalue it, in terms of is this truly what you’re going to be experiencing.

We know that some of the players who are wanting to promote fear know that they never actually need to do the ‘thing’, say threat it is about you being afraid enough that it will manifest itself in terms of frequency. It will drop out your frequency and so if you are high vibrational or low vibrational with your thoughts it’s all a choice. It doesn’t even need to occur for you to go into fear and be impacted by the events that never eventuate. Notice how reactive you are, notice how you are jumping to conclusions that it has already happened. You do not realize that it doesn’t actually happen but you worry about it so much that it could happen that you are manifesting a lot of emotional hardships.

This can be said about your fear of nuclear weapons for example and from our perspective when you’re afraid of death you suddenly want to live. That is marvelous because some of you have been in a routine to not want to focus on living as much as you were in your routines and so there is much to be said about what triggers you and what makes you scared. Some of you are healing from past trauma, from past lives and you were involved with nuclear war and we’re saying that nuclear war and technology is not a new unique thing to this planet that it is being explored upon another planet. Even if you did not have a lifetime on Hiroshima it could have been off planets that you did. So factor and all about yourself knowing yourself is significant for you to understand what are your triggers, what are your insecurities. It is significant for you to be very mindful of what you’re thinking, what you’re projecting. What you’re fearing. What you’re being distracted by and also what you are loving.

We are saying you take love for granted so much that you are constantly seeking other information and just dismiss the power and significance and importance of love.

We are saying that the significance and importance in the Power of Love is important. It is the best focus of all. Anything that is not empowering you with love is a distraction and so we recommend all of you to be able to notice what attitudes that you have that aren’t with love. What routines do you have that aren’t with love? When you can love yourself you do not run away from it. When you lack love of self then you’re running to others to fulfill you. When you know you don’t love yourself you try to avoid being alone, avoid yourself. When you’re comfortable with self and love self and respect self and honor self then you find you are very capable of merging to be of service for others. As you know your boundaries, as you know what it takes for people to empower themselves. It is not someone loving for them, it is someone teaching them to love self, in a loving way.

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