From Heart to Soul Consciousness

By Dreama Vance

In meditation, it seems as if I have just taken a seat in the room of heart-centered consciousness, barely getting comfortable with this feeling of compassion that seems to be the very air you breathe at this level of consciousness. This great compassion that is so heart-opening… so tender, so gossamer… so vulnerable, so exposed to every feeling.

How is it that we feel with such tenderness every nuance of hurt that another experiences? It is here that we see with such clarity all that was previously hidden by the veil of separateness. Here we see that every hurt ever directed toward us was a shield that hid the wounds of the giver. We can see it so clearly. And in the perceiving of it, our own hurts dissolve, because now we understand.

I’m only now getting comfortable with living life from this perspective of the heart. I wonder, “What is it like to live our lives consciously from the soul level on a continuous daily basis?” Are we ready for this step? We are certainly ever called to move forward. As leaders, we are called to the breaking-edge, always blazing the trail for others to follow.

I remember years ago my first “encounter” with soul-level consciousness. I was at a retreat for advanced metaphysical teachings. We had been doing fairly deep meditational work for a couple of days. In one of these meditational sessions we were directed to go up to soul-level consciousness. Here, we were directed to open our eyes and look around. What did we see? (Now, realize we were deep in meditation. When we “open our eyes” in meditation, it is not the physical eyes that open.)

As I opened my inner eyes, I saw the forms of many people. I could not see specific features, but I could see and sense the human shape of hundreds of people. As I continued to “look” more closely, suddenly I could see the eyes of everyone there. They were all looking back at me. THEY ALL HAD MY EYES!

Oh, my! The concept that “everyone you meet is another yourself” took on a whole different meaning. The concept that we are “all one” became true in a very literal sense. The concept that when we hurt another, we are hurting ourselves became very real.

Everyone will have their own unique experience of the soul level of consciousness. We all perceive from our own conceptual identity. My experience, for sure, was to demonstrate that unity level of consciousness.

Soul-level consciousness is also known as the Higher Self. This term may be more comfortable because it is more personal. It is the part of you that is wisdom. It is that part of you that resides in the peace that the world knows not. We have all had some degree of contact with this part of Self.

When Owen and I were in Greece, we climbed the steps of the Acropolis and, as we got to the top and went to the edge and looked out over the sprawling city of Athens, out of my mouth fell the words, “Oh, my! Look how much it has grown!” Now, the interesting thing is I had never been to Athens before…well, not in this lifetime. But the Higher Self obviously had been there at an earlier time and remembered.

You may also have spoken words of prophecy that seem to come out of the blue, leaving you looking around wondering, “Who said that?” Yes, we have all experienced some degree of the Higher Self, even if the words of wisdom fell from our mouths unknowingly!

It is, however, going to be quite different to actually begin to live from this realm of consciousness. The depth and breadth of this “dwelling place” is spellbinding.

Now that a long-awaited quantum leap in human consciousness has arrived, soul consciousness has become much more accessible whenever you practice the principles revealed in The New Enlightenment.