From 3D To 4D And 5D: Speed Up Part 2

By Lev

The new single timeline, transforming corridor 18.09-18.11, high-freqs men role and much more accelerated the 3D and its System dismantling (see Speed Up, Part 1, DNI, 20 October 2023). Co-Creators and their ground team continue to chop off its roots on the Subtle Plane of Local Universe and Earth. We still don’t aware of that job’s scale and difficulty, of how much has to be done, and of how many obstacles remain on our way in 4D and 5D.

The good news is that the demounting of our Subtle and physical bodies speeded up. The bad news is we’re in 3D yet, and not only the events let us down all the time, but also the transformation, ours and environmental, we take with the greatest difficulty.

The third dimension (length/height/width) is a bridge between the worlds of Spirit and matter. In 3D, only the survival, mating, and endless seek for pleasure rule us. In the fourth dimension, new parameters are added – linear Time and thought. Here, the law of cause and effect works immediately. In 5D, Time is spherical, the past, present and future is concentrated at the same point. Any thoughts and desires materialize even faster. The entire space is filled with the energy of Love for everyone and everything, but individuality remains.

In 3D, everything is conditioned and built on opposition, fight, competition and suppression. In the 5D, only Love and unity reign. 4D is a transit space between them. One of the parameters that are already activated at the boundary between the third and fourth density is a speed of Time and manifestation. The higher are our vibrations, the faster Time flows and the materialization of our thoughts and feelings, especially negative and toxic, which knock us down and throw back much quicker than in 3D.

Imagine that we have already moved to 5D with our head, body and energy centers. This automatically means access to the instantaneity of any wish or intention. And now recall what the average person’s head is filled with, his mental dialogue, suspicion, aggression, fears, constant expectation of the worst and the corresponding reaction to it. If it should seem to him that someone looked askance or thought badly, in response he will instantly incinerate everyone with a retaliatory blow. And what if there will be billions like him? They will blast the entire 5D.

This is the main reason for the IMPOSSIBLE MASS TRANSITION to the fourth and fifth density. It was, is and will be STRICTLY INDIVIDUAL, depending on our consciousness and responsibility for EVERY thought, feeling and deed, their total transparency. It is only by these parameters that we move from one world to another. Access is tightly closed if we continue to evade footing the bills, consider ourselves a victim, blame others for everything, and live in this state. We are constantly being torn apart, and very often, can’t do anything about it.

All this lasts until we start taking responsibility and commitments. Therefore, as the contours of the 4th dimension open wider, Co-Creators plunged us into rigorous gut testing (described in Part 1) to show our weakness and deficiencies. Or we take on the others’ whole buck, indulging, most often close people, in avoiding responsibility for their own lives.

Everything that is highlighted is always aimed at our focusing on it. The tougher our situation, the more careful our attention and understanding should be. Now, it depends on everyone personally how difficult a situation they will be merged into. In 5D, we expect total accountability for everything. Therefore, there are no other options – we either change or leave this planet through illness and death.

The main hinder that prevents our transition from 3D to 4D and 5D is the lack of Love, a closed heart. Not the heart chakra, but our general vibrational state. No mindset will help us to feel an incredible and causeless Love for everyone and everything. Tuning to a certain frequency cannot be relayed or magnetized. We can only feel it by generating in self. When we have the experience of this sense, then, we can start from it. But first, we have to ignite a source of new vibes inside us.

Any tools (including special technics, affirmations, etc.) work if we coincide with a certain frequency. It’s impossible to convey how it feels. It can be described in words, delivered as information, taught as practice, set as a skill. But without our inner feelings and states, it is unachievable to “infect” us with a frequency so that we vibrate on it forever. For short time, it can be in magic rituals and healing. But such a charge runs out very quickly and turns the recipient into others’ energy addicts.

In 3D, we don’t understand and refuse to take that everything that occurs in our life caused by our decisions, choices, thoughts, emotions, perceptions, states, etc. We don’t see their cross-coupling. In 4D, as we become aware of responsibility, have transparency and clarity of mind. We begin to see that here we made cracks, and there insulted, and immediately, get hit with a boomerang, signaling that we are the only source of trouble. This is how we discover the cause-and-effect relationship.

How long can it take to gain awareness? Estimate how long we have been in a sense of victimhood, guilt, shame, hate, accusations and aggression. How long we outlived selves, and went deeper and deeper into 3D swamp. Finally, with the greatest difficulty, it comes to us: “What am I? Maybe, enough of this?” But we’ve already screwed ourselves up so much that can’t stop and hang out even longer. And a lot people never went through this phase and don’t want to fret and stew about it.

The problem is not to plunge our foot inadvertently into a muddy part of the road. We can simply to get out, cleanse self, draw conclusions, continue our path and keep eyes open. It’s that easy, but we spend many years to reach this mindset.

Unity is when we feel from within not only the relationship of all with all, but also OUR relationship with everything and everything. We need to understand that the world around us is a mirror. When something triggers us, it’s only reflection of our true self. If we take it, then, we begin to understand ourselves, Nature, the world, the Universe, and the Source. From this moment on, we know who we are, and what we want. Our programs, attitudes, thoughts and emotions are cleaning. Focusing on what we feel in our heart, we start to create consciously. The Creator does not need instructions. The time is coming for experiments, research and total recall why we incarnated on 3D Earth rather than elsewhere.

It was planned, and its realization comes faster if we feel an irresistible desire and need to do something. If we sense it for more than one minute, or one day, not as instant, and again disappeared desire, but as a persistent driving force, a stable confidence that this is ours unequivocally. All our lives we can do anything. What we like, what brings income, status, satisfaction, joy, and sense of self-sufficiency. But as a rule, the goals and objectives for the sake of which we came to this 3D world are completely different.

We won’t avoid them in any way. Sooner or later, but we’ll do what we are here for. And it feels like an unceasing endeavor, a need, a necessity. As something without which we can’t live, breathe, and move on. This is what this “mine” looks like. And the questions “Will my occupation bring money in 5D,” or “Will it cause health problems for me, in relationships,” and the like fall away by themselves here.

What is a transition? It’s not a transfer to another bus or subway line. By passing from physical 3D corpus to the 4D energy form, and then, into the Light body of the 5th dimension, we enter a new reality, a system of laws, constants, soft and codes. Regardless of the consciousness level, each of us needs adapting to these dimensions, re-think and re-adjust all spheres of our life, and determine with what we resonate today.

Simple signs make it easy to check how far we advanced, first, into the 4th density. We begin to aware that we are the creators of our reality. We consciously and purposefully generate events and situations in our lives. We know that we have free will and learn to use it. We understand what karma is, how it works, and how to process it. We recall the goals and objectives of our embodiment on 3D Earth. We continue to purify and harmonize our lower six bodies, learn to heal past lives and timelines, take in highly vibrational energy and anchor more Light in selves.

Gradually moving from the 4th density to the 5th, we become psychologically invisible to those who live in the low vibrations of 3D. For example, when a person emits high freqs, tuned harmoniously, and passes through a crowd of fighting people, they don’t notice and flows around him, allowing to leave this place unharmed. We begin to see an aura above trees, around branches and leaves, a material objects in the form of pixels, a hologram and 3D matrix, golden sparks and threads in 5D space. We can observe and interact with Souls that are two dimensions higher and two below us.

When we start 5D vibrating, we physically are unseeable in third density. This is not a sudden disappearance, like a melting wisp of smoke, but a state when we become more and more transparent, filled with Light, until eventually our body dissolves in it. From time to time we can re-appear in 3D as a figure radiating glow, like in Renaissance paintings, with a halo around the head…

What are the first symptoms of transition? The dream changes: we sleep intermittently, and wake up in the middle of the night full of energy. Feel strange disorders, chronic fatigue, or vice versa, hot flashes. Appears clairvoyance, new Spiritual and extrasensory sensations. Electricity runs through the body. Sudden mood swings: one day we are very high, another day we are calm and unperturbed, and the third day we are in a deepest depression.

These are the symptoms of our transforming. At first, the process is very slow and only gradually it speeds up. Our voluntary or involuntary resistance to it only causes a general feeling unwell. As long as we stonewall something, this “something” will haunt us. Time after time, life will stage situations in which we have been more than once. Therefore, it is important to accept self in any moods, to live them with gratitude to our physical body. It helps us to rebuild for the fifth density, being saturated with an ethereal crystalline substance on a new, silicious basis.

Our DNA contains 12 strands on the Subtle Plane and the same number on the physical. Today, scientists know only about two out of 24. The rest are dormant and activated as our consciousness develops. Different parts of the body vibrate at different frequencies. As a rule, our Soul develops quickly, but the emotional or mental body lags behind. It happens that some parts of the body (organs, systems) are ahead of others in upgrading. In our cells and DNA, a program, a set of codes and keys are loaded that are automatically triggered at a certain moment of the Soul evolving. Only we, by our free will and choice freedom, determine how long it will take to activate the entire batch and apps.

Today, according to various estimates, 6.5 billion people periodically or constantly vibrate at frequencies up to 4.5D, from 4.5D to 5D – more than 600 thousand, and higher of 5D – about 300 thousand earthlings. But all data becomes outdated quickly. Every day, according to individual readiness, the new transients enter the fourth and fifth dimensions. To follow this path does not mean that it will always be smooth, beautiful and happy, when everything occurs at once.

To follow this path means that we will still go through many obstacles and trials, make decisions, and sometimes very difficult ones. Everything will be the same, but would go faster, easier and freer, because the accelerated course of life will no longer be constantly demolishing and staggering.

What is necessary for the transition? First of all, understand that it’s an eternal motion, and not a result. For this, it is not necessary to attend any courses, to study something special. Factors that determine the growth of our consciousness: the absence of negativity, rejection of judgment and condemning (the most difficult stage), switching from the mind to the heart and empathy, to live with feelings without ego’s dictate.

When we reach this stage, the high-freqs energies coming to Earth more actively wash out in us periodically emerging negative states, without our additional efforts. What isn’t scrubbed out will still pop up from time to time and get removed. This is a natural process – darkness must be brought to light. We have to be ready for this.

One of the important factors is the ability to enjoy a Nature, animals, and marvel at the simple things. Recall, how, in a talent contests, a shy, fragile and teeny things sing Defying Gravity so soulfully, so conveying our feelings before incarnation, or before going back space home, and so poignantly revive our memories of it, that a huge, 4,000-strong audience stuns and roars in delight, and the jury automatically presses the golden buzzer. This is just one jolt out of a great many.

Gradually, our inner state will become more significant than any external circumstances. There is nothing more important than to maintain balance inside, despite the desire to speed up events and move forward quicker, to overcome the resistance of our ego, bindings and habits faster. The time of transition is initially set by our Soul long before our incarnation on 3D Earth. When we accelerate, the inert and slower parts of our selves rebel and cause diseases in the body or psyche. Usually, the transition is spurred by those who have a strong underlying fear that they are not good enough or something is wrong with them.

“Abnormality” is an essential sign of normality. The transition is most effectively activated if we fully accept selves. If our motivation is only to “get out from this bloody, vile and nasty planet,” then, even more difficulties we’ll face. It is important to be aware of the differences between ego demands and the inappropriateness of specific expectations or actions. If we don’t see results, don’t get answers, don’t understand and can’t separate signals from noise, it means that we are doing something wrong.

Trusting the path is not being in a mindless state of just observing the life. It still forces us to solve issues and overcome obstacles, but do it and react calmly. And to be sure that everything will always be resolved in the best way for us. At the moment, this is the most optimal speed. That’s what the trust is all about. Trust in self, own life, and chosen way, defying gravity.


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    “If you expect a level-up to decrease your anxiety, make sure you’re not playing Tetris.”