The Hathors: Ritual as a Sacred Art

Channel: Peggy Black

We are here. We appreciate your realization of all the information and connections that are manifesting in your daily life. You are watching the threads of energy weave your thoughts and desires. Realizing that all is one matrix one energy field. Each person creates their own energy field, or matrix, and these personal energy fields and matrixes interlace and interweave with others, thus forming the larger energy fields.

You can think of it as an energy tapestry. This energy tapestry vibrates, moves, oscillates, expands and attracts. There are many different energy tapestries or energy matrixes. The clearer the frequency offered into the energy field the finer the weavings.

The dense heavy frequency of fear, hatred and prejudice offer a heavy dense weaving.

Right now, on your planet, you are witnessing the conflicts, discords, disharmonies and destruction spinning out of the matrix of fear, hatred and prejudice. These energy matrixes attract like vibration. Watch how activated you become and how easily these emotions activate your own fear, hatred and prejudice. Be aware that when you feel these emotions, when you are vibrating with this energy, you are adding to the very situation, the very energy of fear, hatred and prejudice that you oppose. So, as quickly as possible, shift the energy you are sending out.

It is important for you and other humans (who are sensitive and becoming more sensitive to the subtle energy signature of others and the personal interaction with other matrixes) to take the time to keep your own personal energy field clear, clean and centered.

There is a higher level of stress, distress and discordant energy happening on all fronts.

It is most important for you to remember to stay in your pure calm center and radiate the vibration of gratitude, appreciation and compassion. These vibrations will reflect and deflect any discordant or disturbing energy fields that you encounter or witness.

The more conscious and responsible each starhuman becomes in creating a coherent energy field within and then radiating it out to all, the greater the service to mankind. This takes great skill and discipline especially at this time when the levels of discordant energies and warring conflicts are being reflected in the news and global events.

It is a habit and it is trained into the consciousness to drop into fear, worry and doubt. The skill of a master is what is needed at this time to transform and uplift the conscious minds and hearts of others. Your personal energy matrix will assist others in shifting when it is held steady and strong.

Ride your breathe, dwell in your sacred heart space and practice increasing your sense of love, gratitude, appreciation and compassion. No matter what is happening around you – no matter what energy matrix you encounter or witness – continue to anchor and hold a pure high vibration in the midst of any discordant, fearful, hate filled emotions and energy signature.

Ask for support from the realms of truth and light. There are beings of divine love who can, and will, embrace you in an energy matrix of upliftment and protection. We invite you to always practice returning your consciousness to the highest frequency and resonance of your sacred heart space. This conscious practice will support your well-being and protection and it will offer others an example of a peaceful, strong, calm center.

Your coherent vibration joins the coherent vibrations of others. The coherent energy matrix becomes larger and stronger with each turn of the wheel. We offer you the suggestion that you clear and clean you energy field and reset your matrix to a higher more centered frequency of love and gratitude. This can be done with sound or any exercise that is done with heartfelt intention. We are here, we will reassure you that this connection is open and flowing.

You could say that your personal world is peaceful. Yet on your planet there is discord, conflict and war. There is hatred. There is fear.

Remember, that with every breath you take, you can infuse that breath with your love, gratitude and compassion. This action, this intention, this practice will act as soothing coolness to the inflamed warring matrix. The more enlightened multidimensional beings that practice sending forth a vibration and frequency from their authentic heart, the more coolness is offered to the global inflamed events.

Remember this is your hologame, All of it. Yes, you have your piece that you manage under some sort of control. You are staying in a receptive frequency. You are willing to have wonderful events happen in your life. Now, expand and allow your frequency of love, gratitude and compassion to bathe the world events.

Breathe in discord and breathe out peace. Breathe in fear and breathe out love. Breathe in discontent and breathe out gratitude. Breathe in hatred breathe out understanding.

No matter what you are doing in your daily life, no matter what you are busy with, remember to practice this exercise. Your every conscious intentional breathe makes a difference.

First, it keeps you present – in the now – and it also weaves a strong coherent energy field that goes forth. This and can, and will, join with the frequencies of others who are contributing to this service work. You are multidimensional, you are magnificent, you are powerful and you are capable of contributing far more than your beliefs or programs have lead you to believe.

You can manage your personal life matrix and also consciously know that you are contributing to the entire global matrix with each conscious breathe, each conscious gratitude, each kindness, and each loving, accepting thought and intention.

You are a master. You are a transformer. You came to this dimension to transform negative and misqulaified energies. Each individual consciousness – here at this time – is a transformer, a master of shifting energy It is an aware and awake heart that knows and recognizes their service work and offers it with each breathe of joy, gratitude and compassion.

We invite you to practice staying in a state of centered balance radiating out your purest frequency to your loved ones, your community and your world. You will begin to realize, by doing this, your personal life opens to incredible wonders, blessings and synchronicities.

As more and more humans practice sending forth these conscious loving intentions, the global atmosphere will also begin to shift. These are times of transformation.

Be at peace, beloved. the ‘team’

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