Mother Sekhmet: The Unbreakable Love Army

(Please read this message quietly and meditatively as Mother Sekhmet assures us that the energy we felt while in the temple will transfer to you who choose to read this message now. This message is an enhanced and edited version with some back story added to the actual message to make it well-grounded to those who were not with us in the temple at the time. Shared with LOVE.)

Channel: Aluna Joy

We entered the dark womb that is the temple of Sekhmet in Karnak, Egypt. She was locked away in the past to try to contain her powerful divine feminine energy that frightened the other gods of that day. Even though they tried to contain her powerful love, their effort to lock her up has failed. This is the message we received. She remembered us, so she didn’t waste any time putting us to work.

We shared…. “We are here for you,” and immediately, we began to feel the energy flow into us. But she was not as present as in the past years.

Mother Sekhmet is giving us a job. She is working really hard. She is in so many places around the world right now. She’s not completely here anymore. She has been systematically coming out of the temple into the world with those of her family who have come to visit her here. She is calling for an army, a light army, a love army, a peace army. She is asking if we want to be her army. So, Are you okay with joining this army? It is up to you. If so, you can continue with this message.

We are going be her LOVE ARMY. And Oh… She’s mad. I can see where most of her energy is. (I could see she was in between Israel and Palestine, the holy lands.) She’s mad, she’s tired, she says enough is enough. This harm has to stop! (and I felt her stomp her foot down ) This war, this hurting of each other, the senseless devastation. It is enough! It is over! It is going to stop!

The back story…. Mother Sekhmet (and the core of the Divine feminine ) has been scapegoated for centuries, for eons. She was and only has been present for LOVE, not the devastation she is still associated with. She still has this enduring story that she was a destroyer. Her only power is unbridled, unlimited LOVE. Yet this Love will destroy where the ego’s power is in control. The ones in the past did not like this. She could right all wrongdoing with pure love, so they scapegoated her. They labeled her a monster, an out-of-control destroyer, but in truth, they were only describing themselves. Like so many women and men and good people all over the Earth, so many get scapegoated and crucified.

Even though she’s locked away in this dark womb of a temple, she knows what’s going on out in the world. She knows. She can see it. She wasn’t really present in her temple this day when I asked, “Where are you?” And this is when I saw she was hard at work in Israel and Palestine. She wanted us to know where she was because she loves us, and she doesn’t want us to worry that her energy was fading. It isn’t! But she also doesn’t want us to feel the pressure and weight that she carries. She’s joking by saying, “Why do you think they made me out of diorite? You can’t break me! And YOU cannot be broken either!” So, we are here asking her how we can help. So, she shares the present issues at hand and where love is needed the most.

We are not broken. The world is not broken! We are still standing, we are still here, and we are still radiating love in a harsh, unjust world. We are still sending out LOVE, and we can’t be broken. She can’t be broken. Yet there is work to do.

She’s been standing here for ages in the dark, and she wants the world’s madness to stop. So we are going be her LIGHT ARMY out in the world. We’re just going to BE PEACE in the chaos. We are going to walk the way of LOVE. We are going to BE KINDNESS, and we are going to BE TRUTH. We will BE impeccable with ourselves and have honor and respect for all life. No judgments, no fighting, only love.

We were standing around her in the small dark temple, and we kept sending her love. She says when we send her love, we are sending ourselves love because she’s you, and you are her.

So few people visit her here. If you can get through the gate and down that path, you are a part of her family. Plain and simple. And when you enter this womb with her, and you feel her energy, when you leave this temple, she goes out in the world with you. And her love adds to your love. And it grows and grows.

Now she sees you (and those reading this now), and she’s healing the wounds in our hearts. She wants to heal all the places where we have loved and given of ourselves and were not respected or honored for it. She’s healing these cracks in our hearts so we can be even more effective in the world. But simultaneously, she is opening us up to hold so much more.

She acknowledges who we are, where we’ve been, and what we’ve experienced. She sees the pain we’ve suffered, the joy we have felt. She sees us throughout all time like there is no time because she is standing out of time. She’s eternal. Humanity goes back to the first ones, like Adam and Eve, where Eve is blamed for the fall from the Kingdom because she triggered Adam to wake up, and she was scapegoated. She had triggered the first awareness.

Half of what she is showing me, I don’t even know how to put into words. It wouldn’t do any justice, so feel her in this moment.

She knows YOU now, so do you feel her and her love?

She loves everything so intensely. She loves the world. She loves humanity, and she loves us. She wants the world to stop hurting. And she has been working for love from the moment of her creation.

To do this work as a unified LOVE ARMY, she is asking for our hearts to explode out into the world. Just explode like a light bomb. She doesn’t love lightly or conditionally. She loves all the way through because she knows the places we hold back love are the places that are illusions and lies. She loves with great and pure intent. So she is asking you to send your love into the world as your pure heart directs.

It is an explosion. It’s a wake-up call. Explode your heart into the illusionary matrix energy fields around the Earth, and it’ll go exactly where it needs to BE. This will stop the devastation. Only love can do this.

Let us open the places in our hearts that are stuck closed. Send our love and vision of peace directly into the hearts of those in the middle of conflict and anywhere in the world. Send out your heart’s love. It is simple. Simple is very powerful and effective, but for those who are in their negative egos, it is not valued. This makes this work a very stealthy way to heal the world. They do not see it coming because they have forgotten its awesome power.

Watch out for the simple little things we might not notice that are the bizarre micro efforts to stop us from connecting and being with LOVE and navigate around this. Not to fight or confront or control, just be the LOVE.

Love isn’t going away. We are not going away. We are back, and we are HERE, and we can return balance and peace. We can not go out and change the world with force. We need to walk with LOVE, and we need to live it fully. We need to walk and live it so strongly that nothing can come up against it ever again because there is nothing to fight if there is only love. The truth is we are LOVE. Does that make sense?

When we go out and think we are changing the world. We are just fighting it in another form. Change is not about looking at the world and only seeing what is broken. This is not being awake. This is only feeding the illusion. Change comes by being who we truly are and being this unshakably. The time has come for us to stretch our bubbles of love and peace so broad and far and wide … that flow into all the little cracks and crevices that still have discord. Spirit and creation directs this. All you have to do is BE LOVE.

We could see our love like an octopus with tentacles. They just spread across the world like a lovely soft virus that we hope everyone catches. We are creating a beautiful love and peace virus. My God, viruses are amazing. They know how to reach into another human being, alter and strengthen their weak spots, and change them from the inside out without killing them. We can do this with love.

So we are a love virus. A Love Army. Those lost in negative ego will not see us coming, nor will they expect this. We are the stealth endless tentacles of love, and Mother Sekhmet’s love, and our love, and all those holding this lovely space together. It’s unshakable, unbreakable. It is as strong as diamonds.

She’s also got another side job for us. (I learned from experience the longer we are present with her, the more she gives us to do : ) There are so many people on the planet with so much love inside and so much light, and they’re afraid to let it out because of lifetimes of persecution, and we need that light in our army now. Because love is powerful, let us send our love, energy, and support to all the hearts that have been shut down because this world was not a safe place to be who they are. Let us create a safe and confident place so they can express who they truly are. We can be their energetic support system.

Love is the one thing that will stop the madness and birth a return to paradise, with unity in diversity.

So it is.


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  2. NDS

    I always felt a strong pull to her and never really understood why but now I do ❤️ Love and Light to all ❤️