From 3D To 4D And 5D: Speed Up Part 3

By Lev

Yes, this is the most important task for all of us, and every day, week and month give this opportunity as DNI disclosed earlier (see – Speed Up, Part 1 and Part 2, 20 and 24 October 2023). In this regard, coming November is no exception. The following most important stelliums will impact on its energy weather and us: Sun Trine Moon, Sun opposite Jupiter, Venus opposite Neptune, direct Saturn, Mercury opposite Uranus, Venus trine Pluto, Mercury trine Neptune, Mercury sextile Pluto, Mercury square Saturn, Mars opposite Uranus, New Moon, Sun opposite Uranus, Mercury sextile Venus, Mars trine Neptune, Sun trine Neptune, Sun conjunct Mars, Sun sextile Pluto, Mars sextile Pluto, Sun square Saturn, Mars square Saturn, Full Moon, Mercury square Neptune, Sun quincunx Jupiter, Venus quincunx Neptune. All of them can fasten our transformation for enter 4D and 5D.

Sun Trine Moon

November 01, Sun in Scorpio trine Moon in Cancer. Solar energy in Scorpio increases our will and determination to achieve goals. The vibrations of the Moon in Cancer sharpen feelings and receptivity. Together, this forms an active positive aspect that gives us a lot of favorable chances and opportunities. It helps to better understand what our Soul wants and strives for, and how to turn its desires into reality.

The harmonious interaction of Solar and Lunar energies enforces our benevolent mood and positive attitude to life. We begin to radiate kindness, positivity and confidence that all changes are being made for the better. Thanks to our sincerity, thoughtfulness, mercy and willingness to assist selflessly, we become excellent partners and helpers to other people in all uplifting deeds and aspirations.

Sun Opposite Jupiter

November 03, Sun in Scorpio opposite Jupiter in Taurus. It’s a tense day of power. However, its disharmonious aspect is smoothed out by the Sun’s vibrations that support our creative ideas and initiatives, and the Jupiter’ energies help to expand the spheres of activity and improve our lives. The aspect will work if we do not expect favorable chances from fate, but form them ourselves with our activity and purposefulness. Only in this case, stellium can bring success.

Otherwise, this configuration will affect those who exhibit bragging, extravagance, impulsiveness and carelessness. On this day, they have increased inflated expectations and arrogance, which will prevent them from seeing the circumstances objectively and making the right decisions. Faced with Earth’s realities, such people get annoyed and show their explosive character, complain about social injustice, stagnant society, low culture and illiteracy of others. Stellium will act sobering on such people, and speed up their change.

Venus Opposite Neptune

November 03, Venus in Virgo opposite retrograde Neptune in Pisces. This intense aspect also enhances this day of power. Our memory, attention and mind will whet from the very morning. Venus and Neptune will form a favorable background by their vibrations, which will perfectly complement the above mentioned high-freqs duet of the Sun and Jupiter.

However, it’s important to take into account that on this day Venus and Neptune are in different elements and direct energies of an opposite nature towards each other. This generates a whirlwind of uncontrollable emotions, tests us for compliance with the new reality. Low vibrations of Neptune increase suggestibility, the risk of becoming a victim of illusions, false rumors and scammers. Aggravate the painful reaction to criticism and lack of love; unwillingness to take responsibility for our deeds and the desire to blame others for our failures; craving for scandals and lawsuits; breakdowns in drunkenness and drugs that tear to pieces.

Overcoming the negative side of the stellium will help us to clearly separate the illusion from reality. It is necessary to distinguish unrealistic expectations and focus on today, on here and now. The energies of both planets will help realize our value, accept our individuality, and not depend on the others’ opinion and attitude.

Direct Saturn

November 04, Saturn resumes direct movement in Pisces, enhancing the positive energy of this day. The planet’s vibes have a strong impact on the timeline and karma, test our responsibility and wisdom, the strength of inner foundation and reality taking, check out how we react to the authority, status and discipline that the Saturn’s energy runs.

When Saturn is in Pisces, it increases the positive freqs of that sign without distorting them. Their synergy helps us to make more balanced decisions in accordance with our karmic destiny, to feel that we chose the right path. This is a good day for Spiritual practice, getting rid of internal blocks, patterns of behavior, addictions and self-deception. At such times, occur insights into something very important.

Mercury Opposite Uranus

November 04, Mercury in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus. They form another stressful aspect on this day. The vibrations of Mercury in Scorpio sharpen intelligence and perception, the desire to defend our point of view and bring enlightenment to people. Uranus, carrying the power of destruction, changes and transformation, breaks the conservative energies of Taurus, and being the highest manifestation (octave) of Mercury, acts as a strong catalyst for turn of the tide.

This helps to manifest our independent mind, originality and ingenuity, the ability to look into the future and make sure of the irreversibility of changes on the planet and in society, and to part with everything obsolete without any regrets. But in low-vibration people, this stellium causes only irritability, nervousness, anger and a tendency to scandals and quarrels.

Venus Trine Pluto

November 06, Venus in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn forms a strong positive aspect. The Morning Star, which carries the energy of love and harmony, is in the same element of earth as the transformer Pluto. The last time it was in Capricorn between 1762 and 1778, and its combined energies with Venus’ helped change the world, and they are doing the same today.

Usually trine is a favorable aspect, connecting the planets of the same zodiac. It eases the energies’ flow in one direction, removing obstacles by the power of planets that support each other in common elements. This time, Venus and Pluto are in different signs, so the interaction of their frequencies exacerbates contradictions and conflicts.

At the global level, this mix led to the Great French Revolution, the War of Independence of the American colonies, the collapse of many political structures and the formation of new ones, the destruction of established hierarchies and the power of those whose time has passed. We see all that now. And as then, to survive, the enemies of change pose a threat to the entire world, provoking crises and wars in different countries. They are trying to turn us into passive and herded sheeple in NWO.

On a personal level, the trine’s vibrations amplify emotions and passions, carry the energies of transformation and awakening of our inner strength. If we use them correctly, they speed up our upgrading, help to overcome difficult events and circumstances, and despite obstacles achieve harmony and success. Conversely, in low-vibration people, the Venus-Pluto trine only increases jealousy, the desire for control and dictate in relationships, without stopping before manipulations and games on emotions.

Mercury Trine Neptune

November 07, Mercury in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces. This is a favorable aspect that helps us in creativity, intuition, and a deep understanding of the world. Neptune’s vibrations in Pisces upgrade our intelligence, psychic qualities, abilities in the analysis and synthesis of information, facilitate the take of new knowledge and see hidden connections between phenomena, and through the energy of Mercury-communicator, disclose them to others.

But in negative people, any new thing causes fear, rejection and aggression. On such days, they have an increased tendency to divide people into good and bad, hanging in scandals and gossip. But under the trine’s influence, own life begins to be perceived as a boring and hopeless routine, and forces to reconsider it and start to change.

Mercury Sextile Pluto

November 09, Mercury in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn. It is also a harmonious aspect. The combination of the energies of Mercury, which affect the mind and communication, and Pluto that unlocks our inner potential, helps to make contacts, be open in communication and achieve a constructive dialogue with any opponent. The energies of stellium help ease setting clear goals, to identify problems and actively act until the situation is resolved with a best results.

Sextile always carries the energies of possibility. But with several options (which form the vibrations of Pluto), we have to choose only one. There probably won’t be a second chance, so it’s better not to rush. Before a final decision is made, it is necessary to think carefully, calculate, evaluate the circumstances and obstacles, and consider all possible endings. This is the only way to avoid mistakes.

Another feature of this sextile is how Pluto helps us to get rid of karma. If from several options we choose actions that bring Light and Love, this planet, by its frequencies, quickly cleanses us of negativity. Conversely, Pluto increases our toxicity if we are motivated only by hate and aggression towards others, and then, punishes us with its harsh vibrations.

Mercury Square Saturn

November 10, Mercury in Sagittarius square Saturn in Pisces. This is a complex and not harmonious aspect. in which energies collide with each other and create difficulties in communication, study, and professional activity. It forces us to take a stricter approach to the choice of the immediate environment, to move away from superficial commune and empty chatter as a waste of time, effort and energy.

This aspect teaches us to trust only reliable data sources and to share information only with those who can take it. The vibrations of the stellium stimulate us to develop skills and improve our weaknesses, be responsible and communicative in work, and help us understand that often we have to fight for achieving our goals.

Mars Opposite Uranus

November 11, Mars in Scorpio opposite retrograde Uranus in Taurus. This is an extremely stressful configuration. On the one hand, the energies of the Red Planet in Scorpio are amplified, provoking unpredictable, aggressive and unbalanced behavior, risks of injuries and accidents. On the other hand, retrograde Uranus in the dense vibrations of Taurus, uncomfortable for it, makes us slowdown in decisions and actions, look deeper inside ourselves, and to understand the role we play in the world as a whole.

The confronting energies in this aspect provoke doubts and conflicts in the Souls of weak people. For men of spirit, the stellium’s vibes are the driver to move forward, actively get rid of shortcomings, look for and find opportunities for their talents and aspirations. To such people, the Mars’ freqs in opposition to Uranus help to withstand the ups and downs, to experience the joy of victory over selves and any circumstances.

New Moon

November 13, The New Moon occurs in Scorpio. As usual, it stars not only the monthly cycle of the Night Luminary, but also speeds up our renewal. In the sign of Scorpio, the New Moon reveals what we try to hide from ourselves and others, hindering our transformation. This stellium gives a good opportunity to focus on correcting our patterns, habits and emotions, especially if they are dependent on the negative vibrations of Scorpio.

On this day, we can feel a loss of strength, lethargy and laziness, malaise and exacerbation of chronic diseases. It’s advisable to minimize any workload and rest more, and not plan important projects and events; otherwise, we risk not having enough energy or resources to finish things.

Sun Opposite Uranus

November 13, Sun in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus. This is a tense stellium, but it acts in different ways. The Luminary will stay in Scorpio for another ten days and will continue to carry the energy of active changes, purification and transformation. If we aren’t ready for them, cling to the old, will be very surprised when something in our life suddenly starts to collapse. It’s better not to hold and let go. This is a great time to analyze and explore everything that we are interested in, and especially ourselves, our potential. If we know our strength and want to increase it, that stellium is the best help.

The Sun in opposition to Uranus causes a desire to challenge the world. It is not easy to pass this test, but the vibrations of this stellium give great opportunities if we direct our energy on the right way. On this day, the rejection of the existing System and its ideology, the desire for freedom and independence, and the readiness for radical changes are becoming more acute. The aspect helps to show leadership and organizational skills, unite different people in teams groups and inspire them to achieve common goals. But in low-freqs men, stellium’s energies create sharp change of mood and behavior, difficulties in communication due to intolerance, intransigence and peremptory. Better to avoid them.

Mercury Sextile Venus

November 15, Mercury in Sagittarius sextile Venus in Libra. This is a harmonious aspect. Mercury’s vibrations in this sign are not so strong, but they still help energetic and purposeful individuals, support willpower, an extraordinary mindset, creativity, curiosity and generosity. Venus in the airy Libra enhances the positive energies of peacefulness, tranquility and inner harmony.

This sextile creates a good combination of rationality and emotions, the best balance of thoughts and feelings, helps us to be sociable and friendly, find a common language with everyone easily and simply. In carriers of low vibrations, on the contrary, this aspect increases impulsivity, flighty, inability to concentrate, stubbornness and tyranny. This day is a good opportunity to realize these weaknesses and remove them.

Mars Trine Neptune

November 17, Mars in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces. The planets in this harmonious stellium are in the same elements of water, despite the different zodiac signs. It enhances the flow of energy, creating good conditions for problem solving and development. The aspect increases our intuition and speed of reaction, helping in tough situations, strengthens the desire to fight evil. On this day, many are ready to help around the clock and are the first to rush into battle with the offenders of the weak.

More experienced ones act according to the Neptunian scheme, exposing and disabling enemies by behind-the-scenes methods, remaining above suspicion. However, they use these energies only against obviously villainous and cruel people. Martian vibrations will contribute to success in creative activity, realizing extraordinary, bright ideas, generated by the high frequencies of Neptune.

Sun Trine Neptune

November 17, Sun in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces. In this harmonious stellium, both planets align with Earth. Such high accuracy is a rare event that creates a strong energy that affects society and the global situation as a whole. In many of us, the aspect enhances intuition, clairvoyance and other psychic capacities. Trine’s vibrations allow us to see the world differently than others, strengthen our imagination and talents, enforce our Spirit and faith, help follow the highest ideals, filling our inner world with them.

But in psychologically unstable people, stellium energies can create illusions and they look at life through rose-colored glasses. This is fraught with emotional breakdowns, frustration and depression. The ability to hear and listen to the inner voice, meditative practices, and awareness helps to overcome these deficiencies, feel own strength and use it to achieve goals. Set personal boundaries and learn to say no. Be attentive to our emotional and energy states. Treat self with kindness and compassion, realizing that no one is perfect, and everyone has their weaknesses and imperfections.

Sun Conjunct Mars

November 18, Sun in Scorpio conjunct Mars in Scorpio, and also align with Earth. Together they create a powerful energy background, which manifests itself in us as a huge willpower, physical strength, fortitude and determination, especially if they are aimed at socially important things. The vibrations of the stellium help not to succumb to difficulties, to fight for justice and a right cause, not to hide behind the backs of others, but to take risks and act fearlessly, regardless of the dangers. This stressful aspect can push to over-activity and overspending of energy, but it allows us to achieve success where others are giving up.

If we are negative, then, under the influence of the stellium’s freqs, we will splash out our energy outside, provoking conflicts with others, showing aggression and quick temper, as well as impulsiveness, rudeness, waywardness, lack of restraint and impatience. The Sun conjunct Mars creates a good potential, which is unlocked through overcoming difficulties. If we do not realize it or use for bad to selves and others, then, life will make us pay a high price for it.

Sun Sextile Pluto

November 20, Sun in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn. This is one of the most harmonious aspects of the year. With its vibrations, the Luminary seems to oppose the “ram” of Pluto, focusing its energy on positive aims, helping us transform the world, pave the way for others, restore strength and faith in a better future.

The energies of stellium make it easier to work with large resources, the emergence of new leaders with strong will, global vision and charisma, ability to solve the most difficult problems and achieve high results. If we are positive, the vibrations of this aspect accelerate transformation, cleanse from karma and imperil, increase the effectiveness of our Spiritual practices.

Sextile energies act differently on negative people. It preserves their force, mental and physical potencies, but redirects them to self-destruction. Such people constantly create obstacles to selves, form difficulties in their head, and then, try to overcome them, sinking into a deep stress and hopeless situation. They fight, even if no one fights with them, and this is perceived as an insult and humiliation. But often, it trigs the inner searches and desire to change.

Mars Sextile Pluto

November 22, Mars in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn. In these signs, the planets form an exceptionally powerful synergy. The first emits vibrations of action, activity, initiative, and pressure. The second carries the energy of power, influence, capacity to overcome deep crises, hardships, limitations and transforming, personal and global. This aspect makes us strong-willed and stubborn. We perceive any obstacle as an opportunity to grow.

The energies of stellium allow us to act at the limit of our capabilities, withstanding pain, fatigue, and get over self. We can fully mobilize the resources of our body, perform a huge amount of work, and, with all our strength, achieve the goal. The aspect enforces our inner core, confidence in own strength and rightness. Speeding up as an “astral tank”, we sweep away any obstacle on the way, and there are no impossible tasks for us. Mars and Pluto provide an incredible amount of energy. The main thing is where we will direct our actions: for creation or destruction, for good or evil. The retribution will be appropriate.

Sun Square Saturn

November 23, Sun in Sagittarius square Saturn in Pisces creates a negative aspect. The energies of the Sun support and inspire the desire to bring our views, values and ideals into the world. In contrast, Saturn’s vibrations act as a limiter, subordinating order, discipline and collective intelligence. As a rule, this frequency cluster does not affect the body, but the Spiritual state, testing it for strength and stability.

The aspect also acts differently on different people. If we are internally strong and positive, the energies of stellium back our diligence, calmness, moderation, caution, insight, fortitude, will, perseverance, accuracy and responsibility. If we are full of negativity, the vibrations of the quadrature will aggravate our suspiciousness, distrust of people, pessimism, closeness and secrecy, unwillingness to achieve something in life.

Fortunately, pessimism in such men, though peculiar, is not permanent. As a rule, their heart is filled with hopes and dreams. They know for sure that failures are temporary. After a bad streak in life, a favorable period will surely come. Those, who passed the test, become more resilient, responsible and strong. They have learned a lot and are ready to help other people.

Mars Square Saturn

November 25, Mars in Scorpio square Saturn in Pisces is another tense aspect that increases the negative energies of this day and impacts similarly as above mentioned stellium, but much stronger. It’s especially true for weak-willed and pessimists, pushing them to self-destruction and even greater disappointment in selves. On such days, they constantly run into obstacles, and even reaching the goal, pay for it too high a price. They lack the physical energy and self-belief to enjoy life. Any failures destroy self-esteem and immerse in depression. Bouts of hate, anger and irritation finally finish off their relationships with other people.

This quadrature fastens a clear understanding the value of the will in our life. The difficulties, which stellium creates, make us look deep into Soul, and discover that in fact we are the source of all our failures. And winning over selves, we rise to a new level of development.

Full Moon

November 27, The Full Moon occurs in Gemini. It’s a harmonious day. Its positive influence is enhanced by the vibrations of the Sun in the fiery sign of Sagittarius, and Jupiter in Taurus, suppressing the negative factors of the latter. Their joint energies will be active until December 31, 2023, creating unexpected situations and events that we will have to overcome and adapt to them. The Full Moon in Gemini will strengthen our desire for change, be more open to communication and ready to share our thoughts and feelings with others, help maintain a balance between mind and emotions, harmony in relationships with others and in our Soul.

Mercury Square Neptune

November 27, Mercury in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces manifests itself in two ways. On the one hand, this tense aspect emerges difficult situations that need to be met. Neptune’s vibrations lower our energy and make difficult to master stress, lethargy, apathy and passivity. At the same time, Mercury’s freqs speed up our mind work and cognitive abilities. Working together, the stellium’s vibes increase our intuition, sensitivity and Spirituality. It becomes easier to understand not only our problems and solve them quickly, but also to help others, instill hope in them, and ease coping with life’s difficulties.

Sun Quincunx Jupiter

29 November Sun in Sagittarius quincunx Jupiter Taurus. This is a difficult aspect, as it combines the harmonious qualities of trine and the tension of the opposition. On the one hand, in this stellium, both planets show their strengths, on the other, their energies act differently, and we don’t always understand how best to act and express selves in the world.

Quincunx is a karmic aspect. It constantly reproduces the same situations until we learn the lesson and proper behavior, based on inner support and awareness of selves as individuals. This stellium reminds us of the need to live an active life and do good for people, not to be afraid of criticism, and act without waiting for praise and approval. Self-confidence speeds up our evolving and opens the way to success.

Venus Quincunx Neptune

30 November Venus in Libra quincunx Neptune in Pisces. This aspect unites the Morning Star’s energies of love, beauty, harmony, and the Ruler of the water element, which affects our intuition, imagination, curiosity, and fantasy. The combination of these vibrations creates unique opportunities in our lives. They help to understand the beautiful, be harmonious in all spheres. And to see a world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour…

Like other aspects, this quincunx also acts differently in different people. In some, it manifests artistry and creativity, deep emotional sensitivity, compassion and concern for others, intuition and empathy. In others, the aspect increases depression and anxiety, disorders of the digestive and nervous systems, vulnerability to external influences, false perception of reality and illusions, pushed to the extreme, and difficulties in realizing their ideals.

The stellium restores the awareness of our inner strength and helps to remove these weaknesses. Quincunx will remind that our life depends on an adequate taking of the world, ourselves and others in it with all merits and demerits. And then, we will better and faster comprehend the signs and hints that the Universe constantly sends us.