Saint Germain: Do Not Fight the Changes, Adapt to Them

Channel: James McConnell

I am Saint Germain. I come to be with you at this time, in these continuing times of great change that is happening all across the planet.

In many, many areas, change is happening. Some not so seemingly great. Some quite miraculous and wonderful. All depends on the time-line at this point that you have all chosen, all of you that resonate, that is important, that word resonate) to my word now. All of you are beginning to understand more and more that change is inevitable, and change is necessary and needed at this point in your evolution. But change, as someone rightly said earlier, is adapting, adapting to what is needed.

That is what you are doing now. You are adapting. You are taking on the changes as they come and moving with them rather than against them. That is important now. Do not fight against the changes, but go along with them, as the ‘go with the flow’ is very important now. Because again, change is inevitable. The old programming of the third-dimensional illusion is fading away more and more.

But in order to do so, there must be a revealing of the old programming, revealing of the shadows as we come into the light. And as those shadows come into the light, they fight. They fight to hold on to those very shadows. The dark forces need to be in those shadows. For they are not comfortable in the light. And the light is their undoing. The light is what is taking them out of their comfort zone and moving them into areas of expression that they were not ready to do as of yet.

They had a plan, and that plan is being thwarted in every respect at this point. Even though it may not appear so. And even though it may indeed appear to be a time of great sorrow for many. But for many more of you, it is a time to rejoice. Not for the sorrow that is happening, but to rejoice in that indeed you are coming to the end of all of this. The end of the movie, if you will.

It is approaching. And I, as Saint Germain, have been delegated at this point to be the one in charge of the great changes that are happening here on this planet. Not only to the United States For America, the New Republic, but that new republic here in the United States will transcend and trans-serve across the entire planet to the world itself.

That is the dream, the dream that occurred so long ago by those in the know. They had the dream. And the dream is coming closer and closer to being realized where ALL men and women, all are created equal in the eyes of the God force. Where no one is to be excluded from that freedom. That is the New Age. The New Golden Age of Gaia.

That is where you are all moving toward in this ascension process. Will everyone ascend? No. That is not possible at this point. But know that as more and more do become aware of what is in reality here, not the old illusion, but the new reality that you are all creating, When more and more become aware of that, then the tipping point has arrived. And you are coming very close now to that tipping point. Even though it may not appear so. Even though you think only millions at this point have awakened, that is far from the truth. There are many, many more that have awakened, or are in that process of awakening. Awakening to who they really are, and what this is really all about. And then they, just like you all, they will understand that this is a movie and that the movie eventually does come to an end. That end approaches, as many, many more from beyond this Earth—those of your brothers and sisters from the stars will commence to move in and bring more and more change to this planet. As it is destined that those of you, the awakened ones, and those of us who are here to assist many, many more in their awakening process.

The time grows very short. But always remember: it is, indeed, always darkest before the dawn. And the dawn arises.

All of my peace and love be with all of you.

I am Saint Germain. And I leave you now to completely understand the resonance within your bodies and how that is the new way of healing.

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15 Replies to “Saint Germain: Do Not Fight the Changes, Adapt to Them”

  1. TheNOWTeam

    Thank You Adamus St Germain !!
    Thank You Kejraj !!





  2. Yup

    While claims above about repeat messages are true, those who have been watching know “they” have said all along they’d be repeating themselves for the sake of newcomers who would always be showing up. Further, it has been explained that “soon” is hard to define and to “trust the plan”. It has been explained a million times that those infinite participates who agree to take on roles (e.g., Palestinians) where they are harmed also knew going in (and it has been explained many times) they’d be instrumental in waking the population. So, what St. Germaine is stating here is that these are the changes taking place and they will lead to a satisfactory conclusion for the good of all. That’s the way I see it, I claim nothing else so there’s no point in arguing.

  3. Arthur

    This whole approach is reminiscent of a competition between Achilles and the tortoise. No matter how fast Achilles is, the tortoise is always ahead. The same question: when will Achilles catch up with the tortoise?

  4. Ingvar

    It would be interesting to bring up (sorry I didn’t save) the messages of this guy (Saint Germain) and other “prophets” from ten years ago. All the same words: “big changes are coming, they are just around the corner, this is the end of the film, etc.” Anyone who is able to think at least partially analytically has long ago realized that all this is a lie and manipulation.

    1. the_complaint_department

      While it saddens us that you think this way, it has been agreed that even people who can only think analytically must be given a fair chance to use their hearts (that’s partly why it’s taking so long). We can’t ‘scare’ them into doing so, only repeat the message and hope it finds some empathic surface to stick onto.
      Ironically, once a person comes forth as you just did, they step out of the line and it moves a few inches ahead. A curse and a blessing really. If you value logic so much, just walk away from faith and you’ll feel better in no time.

      1. Gordon Jackson


        These messages are repeated over and over again with different voices saying them. If you have been reading these messages on these websites for long enough you would realise that Ingvar is quite correct.

        Unfortunately most people that visit this type of website never think to go back to previous messages from the same source and see what they said 5 years ago or 10 years ago.

        Here’s one to start with. Check Blossom Goodchilds messages from this year and then from 5 years ago and see if anything is new.

        But it doesn’t matter whose messages you check they always contain the same elements never with anything new. Buzz phrases include,

        A lot happening behind the scenes
        Big changes are about to happen
        Close to ascension now
        The dark plan is being thwarted even if does not appear so (tell that to the Palestinians)
        Med beds are about to be released
        NESARA is about to be declared
        Public will be made aware of everything that has been going on
        Trials will take place
        The first arrest will shock the world

        And if you have been reading the exact same thing every day for 5 years and seen absolutely nothing happen at all with any of these points then it is not unreasonable to come to the conclusion that it’s all a lie and manipulation to get people who care about change to do nothing and sit back and do nothing.

        1. Paladin

          No argument with any of your logic. Unfortunately, you are spot on.

          Most people can’t handle the Black pill.

        2. the_complaint_department

          How am I incorrect? You didn’t make a new point, why would make the same argument draw in a different answer? If you look back five years there are similar comments too.

      2. Klaudia

        Only for the sake of argument:

        “While it saddens US that you think this way…” hints at you are speaking AS THEM and I’ve always wanted to get rid of this question:

        I find it RATHER DISTURBING having to believe that those guys who supposedly are “the top of the pop MASTERS” are obviously not able “to stand in our shoes” and KNOW FROM THERE what kind of “reverse effect” their in the long run boooring messages MUST have, at least for those “too intelligent NOT TO ask questions”. Don’t misunderstand this as arrogance bc it’s not. It’s a bloody burden when your mind never stops asking questions.

        WHAT I DO FIND ARROGANT is to appear as “THE ONES WHO KNOW IT ALL” buuut not behaving as such, just like this:

        “While it SADDENS us…” is NEVER a reaction from somebody who knows that “WE ARE TO literally QUESTION everything” that we’re being told BEEECAUSE …….

        “While it SADDENS us…” only makes sense when YOU (dear complaint department) realize it’s meant IRONICALLY.

        [And I’m just realizing WHAT I’m writing this FOR… 🤦‍♀️]

        1. the_complaint_department

          I use plural on behalf of the department, not the Ascended Masters, but it’s quite possible that it saddens people to be accused of lying, manipulating or being accessory to that.

          As for being arrogant, repetitive and ironical – takes one to spot another.

    2. Emma

      I have some:
      Predictions from Ohara, Prime Creator
      Now I will give you some predictions about what you are likely to see on your planet in the coming year, but I would like to include the present season in those predictions, since you will likely read this before the year is done. The first dramatic shift in the way life is lived on Earth will begin in October of 2014 and will continue in quick sequence to revamp the way all social, political, educational, medical and scientific institutions operate.
      The first phase will involve the release of billions of dollars of the St. Germain Trust which will be used to pay off all war debts for all countries on the planet. This will release financially strapped countries from the terrible psychological and economic burden of continuing to carry the ravages of war on their balance sheets. The next phase, with help from the Reagan-Mitterand-Wanta Fund will help to pay off the national debt of the U.S., making the already defunct IRS completely unnecessary and obsolete. The Federal Reserve is already being dismantled and sold off to the Chinese, so all economic and legal systems will evolve naturally to be replaced by NESARA.

    3. Emma

      The Matrix of Miracles
      16 December 2012 – 8:15am | boa
      Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
      We come to invite you into a matrix of miracles, a matrix of love, and a matrix of light. We come to escort you into more understanding of how you create, and why you create. We come to help you understand your desires, your needs, and your wants and how they affect the vibration of the earth. We are the Elohim.
      You are never singular in your desires. You are never singular in your needs or in your wants. You are never singular in your manifestations and creations. Always you create from a point of oneness and you deliver into a point of wholeness. Always your heart beckons into creation what it holds dearly inside of it. Always your soul will push you and prod you into manifestations and creations that you humanly think are impossible.
      The birthing of miracles is being issued to all of earth. As of December 12th, you will find your ability to create is heightened and amplified. You will find that instantaneous creations will become an everyday event. No longer are your creational abilities invisible, no longer are they hidden behind the skirts of your humanness – but they stand in the front and reach out for every person on earth.
      Everyone’s belief system will usher him or her into a dialogue with creation – an unfamiliar dialogue – but a dialogue nonetheless. Every one of your thoughts is in conversation, communication, and communion with the molecular structure of life. Constantly you are bantering and bartering and bargaining with the presence and energy known as life. In the past you had to cajole it, to control it and manipulate it to make it obey you. But now that the vibration of earth has increased exponentially, you will no longer have to barter and bargain with your life-force.

      I mostly have stuff about health and mind, not many predictions.