The Call

By Judith Kusel

Before we incarnated we all met with our higher guides and we reviewed our past lives and the soul lessons in mastery, we still needed to wish to master in this lifetime (from 1994 onwards this does not apply to all souls as new souls started incarnating en masse and since 2012 only new souls) and the negative patterns we created with other souls to be finally dissolved, setting us all free.

However, since 1950’s in particular the first volunteer souls arrived, who were the Indigo Children and indeed pioneers. They were a specialized task force of souls who have had lifetimes before on earth, and who now needed to pave the way for the New Earth to be born, the new humanity and more than this, the New Golden Age.

They amplified by the Crystal Children, 1972 until 1994, then 1994 to 2012, the Rainbow Children and from 2012 the Sun Children, etc. From 2024 the Super Sun children will be born, are an octave higher evolved than the Sun Children and will be the new Superhuman Race.

Today I want to speak into the hearts and souls of all of us, who were the pioneers, the once who had to break through the barrier of the 3D and in so doing, had to spark the awakening of souls on multiple levels.

(I know that I have been since I started working in the library, and this just escalated into a different form when I resigned my job and had to start a totally new and different way of life, although my Soul Readings are basically that of Librarianship at a much higher and advanced levels. I have in those years always been actively involved in the uplifting of communities in many expressions and forms and often did pioneering work in this regard.)

At this moment the shift is into the higher octaves of loving service, for the awakened, for we now need to not only amplify their mission, but also at the same time be amplified.

Meaning that the Illumination of Souls, will now open the higher faculties of the soul as our Soul Stars are getting activated so that we can access our full potential as souls and all the knowledge stored within our own soul’s Universal Memory banks, amplified by the Soul Group/Monad.

Add to this that some of these are CLUSTER Soul groups and comprise of 144 000 souls instead of just 144. Recently in Portugal a Monad Merger took place, as the portal there opened, (see Diana Cooper) and this amplified everything.

What this means is a much higher octave of activation of our full soul potential. If you thought you had done all you could, and can, this is going to change, as we will indeed now be called into much higher service work, and that is, as I am being constantly reminded of, anchoring in of the New Golden Age of Unity.

We cannot create unity if all is in chaos within us. This means that the work starts within all of us before we can lovingly serve in other ways. It also means that we rise above the old dualities and separations, and refuse be pulled into duality in whatever form or way this may be.

The Shift now is in the Heart/Soul in amplified manner, where the upper chakras now are activated to their fullest potential, as we are now connected via our Monads to the Great Twelve Central Suns again and most importantly the 7th Central Sun of Illumination, to which we were always connected to, since the birth of this planet via Sirius.

However this connected was severed during the Fall of Atlantis. It is now returned and its Illuminating Presence will indeed lift us into the next Octaves of the Ascension Process in ways we cannot even foresee.

These are immensely powerful shifts.

Indeed, I know for sure that the ancient energy centers of the earth, and the crystal pyramids and crystalline energy grids and the spine of the earth, have fully merged and were integrated into the New Earth and this means that all life and life forms are now going through accelerated ascension in the highest degrees and this frees us from the 3D and all negative patterns of the past (if we choose to release them and not hang onto them for dear life for we have free will and choice) and the full restoration of the Universal and Galactic Mastership many souls who volunteered in truth are.

It is indeed the birth in all forms and expression of New Adam Kadmon Illumined Race, the Golden Rainbow People and Tribes, and with this unity and Oneness, fully embracing our Divinity and living our highest soul truths with integrity, purity and love.

Your soul and mine have been prepared for this over many lifetimes and the New Children too in their own way, and as we now are in accelerated ascension, you will find that you start changing rapidly at the very core, as you connect in much deeper and higher levels to your own soul and soul group, fully embracing the Christ/Buddha/Atma/Eternal Self within and live and fulfill your soul mission and purpose, with love and in love and in loving unity with All That Is as we fully anchor in the new Communities of Light.