From 3D To 4D And 5D: Check List

By Lev

On 4 November 2023 at 05:39 PM CET, the Lightwarriors’ ground team disclosed the new Co-Creators’ update on the earthlings’ enter 4D, received earlier. Below is its brief summary.

“Today, the most difficult challenge, which transients face, is of their lowest bodies’ transforming, i.e. of physical, ether, mental, astral, causal, and atmic ones. Their change depends on the state of the fifth that continues to accumulate karma. This is a temporary body (as there is no permanent one on Earth yet), which completely hinges on the old 3D Matrix, its programs and schemes. The new planet’s Logos, Al-Terra-Gaya, CAN NOT cleanse people from their karma. But if the earthlings’ inner work will tune and sync with upgraded planet’s Logos, its algorithm and vibrations, this will ease and fasten the transition.

Their constant impulses through Light Cities on the Subtle Plane help heal men’s consciousness and mind, and disconnect from the insane 3D Matrix. This issue has become so acute that human Souls and Higher Selves pay their primary attention to solving it.

Unfortunately, the thoughts, feelings, perception and behavior of many are not free. They are entangled in a dense web of external manipulation, pressure, violence, false doctrines, which way the 3D Earth should follow. Artificial Intelligence mainly serves the “golden billion” (as you call it), its patrons and runners. They are not interested in free humanity. They need slaves, servants and “milch cows”, which will feed them, and most importantly, completely depend on them. This cannot be allowed, although part of mankind has already been lost. But there is still the possibility of their healing, if not now, then in another space and timelines, where they will be placed.

The transformation of humanity into robots and slaves is unacceptable and does not correspond to the tasks that it faces. The will of the Source always takes precedence even where beings are endowed with free will. At this stage, man does not act as it was originally laid down in its essence, namely, for spiritual growth and evolutionary development not only of self, but also of the planet. Healing and liberation from demonic slavery is now in the foreground. Together with conscious humanity, we are already solving these tasks, doing everything possible and even impossible, learning from mistakes, relying on achievements and helping laggards to catch up with us.”

In addition to the Co-Creators’ message, on 4 November, Lightwarriors made public the upgraded check list that facilitates and speeds up the enter 4D. What parameters it includes?

Express Diagnostics

The general field’s state: the size of active biofield; the density of the aura, its shape (irregular oval or crystal-framed), predominant color (basic, mixed, rainbow), and presence of deformations (if there are, then what caused it).

The general state of etheric, astral and mental bodies (as part of mother’s field or independent), their size and stability.

The presence of a single multidimensional body.

The size of the vital field (individual living space): within maternal field, independent, or at the level of a Universe’s cosmic constant.

Has the process of Subtle Bodies’ folding and birth of a single Radiant Body begun; if it already exists, then, in what volume (in %) and condition.

Has the formation of a unified Radiant-Causal Body started? If yes, in what condition?

Has the emergence of Monad’s single manifestation body occurred? If yes, in what condition?

The thought power’s gauge: capacity to materialize the events in personal life (strong, medium, weak, none).

The characteristics of an individual cosmic energy channel (unsteady, weak, stable, strong).

The body’s general energy state (weak, medium, strong).

Exposure to karmic diseases (low, medium, high).

Healing capacities (innate, acquired).

Field’s Diagnostics

The presence of active energy-informational invasions (spoilage, evil eye, curse, spell, conjured girdle of chastity, crown of celibacy, and etc.).

The origin of negative invasions (karmic, non-karmic).

Exposure to jinx.

The presence of possessing, its force, characteristics and classification of possessors (rank, category, behavior, purpose, ways of influencing, etc.); the possessors’ entering (how and under what circumstances they penetrated into the Subtle Bodies); their origin.

The presence and degree of activity of an ancestral lineage curse.

Necrotic connections.

The destructive energy-vampiric and other plug-ins.

The dependence on egregore (mind control, zombification, etc.).

The presence of passive (hidden, non-manifested, or in the stealth format) negative energy-informational invasions; they aren’t active and don’t manifest selves in any way until a certain time (evil eye, spell, conjured girdle of chastity, ancestral curse line; necrotic connections, possessing); approximate activation time (transition to the active stage); conditions for the activation of stealth invasions.

Advanced Diagnostics

The state of DNA wave structures (deformations, damages, mutations, integrity violations, etc.): unsatisfactory, satisfactory, good, ideal.

The wave DNA’s origin (terrestrial, alien, mixed).

The irradiation characteristics of the DNA wave structure (the color gamut emitted by DNA on a Subtle Plane).

The number of active DNA helices. Has the transformation of the helical structure of DNA into a crystalline one begun?

The brain activity level (capacity use in %).

Determining of aging speed: artificially accelerated, age-appropriate, the possibility of activating rejuvenation programs.

The amount of life energy in body (the Life Crystal fullness); its filling mode (internal, external).

A degree of heart openness (in %).

Genetic Diagnosis

Diagnostics of the wave genome: determination of the biological age of the organism; the possibility of activating rejuvenation programs.

Extend of physical body wear (high, medium, low); the possibility of activating rejuvenation programs.

The genome’s typing (terrestrial, unearthly, hybrid, etc.).

The state of the youth gene (active, low, inactive).

The state of the aging gene (active, low, suppressed); the possibility of activating rejuvenation programs.

The presence and the state of the oncogene.

The presence and the state of the clairvoyance gene.

A degree of the third eye’s openness (in %).

The youth and aging genes’ activity (prevalence ratio); the possibility of activating rejuvenation programs.

Chakras’ Diagnostics

The shape of chakras, from the first to the seventh (funnel-like, or single energy center).

The presence of energy blocks in the chakras.

The presence of energy blocks in the inter-chakral space.

The color of chakras, from 1st to 7th (basic, mix, rainbow).

The activity level of each chakra and their whole set or of a single energy center (in %).

The state of the chakras or a single energy center (deformations, damage, mutations, etc.).

The terrestrial or alien shape of chakras.

The presence and state of higher chakras (from 8th to 12th), or a single energy center.

The shape of higher chakras.

The color of higher chakras.

The degree of activity of each higher chakra and their whole set, or of single energy center (in %).

Comprehensive Diagnostics

Karmic diagnosis of the genus: the state of the ancestral tree (purity or damage by a karmic virus, a curse, in compliance with incarnation term, as original carrier for ancestral curse cleansing).

The age of genetic lineage.

The presence of ancestral curses.

The total ancestral karma.

The origin of the lineage (the first primary branch – “The Lineage From Yaltabaoth” – descendants of Cain; the second primary branch: “The Lineage From The True God” – descendants of Seth; the third primary branch – descendants of Adam and Lilith).

Determining who should close and redeem the ancestral karma.

Determining (in %) of the male (yang) and female (yin) energies ratio in the physical body (Foundations Harmony Coefficient).

The degree of integration with Higher Self (in %).

Individual bio-energetic status (donor, vampire, neutral).

The average degree (in %) of distortions when receiving space information (channeling purity coefficient); more than 70% is an UNACCEPTABLE level.

The degree of consciousness purity (highest, average, low).

The degree of subconscious purity (highest, average, low).

The presence of subliminal phobias, information viruses (including mind control and zombification), addictions, degree of subconscious aggression, general purity of subconscious.

Karmic Diagnostics

Analysis of evolutionarily significant and karma-forming factors in the past lives, causally affecting the situation in the current life in the Karma Lords sentencing format.

The karmic tasks of the present incarnation. Terms of transition to the next evolution stage.

Areas for the best self-realization and fulfillment of the life mission.

The fulfillment of the karmic program – the mission of incarnation (actual and calculated, in %).

The degree of filling of the karma vessel of the current incarnation and the tendency of the karma state (growth, decrease, stable); the state of the Causal Body core (bad, transformed, technical conditions have been created that make karma accumulation impossible).

The total karma, got in all incarnations (in %).

The total karma of the entity (the coefficient of deviation of the Monad from the State of Ideal Creation; shows the real volume of karma on the causal plane of beings).

The coefficient of causal mutation (excluding nuclei and near nuclei defects of the Causal Body core, affected only by the karma of the past incarnations).

The general state of the karma of the current and past incarnations (whether the karma of past lives moves into the vessel of the karma of the current embodiment, the possibility of annihilation of karma, the ability to retransmit without distorting the perfect Light of the Monad’s core).

The coefficient of the Causal Body core’s dimness, caused by karma (in %).

Has the process of Radiant synthesis (the Causal Body core’s self-luminosity of Perfect Light) begun?

A number of karmic programs terminated.

The amount of karmic active programs.

The quantity of karmic latent programs, and their activation terms.

Presence and degree of activity of the Higher Self karmic program on the incarnation mission correction (through illnesses, accidents, life problems, etc.).

Number of abortions performed (unrepented) during all incarnations.

Predisposition to karmic disease (none, low, medium, high).

Karmic predisposition to infertility (none, low, medium, high).

The probability of a karmic avalanche (none, low, medium, high); whether they were in the past (if so, when and to what extent).

The presence of active suicidal karma.

The presence of passive suicidal karma.

The number of committed suicides in all incarnation.

The coefficient of total karma, of all types, in the current and in all past embodiments.

The probability of karmic default (the risk of life mission failure).

The presence of the Black Mark in the Causal Body. This is a special sign in the form of a six-pointed star, imprinted by Karma Lords as a warning about the imminent descent of a karmic avalanche. It appears in the period from 33 to 3 days before it. By its color density, one can conclude when the karma will fall on and to what extent.

Interpersonal karma credit (the number of active karmic debtors, embodied people, who have karmic debts towards us).

The presence of karma deposits (the influence of which Karma Lords temporarily blocked, because someone took part of our karma on selves or vouched for us).

Interpersonal karma debts (number of living people, to whom we have outstanding karmic arrears).

Pending interpersonal karma debts (the number of people who are not currently in incarnation, to whom we have outstanding karmic liabilities).

The presence of karmic credits (someone else’s karma, which our Higher Self temporarily transferred to us; this is usually done in exceptional cases to save the life of a person or a close relative; by the decision of the Higher Self, this is also aimed to untie knots between karmic debtors).

Total karmic state (percentage of filling of the karma vessel, Causal Body mutation index):

99-66% – the state of critical karma (the probability of karmic avalanche is maximum);

66-43% – the state of super heavy karma (the probability of karmic avalanche is very high);

43-33% – a state of severe karma (the probability of karmic avalanche is high);

33-12% – a state of not heavy karma (the probability of karmic avalanche is not very high);

12-3.33% – the state of light karma (the probability of karmic avalanche is low);

3.33 – 0% – the state of decay of the karma vessel and freeing from karma (the probability of karmic avalanche is minimal);

0 – minus 3.33% – the state of unstable karma (there is no probability of karmic avalanche);

From minus 3.33 to minus 100% – the state of stable a-karma (the probability of karmic avalanche is absent in principle);

From minus 100% to – ∞ is a state of absolute absence of karma (the probability of formation and accumulation of karma is zero).

Evolutionary Diagnostics

The ground for staying on Earth (based on permanent registration, guest visa, work visa, residence permit, etc.).

Karmic chances (in %) of enter 4D, bypassing death.

Karmic chances (in %) of transition in 4D through death and birth in a new body.

Bio-physiological preparedness for living in the 4D, bypassing death, or through it (in %).

Determining the age of the Soul (young, middle-aged, old).

Determining the number of incarnations in human body on Earth.

Number of embodiments as woman and man (their percentage of the total incarnations on the planet).

The gender of the entity (male or female; may not coincide with the gender of the incarnation).

The Higher Beings aspects’ presence in the Subtle Bodies (of Higher Light Hierarchs, Saints, Prophets, Archangels, Mahatmas, Teachers of Humanity, Logos, etc.).

Birth space (the Maternal Logos, through which the Monad’s bodies are manifested).

Adopting cosmic parents (the Universes, Galaxies, Constellations, Stars, or Planets’ Logos).

The current presence in other dimensions.

The coefficient of evolutionary conformity (in %) to the Perfect Man.

Monad’s Diagnostics

Evolutionary classification of the Monad (integral, divided).

Names and status of the Monad’s Creators.

The Monad’s type (Absolute-like, born in Pleroma, Dark, Gray, etc.).

Age of the Monad (young, middle-aged, old); whether the Monad has reached reproductive age.

The evolutionary classification of the Monad (natural, artificial, hybrid).

Is there a process of Radiant synthesis (self- luminosity of the Monad’s core).

The belonging to Monadic Family (to one of 108 Monadic Streams, pre-Monadic beings, or transitioning to the Absolute-like state).

The coefficients of transparency and turbidity (in %) of the Monadic body’s core (show its ability not to distort the Absolute’s Perfect Light).

The number of aspects (microcopies), allocated by the Monad (from 1 to 144,000) to get evolutionary experience.

The percentage of the Monad’s singled out aspects in the total number.

Distribution of the Monad’s singled out aspects by dimensions and spaces (including the human, animal, plants and mineral realms).

The percentage of the Monad’s parallel aspects (in Planetary, Stellar, Galactic, Universe’s and other Logos’ Intelligence forms).

The karmic burden on all Monad’s aspects (affected by karma, in cleansing process, purified; the ratio of these parameters).

The total amount of Monad’s karma (in %).

Such is the Co-Creators’ check list for the enter fourth dimension and every subsequent ones. Good luck to all of us on our come back to the Source.


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