The Choice is Yours

Greetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj!

The humans are being called to stand in their power, claim their divinity, and truly decide what kind of a future to want for yourselves and your children.

A new world is emerging, with this comes the opportunity for further growth with love and peace, while leaving behind the old ways of life with unpleasant experiences.

Very little time remains before the dominos table collapses.

The higher light entering Earth in these moments are shifting many timelines, from merging, to dissolving others altogether.

The option of keeping things as they are is no longer available.

The choice is yours. Remain closed minded and closed hearted as you sink into deeper chaos and slavery. The other choice is OPEN your HEARTS and welcome the new as you rise and enter into higher realms of light, where peace, prosperity, freedom, and divine discovery are the true normal way of daily life. All the light to You!

9 Replies to “The Choice is Yours”

  1. V for Victory

    All knowledge on this Earth is fiction. Truth would not be allowed to be disseminated.

    What would be the point of giving us a veil at birth if they were going to tell us the truth later? That is nonsensical.

    They do not tell us the truth. The truth is closely guarded by the architects who control the “Web”, the Internet (into net), and this Hell experience they call Earth. Only they know the truth. It does not reach our eyes to view.

    Same with books and research. They will not get published if they reveal the truth, so, they are ALL fiction.

    Truth is an illusion here, it doesn’t exist. No such thing.

    We live in a story and we are our own worst enemies because we believe the fiction and regurgitate it. We take it in and then convince others it is the truth.

    The architects control the info. (stories) and we ignorantly believe there is independent truth and facts. Censorship has existed from day 1, it hasn’t occurred just recently. They’ve always censored but we don’t see it.

    Since I have rejected all the fiction on this Earth I have never felt more free: free from the illusions and free to “think for myself!”

    No so called guides for me. I don’t need someone moving me around the game board. I will find my own way out of the maze–without others “misguiding” me with their messages and stories.

  2. Monica Lopez

    Lately I don’t pay attention to neither side of the news, I am focusing on my on timeline, I still have to work and pay bills, feed myself, I don’t live in fear. I am aware of the things that are happening on the planet, but I rather not give it energy.

  3. hynsum

    Have you signed your Citizenship, your ID or Driver License? Do you pay taxes? Have you voluntary signed these or similar deals with the Devil?
    Go ahead and free yourself from these chained that you love, be free!
    These generic messages are exactly as useful as windshield wipers on a submarine!

  4. Oscar

    Awesome, but I don’t even understand why I’m being held captive like a slave… idk what I did to deserve it… I don’t want to be a slave but my misfortune seems to make it so that I have no choice 🙁
    I still have hope with love and peace in my heart, mind and body that much better and amazing days are ahead for all and for those like me. Infinite love and blessings ❤️

  5. Harrison

    An epiphany I had that I feel the need to share regarding emotionally navigating this period.

    You cannot stop your heart from having feelings. Throughout your day, your life, your heart will always have feelings and will always offer you guidance. For a long time I felt that my heart was just “not strong”, but the fact is that I just wasn’t listening to it and instead listening elsewhere. There is so much pain stuck in there that I’ve avoided feeling, causing that communication to get clogged up.

    But now, I’m focusing on just listening to it, feeling it, not trying to consciously know all it says to me, but just letting the feelings flow into my mind and body instead of being stuck in there. I feel this is very important for many who are a bit focused on their thoughts and others thoughts, but may be blocking the flow of the feelings. It’s painful to feel that which has been blocked for so long, but that is the only way forward

  6. Lost soul

    Hi kejraj, I don’t know how to be calm and happy, I feel overwhelmed and am facing dark thoughts, please give advice please and thanks.

    1. sss9873748390203

      I know I’m not K. but i don’t want to ignore you. I want to tell you I love you, and I care about you. now you are facing me, i’m not dark. you can be assure that there’s non-dark exists like me, and I love you. you are not lost soul to me, you are my lovely family I’ll spend time with. I love YOU. I fighting for you life. I cherish you nature. I Love YOU, again. you son’t have to say please and thanks for your family. You’re the nature itself I love for, fighting for, cherish for. I love you. We love you. I have a big and infinite family loving you. Because everyone is my family in my nature, in my heart. WE LOVE YOU AND I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU

  7. Anonymous

    Google and other tech is so awful; they could be so Helpful in Waking Up Humanity! But they are pushing negative agendas and division 😕