The Council: One Seed

Channel: Nadina Boun

Once you realize we all come from one seed, then you realize there’s no such thing as less, but that things have the appearance of less.

You are familiar with the simulation room in your star trek movies. You know it is just a simulation, that nothing real is happening, that it is all a show for the sake of the experience. And though time may pass in that simulation, for the crew traveling across space, that time in the simulation seems like nothing.

When you consider the idea that what if you too are in a simulation, and everything has the appearance it needs to have for you to play the game, and when you exit the simulation, you still have eternity. Even if you die in the simulation, you know you never die, and even if those in the simulation appear like the enemy, you know when you exit that you are all one team.

Once you realize we all come from one seed, that this seed is eternal in nature, it is intelligent, benevolent, loving, abundant, rich, magical, creative, playful, joyful, infinite in nature, then you understand there is not one person on this planet who is not these things too, they only appear in the simulation as less, as different, as opposite. So when you find yourself about to judge anything, remember it is just an appearance within the setting of the simulation.

You can bring these qualities forth from anyone, from anything, knowing there is no such thing as less, just by realizing this truth, just by realizing everyone is taking on a role within the simulation, but that in reality they are not this role, this character, and that the truth is we all come from one seed, one eternal, intelligent, all loving, all abundant, source /seed and that we are all intelligent, creative, worthy, made of love, of light, of joy, of well being/life.

Love is the answer because love accepts things as they are, as they appear to be and knows the reality is perfect even if the appearance is not, for love sees beyond the appearance into the essence and the essence is always pure, always perfect, always radiant, shining, beautiful, majestic.

Everything, every single thing physical or not is made of energy, is made of the raw material of this universe which is love, so everything, every little tiny thing responds to love and recognizes itself in love, through love, with love.

Love it all despite the appearance and you will transform it all into the real beauty, the real joy, the real jewel/pearl/spark that it is.

It is all ugly on purpose. It is all crooked on purpose. Asking for your love. Imagine that!