Hakann: Purpose

Channel: A.S.

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Hakann speaking. I greet you in peace and love.

Having a purpose is essential. It is what drives people. It helps give life meaning. It makes people better able to handle suffering and harsh circumstances. It can help you find your tribe.

Your purpose can help you be more authentic. Someone without a strong purpose often just acts as someone in their position is expected to act. Either they act as a polite person who has their life together, or they act as a member of their group is expected to act, or they engage in performative spirituality. Whereas someone with a strong purpose may very well act effectively and be themselves, even if that goes against the image that someone in their group or their position is supposed to portray.

For example, a spiritual being with a purpose might not feel pressured to be love-and-light all the time. They might be love-and-light some of the time, but may also feel more comfortable with being assertive or putting their foot down or calling out unacceptable behavior when the situation calls for it.

Earth humans used to be in a situation where they were basically handed a purpose by society. For example, that purpose might be religious: go to church, be a good person as described by your faith, marry and raise a family. Or it might be nationalistic: work to make your nation stronger. Work to free or protect your people from invaders.

Right now however, Western society doesn’t really hand individuals a ready-made purpose. So people will have to find their purpose themselves. That is freeing in one way — people are nudged to find their true purpose, and not just pursue the ready-made purpose that society hands them. Yet in another way, it is scary and hard to find your own purpose, without much outside help.

If you don’t consciously define your purpose, then you might end up in some destructive group, or in some group that very sharply defines themselves as the good guys and those other people over there as the evil people, who are completely separate and different from themselves.

Or you might default to the purpose of seeking pleasure, or the purpose of seeking comfort, or the purpose of making money.

Making money is a little bit satisfying on an emotional level because that’s like gathering resources so that you can more easily fulfil your actual purpose once you find that. But it’s not a fulfilling purpose itself. In other words, it’s sort of useful to gather a good set of tools (make a lot of money), but if you never decide what you want to build, then spending your life on gathering an amazing set of tools doesn’t actually accomplish a lot. Sure you can pass your tools (money) down to your children, but you probably didn’t come here to make a lot of money and then pass that on to your children.

Also, a person who spent all their life making money probably isn’t satisfied on their deathbed, even if they can give their children a lot of money. So it’s better to look inside and find your actual purpose.

Some people who are currently harming others, perhaps wouldn’t do so if they had a purpose.

Although this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to spend all your time doing spiritual things. It’s fine to spend some time on spiritual pursuits and some time just having a normal life. Ignoring your needs can actually hinder your spiritual progress.

Maybe you already know your purpose, or you feel able right now to consciously define your purpose (at least for the current moment, you can always change it later). In that case, great!

If you don’t: it is very likely that you will find a purpose if you keep doing your spiritual work. So if you have no idea at the moment what to do with your life or why you’re here on Earth or how to improve the situation on Earth, then it’s fine to just take care of yourself and do your spiritual work. In time, your connection to your heart and your soul will become clear, and then most likely you will find a purpose worth living for. In the previous “path” messages, Tunia and I have given several suggestions for spiritual practices you can engage in, such as just observing whatever arises. Of course there are also plenty of Earth practices that are beneficial, such as meditation or yoga.

That said, if right now your life is difficult and all you can do is just hang on, then I empathize. Please take good care of yourself. The situation on Earth is indeed very tough right now, so if just surviving is all you can do, then that’s enough for now. Life on Earth is very likely going to get easier somewhere over the next few years.

It also may be the case that you’ve already been doing a lot of spiritual or healing work. I empathize, it’s indeed a long road. That said, your ego might tell you that the spiritual or healing work is endless and unrewarding, and that’s just not true. Yes, it is a long road, but even just travelling it a bit will subtly improve your life. If you think back to the person you were five or ten years ago, don’t you feel that you have grown a lot since you were that person?

Spiritual practice isn’t a binary where you go from having zero benefit from it, to being enlightened and all your problems are gone. In reality, if you have been doing spirituality for some time, likely you already have some benefits from it. Sure, maybe not as much as you would like, I understand that. It’s a long process. However, if you keep doing your spiritual work, most likely you will get more benefits from it. Also, due to the current high energies, spiritual practice is currently more beneficial and will more quickly bear fruit than it has in a very long time there on Earth.

Many people think in terms of: “this practice still hasn’t given me complete emotional pain, therefore I’ve failed / I’m not good enough / spiritual practice doesn’t help.” Instead, it might be helpful to think in terms of “this practice has already improved my life a bit and is going to improve my life some more if I keep doing it.”

So in summary: having a purpose is important. If you can define it consciously right now, that’s great. If you can’t, then most likely you will find a purpose if you do your spiritual practice. Or another way of looking at it: feel free to define your purpose for now as growing spiritually or being in a process of letting go of pain and illusions and whatever no longer serves you. Likely that will lead to another purpose down the road.

If you wish, you are invited to share your purpose in the comment section. You can also share the path that you have walked or that you are on to find your purpose. Or you can just share what your purpose is right now, even if that doesn’t feel like your true life purpose yet. Accomplishing a couple of smaller purposes can be a good way to travel towards your true purpose.

I leave you today in peace and love. Better times are coming.

Your star brother,

For Era of Light


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24 Replies to “Hakann: Purpose”

  1. Evelyne Adam

    From my early age I dream of peace and rececently this goals, brought me messages, thruths, about how emotions guides our path to peace, when we know to deciphe them. This pushes me to write a book, to share my discovery to help other: “disturbing truth”. I will send it to anyone who will ask for. Juste send me an email with yous demand.
    Peace and love for all of us.
    (sorry for my English, I am French speaking)

  2. R

    I’m erupting with purpose, now more than ever! Some of which you, Hakann and Tunia, helped me with, for example in tuning in to my manpower. My wife and I are finding a new balance after I decided to take the lead more often. It has been a rocky road, and we’re not done yet. Even though, I enjoy it very much when I do take the lead, and she can relax in to that.

    If I might be so bold, to ask an off-topic question: Do you Pleiadians use language like we do? And if so, could you tell us a bit about your writing and grammar? It probably isn’t the most urgent of messages, but out of my curiosity, I wanted to ask anyway.

  3. T

    Maybe it’s just my imagination, but I’m troubled by Arcturus.
    I am also worried about whether this kind of expression is appropriate.

    They don’t seem to understand or lovingly observe the complex situation that Japanese people find themselves in.
    Also, they criticize me for meditating.
    Very puzzling considering their stellar reputation.

    Maybe is it jealousy or something? I can’t understand.
    They condemned the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama.
    Do they love money so much?

  4. T

    Personally, I have had various goals, and there are.
    In reality, there have been long periods where nothing is going well.
    I don’t know how to describe it.
    I’ve come to know about various hidden facts and problems from another dimension, but knowing and gaining power seem to be a little different, and I can’t find a way to solve them.

    Here in Japan, the entire system is stacked against the Japanese people. Available resources are exhausted. Many Japanese people are suffering. In Japan, only non-Japanese or special people have it easy now. There is no sign that this trend will change.

    The monopolization of information and wealth, the intensification of exploitation of ordinary people, and the division of the people have continued for a long time.

    Come to think of it, I feel that the general public is far too far away from accurate knowledge regarding meditation and other such fields. So I bought a your recommended yoga book, but it’s written in English (not my mother language), so I’m just getting started. I have been practicing meditation for over half a year now.

    Sorry for my poor English.

  5. camille

    bonjour a tous

    je voudrai encore une foi remercier Hakann et A.S pour le message.

    je suis en accord avec ce qui est ecrit: avoir un but est précieux.
    pendant un long moment de ma vie, mon but a été simplement de prendre soin de moi. je ne pouvais pas en avoir un autre tant ma santé sur le plan mentale c’etait dégradée. puis je suis arrivée à une sorte de palier: j’avais mon autonomie, mon appartement, ma petite vie… j’ai ressentie le besoin d’élargir mon champs d’actions.
    j’ai donc repris des études pour devenir art thérapeute en 2021 que j’avais du intérompre en 2012 pour cause de boufée délirante aigue (autrement dit, une crise de délire). Comme vous voyez, il m’a fallu du temps pour me remettre. C ‘est normal de devoir prendre du temps pour se remettre d’un choc pareil, choc rendu encore plus violent par l’incompréention de mon entourage: il ne pouvait pas savoir ce que j’avais vécu à l’hopital (on en a presque jamais parlé) et comment je parvenais à récupérer. en réalité, j’avais une sorte de deuil à faire: mon corps, a cause du traitement que je prends encore, n’a plus les mème capacités de récupération physique et psychique qu’avant. en d’autre terme j’avais l’impretion d’habiter un corps de mettons 65 ans à l’age de 24 ans, tout en faisant comme si ce n’étais pas le cas. j’ai donc mis du temps pour récupérer une certaine joie et légèreté de vivre.
    a présent, mon but et d’aider d’autres personnes. voir de me prouver à moi mème que je suis en capacité d’aider d’autres personnes. Après tout, rester 10 ans presque inactif a mon age et mal vue socialement parlant. aujourd’huis ce but m’aide à tenir: je pense que je peux faire du bien et cela me réjouit, et qui sait, peut etre un jour je pourrait me passer de ce traitement?
    je continue aussi a pratiquer pour moi toute sorte d’arts, ce qui me fait un bien de fou…

    a bientot

    Camille Frossard

  6. MatteoBrustolon

    Just help others achieve their goals when they resonate with my heart ,my cause and my skills and my needs of course as human here and now.
    And proceed to be more and more and more of the inner Self I am, so to be more and more Love and Light and Truth. It is getting so good.

  7. scotth9510

    I’d love to hear from hakaan or tunia about mother gaia giving you a tongue lashing about how you continually pay lip service to the people of earth while not having to join in the suffering they endure day and night. I’m a starseed and doing what I can but you might want to exercise caution when the people learn how you basically sat up there and watched when you could’ve stepped in and did something.

    1. the_complaint_department

      As long as it’s established they are here helping Gaia and us because starseeds ‘doing what they can’ fell short of the goal, you can bend all the rest however it suits your ego… it’s still gonna drag through the mud.

  8. John

    I have always been particularly drawn to stories where awareness of the purpose could compromise the protagonist’s ability to fulfill it. The best ones are often presented in a first-person perspective, and you figure out /why/ just alongside the character.
    Despite the many clues I’ve received in this lifetime, in the form of varied experiences that felt rewarding to my soul, an ultimate objective ‘purpose’ continues to elude me.
    I’ve learned some obscure things and ignored others that should be obvious, but I like to believe it has always worked to my benefit.

  9. Jon Morrow

    Hey Hakann! I look forward to your writings Brother. Some of them have touched me deeply.

    I’ve been on the lonely path. I read pretty much all of the Phoenix Journals and started feeling purpose. It rang true. It changed me. Tough knowing that stuff and watching it play out. Then I read the heavenletters.org material and felt like they were written for me! Greatest Love I’ve read seen or felt. Helped me a lot.

    This life has been difficult for me, knowing some truth about what’s going on around here. Feeling great inside and treated like trash because I’m not rich or successful in the eyes of those closest to me. I feel like I’ve sacrificed myself for nothing. Like you addressed in your post. Part of me (my dreams) senses I’ve done some good things but my day to day is just wasteful and unfulfilling and feels like I’m lost without focus or action. So it’s most likely unrealized potential that I’ve been dreaming. Feels like I don’t belong or I’m too far off from others mentalities.

    I need the purpose; I’ve been stuck in default. I got the place and I’ve been collecting the amazing set of tools. It was out of fear and I thought it was a place to continue when the shtf. Thought I was going to save some people and be part of the remnant. I want to build a true community. Live in peace and freedom. I went hard on the spiritual and neglected the physical bc I thought I had to.

    I put out my community opportunity, a place where others could join me for free to create a life of beauty and freedom. With all the censorship, anything good or true is flagged and removed and I’ve been shut down every single time man. Do you have any suggestions- internet sites, etc., to find the people to join me, my tribe?

  10. Marie

    Muito Amor Hakann!
    Sim, meu propósito Amado Irmao no meio de tantos impropositos apenas é…terminar minha Missão e regressar à minha Família Estrelar! Reequilibrar minha vibracao e voltar a Ser Quem Sou! Ate lá…expandindo Consciência e Amor.
    Ao Serviço da Fonte, Eu Existo!
    Agora, Agora,Agora…Eu Sou!

  11. do be do be do

    Sometimes a purpose is more about being than doing. Without taking care of ourselves we won’t be able to be of service or to take action effectively. Purpose is multi-modal and can change throughout the day.

    Most people have multiple roles including public and private lives. Long term goals and short term goals are always going to be there for people. Sometimes we get stuck or lost or just don’t want to continue. Self love is a powerful tool, choice, frequency that can help us to survive and thrive.

    Earth life is full of ups and downs and purpose can change with age and what we can accomplish. Some things are never achieved and we end up in places we never expected to be. These are our soul challenges and purpose can be putting one step in front of the other.

    The human world likes its superficial knowledge and it’s tidy, fenced-off categories. So humans are often forced to fit into these to survive and be accepted. But souls don’t operate this way. So it’s a balance and a dance and a worldly purpose might be very different from one’s soul’s purpose or desire.

    Healing is certainly important for all people on earth unless one is a sociopath or in deep denial. But humans are often disconnected from their bodies and live inside their heads where they figure, construct structures of logic and belief to be safe, protected, right, clever, wise, smart and good boys and girls. But again, this is not the souls’s itinerary – and it can be an escape and denial from the pain and trauma that lives in the body: and the unconscious parts of us we’d rather ignore and pretend aren’t there.

    Purpose can be as simple as a prayer. It can be as heavy or as light as we create. Sometimes the heart has only one purpose, while the head has a long running list. I hope we all learn to love ourselves, let go of the shame, the pride and the worry. It’s not always easy to do.

    Unbind what dreams lie hidden, underneath a bandaged heart.
    Those bruised and tired wings, have flown so long against the wind. Having fallen from the sky without a tender place to land.


  12. Da Bai

    My life is enjoyable enough. Not stressful or difficult. I am happy and a much more accepting and loving person than five years ago. I’m rarely triggered by anything or anyone. I’ve been at this for a long time and been down umpteen rabbit holes. I work very little and so have lots of free time to reflect and enjoy my life and artistic pleasures. But I don’t know my purpose. Nor do I know what the spiritual work is. What is it?

    1. the_complaint_department

      The soul being happy doesn’t necessarily come from what you described as a happy and enjoyable life; but that’s probably a privileged place to understand that.
      Your purpose is what fills your heart with the utmost joy you can possibly conceive. Spiritual work is whatever brings light, clarity, awareness and understanding. Learning your purpose is spiritual work. If you don’t feel utmost joy in something, it’s probably not your purpose.

      1. Klaudia

        DEFINITELY wrong dear complaint_department. To fulfill your purpose does not (necessarily) come with feeling utmost joy. Quite the opposite.

        1. the_complaint_department

          We sustain our claim. And based on the crudely opposing response, we believe you to be misconstruing our terms: reaching a goal might imply an unpleasant process, but the goal itself is not defined by it.

          In other words, even if you believe in ‘no pain no gain’, it does not mean ‘pain equals gain’ – and we’re simply defining ‘gain’ here.

          1. Klaudia

            I’m sorry but WE are clearly not on the same track. “Your terms”?? “Goal”?? “GAIN??” I know nothing about/am not interested in and therefore wouldn’t talk about OR adress.

            I was SOLELY talking about “purpose” and that it’s got nothing to do with not feeling good or even bad about where one’s at in life, that’s all.

  13. Michael

    I’ve been healing a lot and doing a lot of “shadow work”, always thinking “Well, I’m doing this now until I’ve cleared everything out, and then wait and see”, and now I’m at this “wait and see” point. I’m not triggered anymore by things that used to trigger me. I’m usually calm or serene. But I always thought that, at this point now, I’d feel the way I felt in June again: suddenly I felt a deep connection with everything and felt very guided. I felt like if I were to jump, I’d simply stay there in the air because the air felt different. It felt as if I could manipulate things with my thoughts even if they’re far away. Of course I couldn’t (yet?), but it really felt like it. And I thought at this point where I’m now I’d feel the guidance again. Somehow I don’t (I’m not disappointed, I can be very patient) or only sometimes and it always disappears again after a while, but now I often realise how tricky it is to tell ego from what the soul wants. I think that I’m fully on the right track and follow my soul…. And then I realise “Wait no, that’s ego! Oh!”… So where I’m now is practicing to recognise if a thought or a wish is from my ego or not. Very tricky. I’m still not sure if I can talk to or listen to my higher self, if so it would be in my sleep, but apart from that I don’t sense anything. I guess that’s something that will develop if I just, again, wait and see and am patient. At least now I don’t feel frustrated anymore because of all the healing, but still it’s always patience, patience, patience. I remember what I felt in June and I’d love to have that back, but I have to be patient. Hm… The new energies feel very warm in my heart space (at first it felt like the burning of alcohol) and my back, so that’s nice. But the guidance I felt is still absent.

    1. Klaudia

      Dear Michael:

      Some 6 or so years ago I experienced “an opening” during which “the love of my life” (lol… but those are the words) came thru to me “during a 3 hrs session” I had with somebody. Whilst talking for 3 hrs straight what came thru “TALKING AS I” REMINDED ME of “THIS LOVE” that I had all “forgotten” about. I was SO UPSET at myself for “HOW COULD YOU FORGET!!?” was totally unimaginable. At the same time it got crystal-clear that WITH REMEMBERING such kind of love you’d not survive this earth experience. One would die from a broken heart.

      When that night ended and I went back my camper and felt like WRAPPED UP in that energy not being able to think a single thought. Like with an open mouth I STARED AT what had happened ONLY TO “WATCH IT” fading out/”leave me AGAIN!”. After 2,5 days “the tangibleness” of what had come thru was completely gone.

      “NOW I’m a little lost for words” bc IT’S THAT VERY EXPERIENCE making me write this to you but just as much “to me”, bc SO FAR my higher self can only speak to me VIA ANOTHER ONE, which quite possibly hints at your “I’m still not sure if I can talk to or listen to my higher self”.

      [MUCH 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 for commenting Michael… it’s huge what I got from/via you and although I’m very used to this way of communicating THIS was more… ❤️]

      1. Michael

        Dear Klaudia, I actually hadn’t even considered “the higher self speaking via another one” to be a thing, but since other people are a reflection of ourselves, this totally makes sense! Thank you for your response, something just fell into place! 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

        In my case, the feeling of connection and being guided lasted for about a week. I read a channelled message about 5D energies being delivered to earth and how to best receive them in April. I basically volunteered and made sure to stay very hydrated and ate “something alive” (as the message said, fruit and certain vegetables) until some time in May. I opened up to these energies specifically and…. Suddenly I felt very sick. I re-lived symptoms I used to have a couple of years ago where I thought that I was about to die. That clearly was some cleansing this time, but it hit me unprepared. Days of sleeping and fear. Then, at the end of May, after enough “breathing it away” exercises, I felt that a weight was lifted from me. And I felt new energies. I looked out of my window and saw the sunset and I started crying because it was so beautiful. The grass appeared different too. Everything was intense. It followed a week of waking up at night and not getting enough sleep, this often happens when I try to integrate new energies. For the first time I experienced sleep paralysis after waking up, but I wasn’t scared, everything felt so soft and warm (in my bed), I was calm and felt safe. This happened again the next day. After that, what I described in my previous comment began. One week, and I thought “This must be what it’s like in a 5D world. I get it now, I understand what the galactics mean when they talk about “coming home” and talking to source and not experiencing fear. There can’t be fear if you’re guided and just KNOW. You FEEL everyone. You FEEL the joy of the tree when the wind goes through it. You feel that the grass is laughing with joy when you water it and at the same time you feel that the water drops are having fun pouring over the grass! You feel so much joy when you comfort a sad person, it doesn’t make you sad, you feel bliss when you help them, no matter how sad they are, it doesn’t bring you down!” This was quite an experience 😄 After it ended I thought that maybe it’s just different energies now and my body responds differently to them, so it was alright with me.

        But after a while I realised that this feeling of inner knowing made sure that I wasn’t distracted by my ego, so it would be beneficial to have it back. So more healing and integrating. And what happened first was that an old lesson about fear of death came back – but this time I recognised it for what it was, just clearing out some rest of the “losing your fear of death” lesson. And so I did and I managed that in less than a week this time.

        Since then I’m very balanced, but whenever I’m in these states of bliss or feeling connected, it never lasts long. It always fades after I focus on something else.

        But you could say that this experience in June gave me the motivation to always try and integrate higher energies. For that, a lot of conscious breathing is necessary and whenever I suddenly find myself crying I know that that was some kind of energy I wasn’t used to yet. It’s always my first reaction when I open up to high frequency energies and am not used to them, it’s crying. But I can breathe and integrate the feeling and the crying stops and I feel better.

        Last time I did that I felt the new energies suddenly surrounding my whole body, burning like raw alcohol, that, too, was quite some experience 😄

        I guess what I’m trying to tell you is that deep conscious breathing and sending love to whatever caused an emotional reaction works best for me.

  14. white knight

    All I know about the future is that it’s just a script, just like Al, who served in the United States Navy during World War II and was forced to participate in the Philadelphia experiment in 1943. He traveled through the United States in the 1980s and later wanted to return to the past. A time and space chaos led him to cross the United States in the 202137. He and his brother received treatment for burns, and the medical bed cured his condition, Later on, he wanted to know the news here. His brother said he had come to the world in 2137, so Al went to watch TV. As a result, the world was controlled by the military and dictators, with a population of 300 million left. Florida had been replaced by Atlanta, and New York had almost grown plants and dilapidated cities. Finally, he rested for three weeks, and they wanted to go back. As a result, they came to the world in 2749, The world is almost controlled by artificial intelligence, robots take over our work, people will have nothing, laws and rules will be replaced by credit systems. If you don’t work hard, you will be detected by computers or reverse osmosis. If your credit rating does not meet the standards, you will be thrown out by people until you starve to death or are fed wolves in the wild. So Al and his brothers go back and through time and space reversal, they have changed their identities, Returning to the past, they later woke up through a hypnotist watching a TV drama and told the truth to people. People unknowingly believed that the government did not disclose the truth, which was a problem with the system. Perhaps we understand that the government itself was arrogant, foolish, ignorant, arrogant, and jealous. Their hearts were filled with greed, selfishness, and self-interest