Deconstructing the Human Overpopulation Claim

By Paul A. Philips

There are a number of reasons to challenge the claim that there are too many humans in the world. One major reason is that in years to come, instead of human overpopulation we will be facing serious underpopulation.

Human population could peak at somewhere around 9, 10 or 11 billion, then in roughly the next 40-50 years and thereafter will drastically fall off. Unless something is done to intervene, this precipitous population decline will happen.

Population Trends

With a number of exceptions, for example, African countries* (see postscript) such as Chad and Nigeria, studies in population trends alert us to the fact that many countries including the Western world, Japan, South Korea… indicate that there is far less reproduction and therefore replacement.

Put simply, as this carries on an apocalyptic global underpopulation scenario is on its way as we will run out of young people to do the jobs needed for supporting the world.

Human overpopulation – False Attitudes / Beliefs

Before highlighting the false attitudes/beliefs that many people have, remember: the global cult and their associates in high places want to see world depopulation. It’s therefore important to view the following in context:

The UK’S ONS (Office of National Statistics) reported that over half of women are childless by the time they reach 30 years old. Women are now choosing to have children at later ages, however, but the report further claimed another landmark statistic: the number of children born per woman is now less than 2 (1.92). This demographic reflects many other countries.

In response, a number of people commented saying, “This was good as the world has too many people.”

This unsubstantiated claim, false belief, couldn’t be more implicitly genocidal when considering the related attitudes, behavioural patterns towards discouraging child rearing and the negative impact.

Then there are those who think that the human race is nothing more than a cancerous growth on the planet, uncontrolled proliferation (unchecked population growth) … This appalling cynical attitude has origins in deep existential self-loathing. It has been dubbed by Alex Epstein as “human racism.” Some even try to get on their pseudo-virtuous moralistic high-ground as they condemn those for procreating…

Top-down waves that go right to the bottom, their disputes threaten to rip our societies apart. Where are these people’s hearts??

Further, the idea of lowering planetary population to reduce world pollution and overconsumption is a very inefficient methodology: with people living into their 80s this would take years…


In addition to the above, research shows male infertility has been drastically dropping over the last 50 years. Reasons for the drop have been attributed to lowered sperm count (over 50% less concentration), poor sperm morphology and bad sperm motility.

This lowered sperm viability for reproduction has been well studied. Studies raising the issues concerns have been addressed and concluded with the following major points:

* Half the time, couples unable to conceive can be attributed to male infertility.

* Lowered sperm count or less sperm motility can be caused by proximity to electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, wi-fi routers and other non-ionizing radiation sources.

* Close to their reproductive area men have been advised not to carry a phone in the trouser pocket. Also, don’t use a laptop on the lap.

* Men’s general health is correlated with sperm quality/sperm count.

* EMF protection from damages such as poor sperm quality/low sperm count has been recommended. Faraday fabric is a source of EMF protection.

For a detailed account of the above findings go here.

I wonder what the grandads would make of all this when told that 40 years ago they were twice as fertile as the young men of today.

Women Running Out of Time

Quite often, women don’t find their ideal partner to have a child. Because of this, in effect, women run out of time; it then becomes improbable or unlikely that they will have a child as they are now too old…

Economics and Not Having Children

Another reason for childlessness can be attributed to an existential economic crisis. Sudden lack of money, joblessness, mortgage crisis, etc. triggers the I-can’t-afford-to-have-a-child attitude that affects couples behaviourally not only at the time of the economic crisis, but also thereafter.

This excellent eye-opening documentary Birthgap by Stephen J. Shaw is a must-see

In Conclusion

The underpopulation post-apocalyptic scenario will happen unless there is intervention.

Are top-down waves that go right to the bottom influencing the claim that there’s a world human overpopulation part of the globalist’s plan to break down society; family values, cultures, marriage… and what about their depopulation agenda?

Those having gender-based assumptions may feel threatened by the underpopulation claim, but nobody’s telling anyone to have children.

As attitudes affect behaviour, people need to change their worldview and realise that overpopulation is a myth.

Will people wake up to the fact that in time life will be far costlier if the future underpopulation scenario is not addressed, with more older people to take care of, unsustainable pensions, etc., and less younger ones to support our communal, societal and economical world…?

Will the underpopulation problem be left too late? Will it be a case of letting the well run dry to finally cry out water shortage?


Note on African countries

As stated, African countries such as Chad and Nigeria have greatly rising populations. However, like other countries, the newborn population will eventually greatly decrease.

Because of the time lag behind a first-world country, these developing African countries will eventually undergo the same decline and underpopulation pattern.

According to a number of learned, well-researched sources, the African population is falling by one child per couple every 10-15 years.


4 Replies to “Deconstructing the Human Overpopulation Claim”

  1. Forever

    Nature keeps perfect balance if it is allowed to. But no, many humans have a god complex, they create systems that enable us to live to old age. Old age where many are useless, have no joy and would rather be dead anyway. Then humans create artificial insemination to override natures balancing system again. And, when it all gets out of control it becomes the survival of the fittest (or richest) that we see now.

    Humans are faulty, they screw up and then cant even admit their mistakes and change for the better.

    We make, buy, use and eat far more than we need. We’ve become a consumerist, throw away society. Yet, all I see is everyone pointing the finger. There is no recognition that nearly everyone is to blame for our current plight. Instead of blaming others, each of us should admit we’ve messed up (accountability), seek ways to change for the better and remove our bad practices. But no, people will contine to deny. They’ll go out and buy Christmas trash that will end up in land fill. They’ll get the latest gadgets, buy some more clothes to cram in already full cupboards and look at building an extension on their two story house. They’ll drive 2 minutes down the road rather than walk, go to a coffee shop rather than drink it at home, waste food and cover the Earth with plastics and poisons.

    You have no premise to tell people there is no problem when the facts speak for themselves.

    If we can’t be truthful and responsible, we should expect that others with more power will take matters in their own hands. Therefore, should stop whinging and accept the fate.

    Be the change or be quiet.

  2. Henry

    There is human over population!

    There is very little useable free land left. It is taken by ugly cities to house everyone and the inbetween is all farm land to feed everyone.

    Where I live there is very little habitat left for wild animal and they struggle to survive with very few places to live, breed, feed and drink.

    The animals then have to come close to the cities where they get called pests and are culled.

    Humans are the irresponsible evasive destructive species.

  3. Jared

    There is too many people in cities.
    That’s a fact.

    We need spaceships and free energy so we can spread out amen.

  4. Paladin

    One thing is for certain, the financial banking powers of International Jewry are well on their way to achieving their goal of genocide against European people.

    And the European Goyim don’t know or care.