R’Kok: Spirituality was a Mistake

Channel: A.S.

My dear Earth friends,

This is R’Kok speaking. I feel honored and grateful that I am once again able to communicate with you.

So: spirituality was a mistake.

That was today’s message. Have a good week.

Okay, let’s be a bit more serious.

For a while now I’ve been at that stage where I am going through my healing and integration processes.

And let me tell you, it sucks. Life was much easier and more fun back when I hadn’t started my spiritual journey yet, but had already become a member of the galactic confederation. If I still was that person, I wouldn’t feel the constant need to face painful memories and emotions. I wouldn’t feel the need to do service and volunteer work for the benefit of others (currently, mostly for the benefit of Earth people). If I was still that person, I just could suppress my painful thoughts and emotions and feelings of guilt, through sex and pleasure and food and intellectual pursuits and through blaming others.

Blaming others used to be my favorite way of dealing with negative emotions.

I could be spending my days having threesomes. Instead I’m spending my days advising how to best help the people of Earth. I’m accepting face-to-face meeting requests from individuals whose lives I ruined before I joined the galactic confederation, in order to hopefully give them a bit of closure.

And I’m spending my days sorting through the broken pieces of my younger years.

But the thing is, now that I’ve started this spiritual process, I feel trapped. Now I feel that I can’t go back. Sometimes I wish I could go back to a life consisting of sex and distractions and rationality and blaming others, but it’s too late now. Now that feels hollow.

I sort of feel that I should be saying that I’m focusing on being a better man, on helping others, on atoning for my crimes.

But the truth is, although I am accepting meeting requests from individuals whose families I tore apart, although I am advising on how to best help the people of Earth… currently I’m mostly concerned with my own pain.

I can’t handle also taking in the full enormity of what I’ve done. Just the thought of fully taking that in seems like it would obliterate me.

And yet, once I started this spiritual path, everything except focusing on spirituality and my own healing, everything except helping others began to seem hollow and not worth doing.

The way forward on this spiritual path is pain, but the way backwards is gray and meaningless. And if those are my choices, I’d rather choose pain.

At least it’s meaningful pain.

Do you think I’m a jerk, because at this time, I’m mostly concerned with my own pain?

Well, maybe I am a jerk.

And by the way, don’t be too quick to say that I’m such an great guy. If you had been born in another place, in another time, you would know me as that monster whose secret police tortured your husband or daughter to death. Then you likely would not be so eager to compliment me.

If you’re ever able to travel the galaxy, tell my victims what a wonderful person I am.

They’ll be able to help you get rid of any illusions you might have about me.

Tell the man whose wife I kidnapped, repeatedly raped and eventually ate that I’m such a good person.

But let’s get back to the main topic. I was describing that being asleep is pretty comfortable, on a surface level, in the short term. While going through a spiritual journey of healing and integration can initially be very painful. And that is something that many, MANY people on Earth subconsciously understand. Including the sleepers, but also including some people who consider themselves spiritual and who actively do spiritual practice.

Now, if you strip it down, the basic spiritual techniques are really simple. Anyone can do it. There are a million options, but one possibility is just: every day, sit down, close your eyes, breathe deeply and slowly, and breathe out slightly longer than you’re breathing in. And also, if so-called negative thoughts or emotions come up, observe them. That’s it. In essence, it’s really easy. Anyone can sit down, close their eyes and breathe. Anyone can observe their thoughts and emotions.

However. HOWEVER. Most Earth people understand a few things deep down:

One: observing your pain is really painful. It hurts.

Two: the path of observing or otherwise dealing with your pain isn’t just really painful, it’s also long.

Three: developing awareness and compassion and unity consciousness means that you can’t retreat into a comfortable and pleasurable narcissistic bubble anymore. You can’t blame others anymore, you can’t point fingers anymore. You’ll feel obligated to spend less time doing things you like and more time on helping others or on personal growth.

Four: on Earth it can be very lonely to be serious about spirituality, especially if you don’t go along with mainstream spirituality and all its cliches and types of performative spirituality. Other people may think you’re weird or insane. You may not feel like you have a lot in common with the people you share a planet with.

Five: seriously embarking on the spiritual path is almost like burning the bridge you just crossed, in the sense that once you have walked the spiritual path for a few years, ordinary life starts to feel sort of meaningless. Once you seriously start with spirituality, it’s hard to unburn that bridge and return to a previously-comfortable slumber. Maybe eventually your spiritual journey will lead back to a place where the small things in life do become meaningful and joyful again, but that’s not what it seems like during a particular part of your spiritual journey.

And that is part of why most people haven’t even begun their spiritual journey, and why some spiritual people aren’t as advanced as they would like to be. (Although to be fair, lots of spiritual people are genuinely doing great work and are doing everything properly, they aren’t as far along as they would like because it’s just a long and hard road, and because life on Earth is just very tough).

Some spiritual people meet their needs and do their regular spiritual practice, which is great and which is two thirds of what is required. But then they just suppress or deny or judge their so-called negative emotions or their so-called negative thoughts.

That said, I know that a lot of you out there aren’t suppressing or denying or judging your so-called negative emotions and negative thoughts, and are instead dealing properly with them, for example by observing them. You have my respect. It’s a long and painful and seemingly unrewarding road, isn’t it? I’ve been told that it gets better, but yes, right now it sucks.

And that’s why a lot of sleepers sleep, and why some spiritual people just suppress their so-called negative thoughts and emotions and then don’t make as much progress as they would like. The road of actually properly dealing with your so-called negative thoughts and emotions can be long and painful.

Yes, being fully enlightened is amazing, however being asleep is much more comfortable in the short term than properly dealing with your so-called negative thoughts and emotions, whether that’s by observing them or something else.

You can think of it as: normal Earth consciousness is like being overweight, sitting on the couch, watching tv and eating chips. It’s not what is best for you, but it is comfortable in the short term. Doing spiritual practice and properly dealing with your so-called negative thoughts and emotions. is like going to the gym regularly and losing weight. Full enlightenment is like having a fit, healthy body.

Yes, everyone wants a fit body, but not that many people are really willing to put in the consistent effort to get there.

Even the people who identify that having a fit body is something they want — even spiritual people who want to grow spiritually — will sometimes still just suppress or deny or judge their so-called negative thoughts and emotions. Because dealing properly with them can be a long and painful road.

So, spirituality was a mistake.

But maybe I will someday have a spiritual six-pack regardless. I do want to put in the work, long and painful as that road may be.

Maybe someday you will have a spiritual six-pack, too.


For Era of Light


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32 Replies to “R’Kok: Spirituality was a Mistake”

  1. Collin

    Thanks for sharing, R’Kok. I agree the spiritual journey can seem daunting, but I believe it is actually one of the most rewarding journeys there are in life. I too used to live a life of pleasure, hedonism, and selfishness, and that life got me absolutely nowhere. I reached rock bottom at the end of 2020 and lived at my parents’ house for a few months and genuinely wanted to die. At the start of 2021 I woke up one day and just had a crazy impulse to apply for a job I knew I probably wouldn’t be hired for, but I wanted to do it anyways because of the sudden urge I had to turn my life around and start living in the light. I applied for a total of 4 jobs at the company I had been temping for and got turned down by all of them, but the impulse I had to keep churning and moving forward on my new path was just simply too strong to ignore. I moved into a new apartment shortly after and really started working on myself and facing my demons. I eventually got a job at the same company that was more suited to my skillset, and my life slowly started to improve. I still meddle with drugs from time to time and I drink probably more than I should, but my life now is so much happier and more fulfilling than it was before when I just let myself be run by my ego and selfish desires. There is far more joy, peace, love, hope, and accomplishment than there ever was before, and I am genuinely working through my pain and achieving blissful states of consciousness I never thought I could be achieving at this time. I feel like I have only just begun my spiritual journey, but I am already seeing profound results. I hope you continue on your own spiritual journey and maybe we can meet one day and compare notes when Earth is free. Peace be with you.

  2. Daniela Fassina

    Ciao… mi dispiace che tu abbia reagito così quando abbiamo avuto la possibiltà di entrare veramente in contatto. Però ho cercato te, non qualcun altro. tu sei prezioso per la luce, o per chi come me sta lavorando per la luce. per fare spazio alla luce bisogna conoscere l oscurità. per chi è nato per lavorare con la luce e diffonderla, l oscurità spesso è sconosciuta, devono imparare a conoscerla e questa non è una sfida da poco… vuol dire avere in vita esperienze estremamente dure e dolorose. se sei sufficientemente forte e reagisci a ciò che la vita ti propone incontri chi come te ha scelto in determinati momenti di essere consapevole di fare del male, o che lo è diventato dopo. tu non puoi rifiutare o non accettare il ruolo che hai avuto da persecutore come io non posso rifiutare il disprezzo ad accettare le tue caratteristiche se voglio guarire e andare oltre. Permettimi di guardarti dentro e conoscerti, e lascia a me il giudizio.. potrebbe stupirti come ciò che per te è un tormento per me potrebbe essere fonte di ispirazione per il mio lavoro.

  3. Vlad

    Rkok, dont´t take theese comments too seriously. We are just way too tired with everything here and even a reptilian on a path to light is not enough for many of us at the moment. You are the man! Hope to chat with you soon! Greetings from grumpy Earth!

  4. MEM

    Hello R’Kok! Do yoy say spirituality was a mistake because even spiritual people who want to grow spiritually will sometimes still just suppress or deny or judge their so-called negative thoughts and emotions? Let me know please. Thanks!!

  5. John R

    Forgive yourself forgive forgive, forgive yourself R’Kok You cannot truly reach out and help another Soul (you previously harmed) until you have healed Your Soul first.

    “I’m sorry; please forgive me; thank you; I love you…”, goes the Ho’oponopono Prayer. Repeat this to yourself many times daily. It will help you. It will help you get a fresh start. See it as a reset button. God bless you.

  6. Z for Zachariah


    Thank you very much for proving to everyone that we do NOT have free will. As you contact me without me asking and then when I tell you not to you override my will again. All because you seek to argue and have the last word because you do not like what I write. You are an energy vampire doing the usual power struggles that they do. You need to work on maintaining your own levels not stealing others.

    I cannot even understand some of what you write as that is how much we are on different wave lengths. So, your messages to me are like mumbo jumbo.

    This is my last response to you as I won’t allow you to continue to push an agenda and prompt for arguement.

    The only one saying nasty things about people is you, in particular your constant judgements and put downs to me.

    I wish you well. Goodbye.

    1. the_complaint_department

      Uuuh technically I didn’t really prove that either – at most I proved I also have free-will, and perhaps a slight impulse control problem. I think you mean I did not RESPECT your will and therefore you feel insulted, but I can’t know for sure without doing it again.
      Either way; at your service.

    2. Raksha

      So, you post a comment on the internet, someone answers, and that is proof that freewill is inexistant ? He has the free-will to answer you, and you have the free-will to do whatever you want with it.

  7. Z for Zachariah

    BTW Ministry_of_Complaints. I do not despise anyone, I dislike lying, manipulating, bullying and deceiving, they are behaviours not people. And, I’ll call out those behaviours when I see them. Why? Because I am not a hypocrite, I will do my very best to not be complacent and to make this Hell a better place for everyone.

    If those doing it don’t like someone highlighting what they are doing then they should stop.

    I ask that you do not put words in my mouth that are ‘untrue’.

    1. the_complaint_department

      Yes, Zack, that is very noble of you; but it’s kind of hypocritical calling out for ‘common sense’ and ‘honesty’ then forbidding ‘people of my kind’ to respond to you in kind for the very same noble reason.

      It’s also not very straightforward to imply people are liars, manipulators and bullies and then say you’re only targeting such behaviors, either.

      I’ll stick with ‘highlighting’ too, and here’s where your original post eludes me:

      You used ‘They’ twice to indicate sources you find both reliable and unreliable, which one stands for your ‘common sense’? They who tell kids about Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy or They who call us humans ‘APEX PREDATORES’?

  8. Z for Zachariah

    I did not ask you for your opinion about my response @ Ministry_of_Complaints.

    Your response to me was not wanted or needed and means nothing to me.

    I see who you are. I will not put up with your bullying. I do not give you or your kind permission to communicate with me, or access me in any way, manner or form.

  9. Z for Zachariah

    Everything A.S writes is sexually orientated and has subliminal messages, even the name he created for this fictatious character.

    The reptilian story is so old.

    Humans always give animals a bad rap.

    ***News Flash***
    Horrible humans do not act like animals, they act like horrible humans. HUMANS are the defective species not the other animals. Leave the reptiles alone and keep the animals out of your make believe childish stories. The animals have enough pain and suffering from humans.

    No wonder a wild animals natural instinct is to run from humans. They don’t call humans APEX PREDATORES because humans are kind, sweet and loving.

    Never a day passes where I don’t feel that I got put on the wrong Planet. I thought three years’ ago people were finally waking up., what a huge disappointment.

    They told us Father Christmas, Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy were real too 🙄. I readers still believe in them too.

    Hello. Does anyone out there have common sense? Is there anyone on this Hell hole that is honest?

    1. the_complaint_department

      Well, since you try to use insulting words to make contradictory arguments about subjects you ignore to people you despise, common sense and honesty don’t seem to be serving you well.

      It’s OK not to believe in reptilians though: they’ve not been a very trustworthy group.

    2. Emma

      I never read A.S either.
      I find it to be of lower vibrations.
      I had clicked on the article and not been focus on it being an A.S. article. Should have known, many comments, as A.S. loves to stir low emotions up, stir arguing up, stir division up.

  10. John

    The humbling thing about having no memory of your cosmic origin, your past lives, your stories of either glory or shame is eventually realizing that they don’t really define you.
    You didn’t choose ‘pain’, you chose ‘meaning’: that’s the six-pack in itself. Now let’s drink it while it’s still cold. Cheers!

  11. R

    I get you, spiritual practice isn’t all fun and happy-go-lucky. Dealing with your deepest pains is unpleasant and a very brave move. I try to respect the choice if sleepers, I get that you don’t want to look at the ugly and painfull sides of yourself and society.

    I have memories of past lives, doing horrible stuff. Now I’m here being a light worker. Waht I did over several lifetimes, you did in a single life. Not much difference, although I would consider your journey a bit harder. It’s very cliché, nonetheless true, that we are all the dark and the light. Don’t beat yourself up, I could have done the same to you in a different life. Beating yourself up makes it harder to take responsibility anyway. I’m not going to condemn you, I like you who you are now. I sincerly hope we can meet when you galactics have revealed yourselves to the public.

  12. WK

    Dear R’Kok,

    while your message has an underlying good intent, your directness to mention your past negative actions in a sharp and hurtful way demands a response, which I now offer you now equally directly.

    Just because you have been accepted to live in the benevolent civilization of the Pleiadians, and are now not overwhelmingly dominated by dark energy, this does NOT shield you from your brutal past actions. Divine energetic accountability of existence is absolute. We are all responsible for what we energetically emanate by our actions (now and before). If a being’s “evil overdraft” becomes too big, the Supreme Source can simply remove that being from existence, to favor the energetic balance of all that IS.

    You say you have systematically raped women and ate them…ok well, now you have a severe dept to pay to these beings. That debt will not go away until you personally do something about it. You could actively protect other women in risk of being attacked from rapists. That is a start. You say that you have one-to-one sessions with your victims, well I hope you are falling down on your knees and beg for their forgiveness, as your victims begged you. Is this not fair?! (I hope your ego is not getting in the way…) You say you killed millions of people… well, I hope you are leading a project to build entire countries to house and feed millions of people in need. Is this not fair?…

    Via remote viewing, I have seen what some reptilian beings did to Pleiadian women. Also by remote viewing, I have seen how Source mandates those same reptilians to be removed from existence by Divine Command without an instance notice. There is NO battle, there is no cry for mercy. Upon Divine Mandate, glorious beings made of Divine Fire displace from their superior dimension and strike instantly and completely, without any warning. All those evil reptilians knew was that they were there one second, and the next second they no longer exist, for all eternity. This was not execution, this was Cosmic energetic balancing by returning their evil energy to them, in a concentrated single manner.

    You may think me harsh, but like you said, your evil responsibilities from the past are overwhelming, and cannot be taken lightly (as your casual comments may suggest). Having conscious of the slippery slope you are in is your best line of defense against the consequences of your past mistakes. Make no miss judgement, that evil energy you emanated all those years ago is very much ALIVE, and it returning to you as we speak. Do all the Good you can, specially to your victims. If you think you finished helping them, then help them again. And remember, there are two types of beings in existence, those who are conscious of their actions that continue to exist in energetic balance with Source, and those who are evil unconscious that will eventually cease to exist by Divine Command, simply due to an energetic response to their own destructive actions.


  13. David

    Because you have chosen this direction after all you have done, shows immense strength and character.

    The path may be long, but many will walk with you because of your repentance and realism to face your past actions.

    Keep going, keep going..🙏

  14. Jared

    Being around people that blame is not fun.

    Everyone must be big boys and girls and take responsibility for their own feelings amen.

    7 steps by arnoux goran and divine affirmations by me and peter mt. shasta is the most helpful for healing and integrating and resolving.

    I am love amen
    I am forgiveness amen
    I am forgived amen
    I am peace amen
    I am joy amen
    Earth is free amen

  15. 太田原晃介3

    Channeler AS It’s time for you to answer questions from readers from Tunia in the previous article that answered questions from readers in Tunia’s sharing circle.
    Maybe it’s me, but my question is weird.
    I was the only one who was being mean and didn’t answer, so I was in a lot of trouble.
    I’m asking questions about prophets.
    Regarding sexual questions, the Ascension community is confused about this topic, so does this have anything to do with Ascension?
    I want to make sure.
    Personally, I am thinking about how to appeal to people in this area once I know the facts.
    Because I’m asking a strange question
    Maybe I’m just giving up and putting it off until later.
    Someone looking forward to it
    Because there are many
    It’s time for Tunia’s question and answer session.

  16. God’s Child

    The journey is not an easy one. The meditation is the river, the flower, the breath: which flows and blossoms and continues her vast cycle though days to years.

    I give love because I want to, not because I have to. And I hold you because I am You and You are Me.

    I feel your heart. I trust You. And I don’t care about your past – other than what it has taught you.

    Bring your teaching to Earth. In fact, bring yourself.

    It is time for all the roads to cross. Our hands together, our hearts and our eyes looking into one another’s.

    God is here. And She is not afraid! Love is bigger than all your dark history… Love is bigger than we can know in these bodies.

    Surrender to this power. And She will cut through your suffering like eternal fire. Love.

  17. Robin

    Well done R’Kok!
    And thank you for sharing!

    Do the Reptilian Worlds have ‘Karma’?

    If so, and I assume that they do, then surely your own chosen route to ‘Spirituality’ via facing the pains of your past actions, is actually a much shorter/quicker route than instead choosing to keep sleeping/reincarnating UNTIL you may eventually succeed in doing this?

    So your present route may seem like a long, trapping, arduous and unbearably hard one, but in fact is probably about the ‘quickest’ option available to you! 🙂

    Brilliant.. and what an example you must be setting to others..
    keep up the good work on yourself!


  18. Melinda Siebold

    Hi R’Kok,

    Before I was on a spiritual path, I was taught Christ consciousness in a Southern Baptist Church. They, of course, are heavy into the sin and salvation dogma. So I grew up inculcated with the idea that when sinners – which I determine to be those who hurt others – were repentant of their “sins” it was cause for rejoicing. So that’s why I was so happy to hear your story, and I didn’t mean to trigger your feelings of guilt and unworthiness.

    But I see your life as a great victory of the Light. I can imagine you were all kinds of horrible and despicable, but you are no longer that way. That is a very, very, good thing, and it makes me happy. Even if it makes you feel bad. Get over it. : )

    Baptists believe that when you confess your sins, are repentant of having committed them, and turn towards the Christ Consciousness of love – that your sins were literally washed away. Of course, their version is slightly different…anyway, your guilt was gone. And we symbolized that in the ritual immersion that signified the death of our old life and resurrection into a new life. And interestingly enough, many a demon has left a body when the person was being baptized.

    There is a Bible verse where Jesus says: For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. I was taught through that, that Jesus didn’t differentiate between sins or sinners. And some are great sinners while others only commit small infractions . But I knew that Jesus didn’t measure a person’s sin.

    So R’Kok: you are an individuated aspect of Source Creator. Does it make sense to you that Source would want you to be mired in bad emotions?

    If I were you, when I was thinking of my misdeeds, I would ask out loud to the soul of the being you harmed and ask for forgiveness.

    And if I were you, I would forgive myself.

    Your good deeds will heal your soul. That’s how you balance your negative energy is by putting out positive energy.

    The pity party only has to last until you forgive yourself. You’ve already accomplished the remorse and repentance part. And Source never judged you in the first place.

    And R’Kok: neither do I.

    You are a new man, R’Kok. You have been born again. You are the Prodigal Son returned home, and your Father has prepared a great feast for you!

    So sit at his table, and find your rest.

  19. Tricia

    Hi R’Kok and A.S thank you for your message today.
    Dear R’Kok I just want to give you a massive hug 💖 you choose the really difficult path to enlightenment for whatever reason it will be clear one day. Anybody that has lived your life would probably die and face what they did in their life from a much more comfortable seat. You are where you are facing it in real time trying to live your new life but having the experiences from your old life constantly coming to the surface.
    You say you see victims and family members of victims …. That’s really brave because I don’t think I could do it, because you are then dealing with their pain which I think must be very hard to get through knowing you caused that once.
    That person is not you anymore, it is not your fault, it was the way of your parents, that is what they wanted for you, how could you have had a chance to be anything else????? if you tried you wouldn’t be here today.
    What I see now is R’Kok a member of the Federation to liberate planet earth, and that is how I see you now, because if those guys you are with accept and trust you then I do too.
    Sending lots of love your way ❤️❤️💖💖

  20. MatteoBrustolon

    Mmmmmmmm what is this “”moaning”‘? I want You to be among the strongest of the strong. I know it is written for something like a joke “a mistake”.. I still use some weed for my “oh no” moments..Indeed all the fury that led your past to me is just the signal of how huge is your Light to come. That sense of “I am the Greatest Power in the Universe” led Ego force this Power you feel into lower chakras that maybe still distract from the true Light. In some way hurts me hear you speak like you did, something like frustration. We in many are looking for some way to feel more loved, but step by step recognize we are the love we are looking for. But I know the deal, what you mean. I know fury. For sure you have many old companies visiting you in the many realities we are in, making you feel that way..like it is a mistake your Re borning. Use Violet flame and the Blue sword of Truth. And if you can send them love. I send You my Love. Maybe with a reptile body has to be a lot difficult to avoid feel in a certain way.. the taste of flesh and blood, the aggressivity that can flow away only destroying and seeing and tasting and getting fed up by the fruits of destruction.. every act in that way is a desperate cry for Love and peace of Heart that lead to more and more captivity.. woa .. this is overwhelming someway..ahhhhhhh no!.. I know that this can be faced only by every’s own self. Everyone his her own. But we can do this. We are prepared for this. We are that FORCE. We are the Light. And this is the true strength test. To be THE Love. I am with you with this enormous task you are committed. Let me be proud of You for what you’re doing now. There is only now. So be proud of your now for the strength you showed getting out of the dump. And now on and on and on. And on and on and on. And sure you will find much more beautiful sex in the next times. And eyes that look at you with deep gratitude.
    Keep going for the Source I Am that you are. Infinite Love.


  21. Philippe St-Pierre Hébert

    Well, as a man currently living on earth, it is not my place to judge anyone or anything on its current spiritual path or its past. We all have our different story and our own problems to attend to. To me, it is the steps we make to set things right, the actions taken to at least try to change ourselves that matter.

    And it is indeed hard to look at our emotions, our physical and psychological injuries. To acknoledge and name them for what they are, and be honest as much as possible with ourselves. But i do not consider it a mistake. To me, it is a personnal journey to become a better person, and to let go of a very wrong way of living.

    If i did not discover spirituality, i would surely have fallen in criminality, in great violence and addictions. Instead, i am slowly discovering a new way of life, more loving and peaceful for myself and others around me. Of course, i wish there was much more spiritual people, especialy in my current neighborhood. It feels really lonely at times. But i do feel that every steps taken, every discoveries i make are personnal victories. Every small bits are a mark of honor to me.

    And actually, your testimony brings a lot of sense since you speak the same way that we do. A former sinner on a personnal journey for change and redemption. And you are sharing your experience with your own words.

    You earned the respect of an earthling, too. Please try to cheer up a bit and see every little spiritual steps as personnal victories, like we trying really hard to do.

  22. catalin nastasa

    well, what impresses me hard , is the returning and doing spirituality after that much mayhem. This is just exceptional