The Ascended Masters: Keep Up Until…

Channel: Jahn J Kassl

The positive turning point is on the horizon! Everywhere you can see that the wind has changed and that now there is only one thing that matters: HOLD ON:

• Persist until the positive effects become visible everywhere.

• To hold out until the dark entities have to give up one plan after another.

• To hold out until the human family becomes tangible, livable and tangible.

• To hold out until humanity declares its unmistakable collective NO to all dystopian scenarios.

• To hold out until your light siblings in the interior of the earth and your light siblings from the supernatural realms intervene where the power of a human being cannot reach.

• Persist until you are internally stable and can no longer be taken over by doubts and fears.

• Persevere until you can manifest what you desire from within yourself.

• Persist until you are convinced of advancement and no longer need to be convinced.

• Persevere until you live the way you expect others to live.

• To persevere until the divine light has taken possession of you and until your love flows naturally to people.

• Persist until you are transformed and the external appearances neither irritate nor affect you.

• Persist until you feel accompanied, held and carried by GOD – every day, every moment.

• Persevere until the end that brings a new beginning.

keep pace

The earth is changing rapidly. The transformation of the planet is now taking place on all levels.

This is evidenced by the tectonic shifts, the movements of the earth and the phenomena in the sky.

Keeping pace with these developments means attuning yourself to the vibration of light now being released, coming to Earth from the CENTRAL SUN. Because as the planet changes, people also have to shed their skin and put on a new garment:

• the garment of light, wisdom and love,

• the garment of truth, clarity and compassion,

• the garment of joy, unity and caring for one another,

• the robe of the master that you are.

What else do you need?

• You are blessed by GOD and are guided by GOD. What loved one does it take for you to make a decision?

• You are created by GOD and loved by GOD. What loved one are you missing for your happiness?

• You are perfect in GOD, a perfect person on earth. What loved one is clouding your days?

Move on, dig deeper until you find: YOURSELF ALIVE IN GOD.

In the infinity of creation you are immortal consciousness. In the vastness of universes you are infinite being. Only on Earth does this matrix keep you within narrow limits: blow it up and find your way home!