The Heart Knows what the Mind Cannot Conceive

By Judith Kusel

The heart knows what the mind cannot conceive.

The heart in truth is the Holy Grail, the Holy Chalice for it connects directly to the Soul.

The Soul is infinite and directly connects to the Oversoul and Soul Group or Monad, the Mighty I AM Presence.

At this moment when a huge soul group merging is taking place on all levels, we have access to the community of knowledge as stored within such soul groups which are merging.

It is here that the mind will immediately limit or think of impossibilities.

Yet the infinite heart and soul know this at the deepest soul levels as connected to the Immortal truth.

The heart center is where Holy Grail of Pure, unconditional love.

Love everlasting. Love infinite. Love Immortal.

The more the heart center expands, the higher the access to the infinite knowledge of the soul.

The more I transmit Soul records into writing, the more I realize this. For deeply embedded and created within every single soul, are Divine Light, Divine Love, Divine Power and Divine Wisdom. It cannot be other, for your soul, is immortally held within the Divine Source, the Father/Mother God.

So are all souls and soul groups for in truth we are all ONE with the Divine Source and in truth All is One.

One Love.

One Heart.

One Soul.

The more you meditate on the infinity of your own soul, amplified by the Soul Group, the more will be revealed to you.

For I often find that one steps into immortal realms, where human words simply are not sufficient and it is best felt in the deepest core of the innermost sanctuaries of the Heart โ€“ the Holies of Holies, where the truth of Love and the Soul reveals itself to the True Seeker.


One Reply to “The Heart Knows what the Mind Cannot Conceive”

  1. Keith Webb

    Your message resonates deeply. In gratitude for your wisdom and inspiration Judith ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป