Daily Message for 12/6/2023


2024 will see the expansion of humanity’s consciousness at greater speeds. Timelines will grow further apart. Each being must consciously choose what type of a reality do they want to be a part of, and reflect that in their daily lives. The ones who are aware of what is unfolding, they too are to have their limits pushed. While others will simply be in shock, and convinced that it really is the end of the world, when in reality it is just the end of the old ways of life and limitations. ~Kejraj

Daily Message for 12/5/2023

The awakening does not begin until one has faced their darkest energies hiding within. Does that make sense? The majority are not even close to this, as they are too busy worried and hating the outside world, which more often than not is their own reflection. Energies that have accumulated over lifetimes, for many humans were involved in low vibrational experiences in previous lifetimes as well, not just in the current one. All the things you have said, every action taken, is stored within your DNA. Unless you face your own darkness, you will be unable to see the greater picture of what is transpiring on Earth, remaining in fear, preventing yourself from rising in frequency, as you hope for some savior to come along and make everything alright again. ~Kejraj

Daily Message for 12/4/2023

You are healers and bringers of the light that will see this world into a new reality very soon. Continue your focus within. Allow the light from the source within to expand, and envelope your entire being. The energies will continue to intensify. You must remain heart centered in these times of great change. Breathe in light, breathe out love. As more and more higher aspects of you are joining you in this now reality. ~Kejraj