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Back Pain..

I am a gym instructor for almost 3 yrs now, then one day when i woke up i feel a massive pain in my back. I tried many ointment and oil for my back but it didn't work out well. So my friend recommends me this  that it can help me to ease my pain, it can be used as a CBD oil. I am a little bit confused if i will use it coz its marijuana and it's my first time. Does anybody try to used CBD oil for there back pain?



Of course you can use cannabis oil. Also you may want to try acupuncture.

I had that same experiencing a pain in the back at first I thought it was something because of spending a lot of time at the gym. I know it looks exaggerating but I was afraid for it, then one of the nurse recommended me this I personally find CBD oil a fantastic natural product that has amazing medical benefits.


You can use CBD oil but you should consult your doctor first before using it.